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A Silent Statue

But what if they started talking 路 By Taboossy

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A topic by Taboossy created Oct 24, 2022 Views: 9,803 Replies: 95
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Hey this is the pressure free zone. 


i really liked and enjoyed the game please continue the game, the artwork, the story and everything are amazing 


Id be willing to pay for a continuation. even a sequal.


excellent, payment to last longer or a continuation

Heyo my guys, thanks for the kind words.

I'll be making a more comprehensive roadmap later today, but yeah I'll be doing a couple more updates to the game before moving on to the next one.

At least 2 more lengthier scenes and an epilogue ending. And potentially making more alt ending.

Are you planning on adding sound FX ?


I'm not sure what you mean. The game has a ton of sfx already. Next update will have a reworked sex sfx.


I really enjoyed the game, and damn, a full year of work? You got some commitment honestly. Story-wise I enjoyed it, artstyle is good and of course I also liked the scenes; All said, a suggestion i have is to add a gallery if possible, that way you know if you unlocked everything to do in the game and of course enjoy them again! 


For sure. That's something I have to add.  No Hgame is complete without a gallery. Right now, there's 2 main endings.  One outside before entering the mansion and the other one inside. There's a few more "misc" endings but they don't have any scenes tied to them. 

The talking statue gives you hints about progress and the game only proceeds to the final stage if you've seen everything.

Hi I really enjoyed your game  its animations and artstyle are really good 
(Also my favorite statue its the one that talks with pen and paper that gave her a lot of caracter)


Thank, I tried making them as unique as possible, hard to make them interesting characters when they can't talk.

My personal favorite is the butt that shakes around to talk

This game was an absolute blast (in more ways than one) I didn't have that many notable gripes with the game other than how the game was a bit short, but that's just a poor nitpicky thing to begin with! Overall I rate the game a 9/10 and the nut I busted a 10/10!


Now that is a glowing review, get them all out before NNN

Hey I just finished playing the game.  Wish there was more content or more stuff to do in the game. The artwork was simple and pleasing. Would love to see an expansion of this game or a  rpg style of gameplay. Wish you the best of luck with your work.


Really loved it, was the best experience, Thank You :)


This game was a lot of fun, looking forward to seeing more from you!

Sorry I know this is rude but I wanted to ask if there will be translations in other languages (like Traditional Chinese)

And the art style is to my liking


It's not rude. I'd love to translate the game to all the languages, but translations are very expensive.

That's something I'll do once I'm a more stablished developer with, hopefully, a bigger community and more backers.

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This game was rad. Great work. 

honestly, this game was pretty fun! the game was not slow nor fast, it was just it in the middle, right in the sweet spot! the art was wonderful and the story was interesting. i hope to more from this dev soon!

Awesome job I really like the sprite work keep up the great work

Not my cup of tea as far as "content." The story was interesting, but I feel like having on solitary character dedicated to exposition hurts it overall.  Too many headless statues....


I definitely agree. I tried making the statues expressive and unique but the MC needs to talk for them essentially. But at the same time if you have too many talking statues the whole premise becomes a bit meaningless. "They're statues but they're basically just like people with a weird skin tone." It's a hard balance. Finding ways to make them "talk" with the limitations of their bodies makes it more interesting imho. Execution might have been a bit lacking at times. Of course thanks for the review nonetheless.


this game was surprisingly sweet. I'd say that I'm surprised that I was into the hot statues but this is probably par for the course. I wish you luck in future endeavors, this is definitely something I want to do someday too!

A unique kink, but all in all a cute game. Followed and looking forward to more scenes, endings, and eventually new games. 


Heya !
I've just finished the game and I'm pretty sure I've done everything , but man ! I sure can't wait to see more of it in the future, super art, super decor, and the sex is gud, lol. But seriously, that was an amazing job and I pass a great time !
If I was perfectly honest now, I'll have to say that I wish there was more content, I know that you will do 2 more updates, like a gallery and an epilogue, but as a new fan of yours, I obviously wish you put like, 100 more scene xD
Anyway, great job, 10/10, wish you good luck for the futur ! (Now that I make a good review, can you drop the gun plz ? ;w;)


I'd rather you guys want more content than less. It means I did a good job. 

And yeah, I wish I could add an infinite amount of scenes but we are mortal beings, I can only spend so much time on one project. I have too many ideas and stories I want to tell. This is just one of many. I know it sucks, but maybe someone else will be inspired by this, pick up the torch and make something similar in the future. I'd totally support that as long as it's well made.

despite being litterally porn, the ending was quite wholesome.

