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Wondering if you can put the  "Chad 1.25 version"  with the full x-ray on Patreon onto too and include the pay option for it like it says above:

CHADS ($15, full x-ray) 

INCELS ($7, full x-ray): when it is released on 11/23/22.

So we can contribute towards your work, since some of us prefer to use rather than Patreon or Subscribestar.

I can't download the Mega file due to meeting the maximum limit of 5gb. So I tried the Mediafire one and it says the file is suspicious. Please fix the links so that I can download it without being charged thru Mega or having a buggy and broken mediafire. 

Hey I just finished playing the game.  Wish there was more content or more stuff to do in the game. The artwork was simple and pleasing. Would love to see an expansion of this game or a  rpg style of gameplay. Wish you the best of luck with your work.

Just started playing your game. It has a lot of potential to become a very good game. The artwork is original, keep up the good work!

Be safe and don't let them get to you! No rush to finish your work, staying alive is worth more. 

Love your game, do you plan to possibly add a gallery & "completed scenes" to the game in the future? So I can replay several scenes to my heart's content. :)

Hey Slim, wondering if there will be a family patch in the future since it has landlady, roommate etc... in the newly released game? Tried looking at a well known mod patch website couldn't find it listed. Let me know if your gonna make one in the future or if a fan-made one will come out. Thanks

Love your game, looking forward to more new adventures with the main character and his family. Keep up to good work. :)

Hey Milda,

Been waiting a long time for your game to show up on, now it's here I can contribute to your work. Keep it up, looking forward to more content from you in the future.

just checked on His Patreon page, no changes either. Hope M3do updates soon.

nevermind looks like it was removed Hopefully I think.

Hey Mr. Knobb, this is a reposting of a message i left a month ago on your Retrieving the Past Season 1, :

Hey Mr.Knobb just a warning. Found a posting of your game with the same title "Retrieving the Past v2.1.0 by the "attackhentai" author on Might be a fake copy of your game posted on Just thought you should know.

Hopefully you can find the person responsible quickly, good luck.

Just wondering do you plan to return your original game "Innocent Play" to finally finish it or is it still put on hold or abandoned 100%?

Hey Mr.Knobb just a warning. Found a posting of your game with the same title "Retrieving the Past v2.1.0 by the "attackhentai" author on Might be a fake copy of your game posted on Just thought you should know.

OK thanks

Like your artwork on the game. A lot of the content is kinda the same as another game on titled "Little Man". Looking forward til you come back to finishing this game.

Whats the difference between the Vanilla and Relationship version? Does the part 2 contain all the content in the game from the beginning to now?

Just started playing it for the first time yesterday. Noticed immediately please fix and clean up spelling and grammar for the English translation of the game. If I find any more bugs will let you know.

I played it already and it is very good. You just put the incest patch into the game folder after extracting the game from the download to your regular game file. It should work ok, mine worked just great.

Been playing it for a while love the artwork wish there were more scenes but the game is done. Also have your other game "Little man". Looking forward to more games in the future from you. Wish you luck with your success.

Hey owlyboi,

Can you please make a bundle package for all your futanari games all in one? If possible. Thanks

Patreon does accept paypal, but only for monthly contributions and not for donating. Thats the reason I asked if you were planning on "opening up" a donation box on or something.

Hey MagicNuts, I like your game is there any way I can like donate to you to support your work on Tried looking for it everywhere couldn't find any link on your page or on I know you have a patreon account but they don't accept Paypal so is the only one that i know of that accepts Paypal.

Hey Nergal, I downloaded your game a few months ago.  Anyways I'm a fan of your work . I did read some forums on f95 site that you completed one of your old games which is Urban Demons. Any idea if it will be put onto or??

Hey Siren, about roughly close to a year ago I donated 2 bucks to you to download a earlier version of your T.O.P. game. Then today I donated 8 bucks to make it 10 bucks so I could get the bundle pack. The download is not showing the bundle pack included. So maybe there's  a bug somewhere for not getting the bundle after adding 8 bucks to the existing 2 bucks in donations. Please fix it so I can download the final version bundle pack. Thanks

Hey Eroniverse, Just wondering do you plan to put your earlier works onto Harem Villa and Harem Island both? Would gladly donate again for your earlier work as well since Patreon doesn't accept donations I think.

Hi DirtySockGame creator, 

Just to let you know everytime I log into the 0.5.3 version to play Life in Woodchester everything is ok except for the title/name bug. When I put in the younger roommate as the younger sister it seems not to work and go back to the default as "younger roommate". Did the changes several times still no luck on getting it to stay as younger sister. Maybe there's a bug somewhere. Please fix it soon as possible. Finished the game looking forward to a more in-depth play once its close to completion.

Checked it and yes the change log shows the changes to the 0.5 version. Looks like I got the right one. Thanks.

Hey Nergal, I'm a fan of your work. Just to let you know I downloaded & extracted your 0.5 build after donating 5 bucks. When I went to the application to load the game it loaded it and it shows it was the 0.4 version not the 0.5 version. So is there a error somewhere in it or something?