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A map creator wouldn't be awful.

I need to remake JSR with a good movement system and add a loss meme

community maps sounds really cool and interesting

while we're on the topic of controllers, a easier way to rebind the controllers' buttons wouldn't be awful

Add a center camera button, the auto camera can be trash sometimes.

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muh speed

Seriously, I feel like this game have a small problem about momentum. While it's not as bad as in one of your main inspiration from a certain publisher it's a bit slow and the fun stops when you lose the momentum.

waaaa i can't into dashing also i sent you a mail,hmu when it's on steam so that I actually buy it and not feel bad for it.

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whine about things

Give some ideas for the game !

(May be disregarded by Le Capitaine)

I'll start with my idea:

I feel like having individual time trials would be neat, while a open world favours exploration, a more linear level is about pure, unadulterated platforming challenges, and no empty space to slow down the momentum.

I see. Thanks for clearing that out.

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When you try to wallride, sometimes you go in the opposite direction. *vid kinda related*

I couldn't really capture footage of me doing that.

Edit 2: It happened to me once or twice though, i'll try to replicate it on PC

Drat, it seems I can't PM you on Patreon.

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For some reason you can stand on pic related. 

yes everytime i post here i'll ask for my free version :^)

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So I found this while playing on the mobile version. Not sure if it's still on Ep1. Even then it's a minor problem probably.

Edit: The low FPS is probably because of the recorder I used to get this video.

hit me up for that free code man