A very nice and peaceful game 

Really great game. A nice mix between horny and wholesome with the right amount of humor mixed in.
The artwork is sexy, and the animations are decent.
I'm looking forward to your planned updates and to whatever shenanigans you have in mind for future games ;-)

This game is really really hot, the statues look really attractive and the actions they give are wonderfull~

altho there is 1 that i couldnt find, it was the feet, i didnt see it even once in game, and was about to ask how to access it, if your reading this taboossy, then i would like to ask you if you could give me your discord, i would like to talk to you in private dms, and spend some time talking about the game, so please let me know if you want to, thanks  for the great game!


Heyo thanks, the feet are only accessible before entering the bedroom. Check around the couch in the library :)

I wanted to set up a discord account and server for this, but I'm a bit of a privacy/security nut(VPN, Tor, etc) and it's asking for phone confirmation which I hate. If I don't find a good work around I'll have to bite the bullet but I don't want to rush it. You can contact me on twitter, also trash but it's not asking for a phone number. For now.

Oh okay, thats alr, ill massage you on twitter, and hopefully we can chat a bit, ill send you a massage and tell you who i am in the massage, i hope we will have a great time together, see you on twitter!

Bad news: i couldnt dm you, it didnt work, there is no option to dm, so.. if there is any other way to dm.. please tell me.. i would really like to talk to you, i realized that we  share the same humor, and really like that, i hope we can talk more!


You should be able to now, changed some settings.

Hey, i sent you a few dms on twitter, if you have some time, please check it out, cyaa

Cool game! Overall pretty wholesome with a dash of erotic horror at the beginning, really cool use of mixed media from soft shading/3d in scenes,to the transition from statues as objects to more pixelly animated sprites... 


Thanks, there's actually one statue that has a 3D base(The butt) all the others are drawn, there's quite a few backgrounds with 3D  bases(the stairs, the walkway and the window scene). Making scenes in 3D and then finding the best angles and drawing over them is really convenient,

this was an amazing game! I would love to see a sequel of this quality, the concept and execution was top notch! you have real potential for something more serious here. I'd pay for it!

Btw, where did you learn to draw? I love this artstyle.


Everything from youtube. All for free. I can be more specific if you want. What channels, etc. 

I just finished the game, and i have to admit that it was far beyond my expectations. I would love to see this game grow more and more but hey, we can't eat a cookie and have a cookie right? Anyways, looking forward to official release and the story to be completed, i'll make sure to have it on steam :) Great work!


Very well made game overall. Premise was odd but unique and interesting and the statues were expressive in their own way. There's several endings and overall it was fun. I just wish you could interact with them in other ways like cuddling, or finishing up their bodies as most seem like they were unfinished. I also wish we could interact with the last statue more. After learning what happened I honestly would have given her a big long hug as I've experienced loss of loved ones myself.


GASP! Cuddling? You sick pervert.

nice, i like it, i finished it in about 40mins also: segs great game

Everytime I tried to open the game on my macbook its keep backing me out for no reason any ideas whats happening?


Sadly no. The Mac/Linux versions are a coin toss, they either work or they don't. You'd be better off asking in mac related places.

that sucks

Sex with the statues? Very unique stuff and I like it! The story is short, but I for one got no problem with that. Good things MC got the place he can rest his soul, and ofc with the many statues! This game is a bang!

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Bizarrely enjoyable game - the world needs more wholesome erotic lovecraftian horror. Really looking forward to the future updates! Especially the post-ending free-roam planned.


This game is... surprisingly good!

It's a lot more wholesome than I expected, and the story was actually good enough to interest me while still involving quite a bit of Statue Sex, which I appreciate since that's what I came for ha in the first place. Looking forward to the post-ending Free-Roam, as well as the scene gallery!

Just played the game and I honestly love it! Can't wait for more content I hope you can achivce your dream of doing this for a living.


hi, I'm making this comment because I was held at virtual (and invisible, now that I'm thinking about it) gunpoint to write this:

this game/visual novel is great. even though this is a game about stone statues, it made me feel more love for the people I already have in my life. 

I know that may very well be unintended and sounds like a huge stretch, but that's the truth.

 similar to the protagonist of this story, I have a shit job with shit pay. I sometimes barely make ends meet.

 sometimes the only thing I look forward to doing is holding my wife. I would say that my wife has a shape like your statues, although in art they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think I am the beholder in this case. 

at the end of this game, I just felt like I want to cry. 

I really felt that.

thank you for putting so much work into this game. I don't know what else to say.

 I'm speechless.


Now you're making me feel a little bad that I held a very real gun against you. Glad you enjoyed it :)

I can't get the paper and ink


You got two options, one is in the bedroom, top right corner. Other one in the study next to the statue.

