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Bug?: The press any button screen accepts no button i pressed on either my controllers or the keyboard.
I'm on windows 11 and i launched the game through the itch launcer.

I have this too. Doing anything on the menu removes everything, including sound. Escape button works. Trying to use the mouse on anything closes the menu regardless of what was pressed.

I am on windows 11. I used the itch launcher to start the game.

I have Nvidea shield overlay, although this rarely affects anything.

I have two controllers connected. A ps4 controller (bluetooth) and a n64 controller (usb).

The "danish" is defently not danish at times Especially the options menu.

Bug: Changing resolution causes the buttons acctual clickable area of the adjustment arrows to deviate in uexpected ways, making it very confusing and time consuming to change resolution. Also sometimes the arrows stops working.

That does work. Thank you.

Thats fair. I have a 16:10 screen so i think that made it worse. Game development can be confusing at times. I had a great time btw.

Good concept. I should have read the description. The rings confused me a lot, and could have saved me a fair bit of pipe-stomping.

When i use a ps4 controller, the right trigger is registered as being used constantly, and all mappings are attached to the right annalog stick on repeat.
Also when attempting to remap controls, the right trigger issue causses that keyboard controls will be mapped to it, but i can't even attempt to adjust controller input, as nothing happens when i click on them.

This looks cool. I look forward for a game night with gummy bears some day.

Bug: The itch launcher can't "install" this because it cannot read the property "build" of undefined.

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I started the game trhought he itch launcer, which i launch through steam to allow ps4 controller input in all itch games.
For some reason all input are mapped to the right annalog stick. Gently tapping it in any dirrection causes all sort of things to happen on repeat. The pause menu rappidly opens and closes, the camera swings aroud, the character performs all kind of moves in rappid succesion. 

Turning on old controls, allows me to control the camera with the left annalog stick. But not much else.

I don't know if it helps. but i launched the game through the itch game launcher. The game launcher is started through steam (to allow ps4 controller input).

I have a Nvidea shield overlay.

I use windows 11, and i have a GTX1060.

If you want me to test any modifications to my setup, please let me know.

I can't seem to load the game. It's stuck on the headphones recommendation.

The aspect ration in full screen seems to be slightly off. The top was cut in half on my screen.