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Yo igual (12 horas más tarde :D), con la idea y poco más, ahora estoy empezando a implementar la mecánica principal del jueguito, va a ser algo sencillo, a ver si esta tarde puedo enseñar algo (aunque no puedo asegurar nada).

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Hi, just reporting the link to "years prior to 2008" seems to be broken.
(You can delete this message if you want :D)

The link has expired, can you provide a permanent or a new one, please?

Great game with a harsh difficulty curve, but very funny to play and retry.

Good job!

Great music and art. The intro is GB AAA-like. Very good job.

Also you don't see a REAL roguelike these days and it's kinda refreshing to find one :D

I'll update the game once the voting period ends (and I find some time to work on it) and all this feedback and ideas will be very useful.

Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for the feedback!

That's a good idea I'll work on it for the next update I upload. I'm happy you liked it :D

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Thanks! This kind of comment helps a lot to keep it up!

I'll work on it in the future when I have the time to do it, I don't know when that will be though, but stay tunned :D

The windows download does not include the "Data" folder, needed to run the game.