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Are you able to top in this game?

The only thing I want from Wyatt is to him end up dropping dead like Tucker ASAP

Option to breed Dad when!? 馃憖

So about Mikkel

Played and really liked it. Really liked how Agnarr took Aron into training wich already breaks a lot of stereotypes of those kinds of vn's. Also I JUST KNOW THAT CLEAR CRYSTAL IS MADE SPECIFICALLY TO CHANNEL SYLVING MAGIC I JUST KNOW IT. Also I stand by what I said that if NSFW scenes happen the player can have the option to strictly top never having to bottom. Anyways its all looking pretty good.

Also kill Mikkel with hammers

Aw, its a shame but thanks anyway

Any chance of an Android version?


Excuse me? Fierro is a MOTHER 馃槫馃拝馃専

What message?

Its a shame really, but as they say: "It is what it is"

Then maybe its an android version bug?

Didn't liked him 'cause he was an asshole, plain and simple, so if I can make so that he's hit rock bottom then its a good ending in my book

Still a lot of times the first impression stick so for now I wish nothing but ill towards Bale. Like, the way this world is it would be easy for him to disappear with no leads to the cause...

That's unfortunate because I hate how 99% of FVN's are way too bottom leaning and you seem to never have the opportunity to top wich is such bullshit

No messages, not your typical Ren' Py gray screen with the blue text talking about the error that occurred, nothing, just a black screen with the music playing on the background and no way to get out of it outside of forcing the app to close (got this error on the android version btw)

Being honest, I dig it. I liked the characters, the world abd the characters got me hooked up, hope that in the game we can improve not only Bullwhip Arena but also the city and the life of others. Also I don't think the game was supposed to become a crashed black screen right after Maxton and Coach leave the car on the start of the day two I think its a bug lol. The only thing I didn't like was Bale. Fuck him. The sooner we can give him a much needed wake up call, or just fucking make ill towards him the better, fuck this guy Jesus Christ! Also if there'll be NSFW scenes I hope we can have Maxton only top without the need of ever bottoming lmao

Gay version when? 馃憖

You sir, fucking get it. Its so fucking annoying! Like, just because the player have severe daddy issues and needs emotional support doesn't mean the protagonist should be fucking useless

Another thing to add is that I hope Aron asks to be trained by Agnarr in order to not be dependant and useless without him. A major issue I see in those types of VN is the mc being useless without the main LI so Aron asking to be trained and showing being able to fend of for himself would be an ecxelent decision

This is why I'm asking for the option to be able to freely choose between topping or bottoming without the need to do one or the other

Are we able to top without the need of bottoming beforehand or we can choose between topping or bottoming?

I hope we are able to top without the need to ever bottom beforehand. Overall having the option to top only and not bottom at all would be nice

It would be good to be able to choose to solely top and not be forced to bottom in any situation whatsowever to progress the story. The protagonist's ecxessive submissivness and naivety makes playing the game very sufferable so I really hope we can choose to be more adamant, dominant and bold

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For some reason the button that opens the menu is not appearing whatsowever.

Also I hope someday you make a downloadable version for pc and android

Then I pray that you have more time, thanks man!

But they should let us top them. Like, explicity describing their assholes is the equivalent of teasing a starving man with food right in front of him and throwing it in the trash right in front of them. Seriously, games where you don't have the option to top are a big issue in this fandom this is why I really hope you allow us to top them all

I love how raunchy everything is I just wish we could top and fuck Arthus's and Ulric's asses xP

Kamil: Rex, is the frat house and the boys alright?


I'd say it counts for something lol

I dunno if this is intentional but something that I've realized is that everyone in Kamil's team are common and reconizable species we've seen as love interests spread trough various vn's over the years, they could be love interests if this was any other vn that focuses on a football team in a school setting. I dunno if this detail was intentional or not but its something I realized

Babygirl no one cares about Wyatt so you're good x3

You good sir, get it! This is something that should be said loud and clear to everyone who brings up those uncreative types of vns

A VN developer with common sense!? I already like you and am wishing you good luck with your project!

So I just want to know, are we able to choose to top without being forced to bottom? If not I hope that issue is fixed

Ecxept this is something that needs to be said, not all projects are going to be good and the premise of this one is nor good nor original, something that needs to be said. Also instead of attacking others for speaking their mind give your feedback to the creator instead since you seem to have nothing better to do

After playing it I must say its just like every single other "my wolf" visual novel out there, weak and defenseless mc, mc is isekai'd into another word, tsundere wolf...Sorry but your project is nor original nor good

Finished playing it and yeah, I hate being forced to bottom. That makes the game unplayable in various situations, I really hope that is fixed and we can be free to choose between topping or bottoming whenever we want

Still it would be better if we the player could be free to decide between topping or bottoming without being forced to do one of those. Its unconfortable

Just a lil repost

Started replaying after all those eons and kinda liking it so far

The only complaint is that the protagonist is way too much of a submissive bottom and that is so frustrating. It would be better if he was more assertive and dominant and we could be free to choose between topping or bottoming

Besides that major issue everything else is fine

The ideial would be able to top everyone, of not what's the point