I tired the one in the bedroom but it keeps saying g there a corpse and the one in the study room I can't interact with it


I made itchio account just to comment on how good this game is... 

W game 10/10

i like trains


I loved the game and not only the drawings but also the plot great work I was not bored in fact I probably won't forget the game :)


Really good game! wish theres some kind of freeplay mode though

would definitely replay again when my brain gets all fussy and horny


Never thought that statues could grab my attention in this way but, consider me a fan of all things curvy and made of stone. Real good work, looking forward to your future projects you make!


I'm impressed!  Definitely one of the more thoughtful RPG Maker games I've seen!


This game is fantastic, definitely one of the best erotic game I've played. I just completed it for the first time & am already looking forward to diving back in. I also feel this game or at least the way I played it, sums up porn addiction perfectly where there are so many options to choose from that you just end up coming back for more again & again. 

It's kinda weird to admit here but this game really reminds me of my teens watching Markiplier play games like the 'Witch's House' & 'Mad Father' but with bewbs! This was a strangely nostalgic experience that I'm genuinely thankful for. Keep up the amazing work & thanks again!


Came for the big statue ladies, commented because the ending helped me move on from loss.
Not bad at all, for a game like this.

You managed to make characters that felt relatable despite being actual statues, and in many cases non-verbal. 
The atmosphere and feeling were sweet, incredibly kind.  
Honestly, there aren't many games in this genre I like because they lack that.  
And horror, but it's actually sweet and sexy is my favourite genre, so...

Best of luck, making things into the future.


Thanks :) 

Good luck in your struggles as well.

can someone tell me where i can get the full version
am confused as fuck

i enjoy

Expected a low tier game, got something pretty solid. Love the variety and pathing choices for endings, wish each section got expanded on a bit, the mansion is pretty fleshed out but the other 2 areas are fairly slim, hope to see more in the coming updates.

will it be on iOS?

How do you use the save file? I don't know how to use it


Unzip here:

Statues Win 0.9\www

Should look like this:

Statues Win 0.9\www\save


it didn't work, it just boots the game and there is no saves for it to load or any gallery unlocks


Hello! Created this account because I love this game. I love the work you're doing here and will patiently await the content you provide! (Hopefully with more semi-inanimate objects lol)



wen do we get the full game

it said to be on some link but im am alr on the link

i cant play the game the full one

Developer (1 edit)

These're the latest download links.

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Any chance of an Android port? I managed to play the demo in Chrome. (Great game by the way!) but I can't seem to manage to run the new update sadly. -Saw the tagged post, and got Joi to work. 100/100 amazing game. I really hope we get a continuation with like just Sim style game play. Maybe the protag moves in and finds a basement and starts making statues of his own. <3

I'm on android 

The s23

or 22

how do i use the save file?

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Welp. I did not expect to develop a statue kink when I woke up this morning. But now I'm eyeing up the mannequin and dress-form with some unwise memories in mind. Thanks, Taboossy?


Step 1: Give as many people statue kinks.

Step 2: Open a paid museum with lots of thicc statues.

You devious villain! How dare you? There had better be one in my general area!

GREAT story (out of most rpg maker games i've ever played), Unique creativity (never thought i'd be fuckin statues...). I WAN MORE!

I created this account just to say that this game is a rare gem, never expected to spend 2 days of my life playing it. This was the first game that i did 100%, got all the endings and cutscenes.

You maneged to make literal statues be relatable and funny characters.

Lots of stuff to do and multiple endings was not something i was expecting when i download this game, i'm looking foward to your next projects and i will be following it on steam when you post them. 

Great work. 10/10 game, would pay for a continuation. <3

how does the "saves" file thing work?

It's weird as hell but I really like the sweet dynamic between the MC and the statues at the house by the end. It's sweet and hot and I really hope you make a sequel or chapter 2 where it expands more on just, their lives and relationships. Hell, if it's an abandoned mansion and obviously no one came for the guy, the MC could claim squatters rights and get the mansion and everything.

Ok so I just finished all the endings. Do you plan on adding more? I just feel like there's alot of unsolved mysteries. Maybe I'm just media illiterate though. There HAS TO be some connection between the statues and the high-tech sex dolls in this universe (also TBH I prefer the statues, the flesh tone of the doll makes it weird to me.). What exactly are the statues. The dead dude wanted to become one and couldn't but it's also implied the statues used to be people? But also the one statue was clearly being carved so what's up with that? I WANT ANSWERS. It almost seems like there could be a two-sides thing to the statues/robots where one is this high tech artificial thing and the other is a more 'natural' magical one. Especially weird since there seems to be no actual connection I could gather beteen these two things. 

Gay version when? 馃憖