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How to browse Famicase and pick a cart Sticky

A topic by Ludonaut created Jul 31, 2018 Views: 3,332 Replies: 4
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(just gonna steal most of my own thread from last year here)

One of the goals of this jam is to give the incredible annual My Famicase Exhibition the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, their website is a little slow, and can be hard to navigate. Here are a couple of ways to help you choose a cart to base your game on:

#1: Download the archive for faster offline browsing

This is the preferred and fastest way to browse every Famicase cart that's ever been released. This is an updated version of last years' mirror. I've downloaded in its entirety and slightly modified the files to make local browsing easier. The artworks and descriptions have not been modified in any way.

Just download this file (about 317MB), unzip it and open START_HERE.html in Chrome or Firefox. If you run into any issues, please let me know.

START_HERE.html should look something like this

... In case you're on a traffic quota, here's a much smaller archive containing only the 2018 Famicases. (about 49MB)

#2: Browse

This is the obvious one. Of course, their site is a little slow and I'm a little worried we might eat up their entire bandwidth quota and their webhost might take it down or something (hence #1 above). It isn't immediately obvious and they don't seem to link them anywhere, but you can browse prior years all the way back to 2008 by changing the year in the URL. For example, to check out the 2010 collection, change the 18 in to a 10, like so:

Years prior to 2008 can be found here. There is also animated thing containing everything up to 2017 (warning, this one takes a while to load and can be a bit heavy depending on your machine).

Also, my pal @krystman made this page that hotlinks(!) all the high-resolution versions of the 2018 Famicases for easier browsing. Loads just as slow as (since the images are still being loaded from their servers), but it's a good alternative way to browse this years' entries.

#3: Let RANDOM FAMICASE decide for you

Pyrofoux made this neat little tool (not updated for 2018 yet) to randomly browse through the Famicase collection. This one is helpful if you have trouble picking a cart out of the hundreds and hundreds of great designs. Warning: Right now this tool hotlinks images from, which makes it just as slow as browsing the site directly.

I hope this helps ✨

Happy jamming everyone :)

You know what would be cool as well?
A list of cartridges that have NOT been made into games yet :)

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Hi, just reporting the link to "years prior to 2008" seems to be broken.
(You can delete this message if you want :D)


This link seems to be working

Thanks, Ludonaut! I grabbed the (~49MB) 2018  zip and had to do some shuffling around of the file structure to get them to load.  Maybe I did something dumb to get them not to load properly, I don't know! Whatever happened, this is how I fixed it.

  1. Extract contents of zip to a new folder
  2. Create a folder in the new folder called "18" (minus quotes)
  3. Move "softs" folder into "18"
  4. Move index.htm into either img or Images
  5. Open index.htm and fingers crossed everything should now load