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Have you tried "Hide DS4 Controller" in the settings menu?
If you enable that, and have it set to be detected as a 360 controller in the "other" section of the profile, generally it should be detected as a normal xbox controller and work. (I'm using Ryochans build of DS4 btw).

Other than that, is steam open and taking control of the PS4 controller? (In big pictures controller settings menu)

And have you tried X360CE?

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 community · Created a new topic YOOOO

this is wacky af, messing with me.  i swear i saw this on like newgroudns YEARS ago. so strange to see it in the bundle
hell yeah im gonna play it

I've never played a TTRPG before or even tried to learn one, but this gundam ass shit is making me want to