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Windows rar. don't work

A topic by JUSTIN created Aug 17, 2018 Views: 467 Replies: 4
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I have a windows 10. and I can't open my windows rar. files I know there is all those apps that you have to download, but i don't have space so if anyone can suggest an alternative to downloading a file opener. please tell me. i have not found a way yet to open them.

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Winrar is little memory and free. Download the x64 version.

Read the installation carefully, it may want to install google chrome or something.

Once you get it, right click and extract here.

Clean out your computer by deleting things. Having no memory on your computer makes it run slow. Download CCcleaner and run a clean as well.


I recommend 7-zip, it's completely free and can open many archive types:

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Pardon the necro-bump but this is still relevant.  I've encountered at least two games so far (both of them 'featured' games on the main itchio page) made with RPGMaker but are in RAR format.  For some absurd reason one of the devs even has a ZIP version for Mac but still RAR for Windows.

I'd like to request that non-standard patent-encumbered archival formats like RAR be deprecated and developers be prompted to compress using ZIP or 7-Zip (7Z) formats.

If 7Z format archives were mandatory-enforced then not only would download sizes be significantly reduced compared to the RAR format (saving itchio significant money on bandwidth costs) but the spread of the patent-encumbered RAR format is a clear detriment to the open-source and indie game development & plalyer communities.

The itchio desktop application can't handle RAR format anyways so that adds another issue to those devs that don't know how to just ZIP or 7Z their files.


Absolutely. There's no good reason for Windows devs to use .rar when compression to ZIP has been built into the OS since XP.

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