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"Demo" Tag Please, or option to filter by completeness

A topic by AstrellaLunari created Jul 28, 2018 Views: 115 Replies: 5
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I play quite a few visual novels, and I'd really appreciate the ability to tag games as "demos," or perhaps "complete."  Or maybe not a tag, but an option? Open a bunch of tabs... 3/4 are demos and I don't want to play them until their full release.... -.- )



Games already have a status field that goes, "in development" / "released" / "canceled" and so on. It would just have to be displayed more prominently. Question is where, because searches and creator profiles already show a bunch of information about each game. It's beginning to look like a busy HUD. :P


If the game is tagged properly, you can hover over it and look at the bottom of the popup box like this. If it's not complete, it should either say In Development or Prototype. If there's nothing there at the bottom, it should be complete.


That is helpful, thank you, but we can't select "visual novel" "free" and "complete" in all the same way, right? You still have to hover or click to see if a game is released, rather than the search engine just showing you games that match your filter, whether complete or incomplete, depending on what you're looking for.  If the categories are "in development," "released," and "canceled," maybe we could have a function that allows you to uncheck "in development" games so you can be sure you won't pull any?


I'm wondering if I should add a release status called "Demo" for games that have a demo and are in development? Alternatively some way to tag the file. For paid content it's possible to have demos, but if you have a free demo with no paid content then right now it doesn't get tagged as having a demo.

If it's available, I'll definitely use it!