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Heeeeeeel yeeeee

will there be new events, statues and fetishes? that would be AMAZING!!

HEY :D, just came here from Radals Chat lol

the growth of this game makes me happy and happier

These look amazing! How about the idea about adding more Fetishes? or maybe more scenes? maybe more lore or something, there is alot of potential in this game, there could be alot of things added.

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that looks really good tho

will the update be released soon?

Hey, i sent you a few dms on twitter, if you have some time, please check it out, cyaa

Bad news: i couldnt dm you, it didnt work, there is no option to dm, so.. if there is any other way to dm.. please tell me.. i would really like to talk to you, i realized that we  share the same humor, and really like that, i hope we can talk more!

Oh okay, thats alr, ill massage you on twitter, and hopefully we can chat a bit, ill send you a massage and tell you who i am in the massage, i hope we will have a great time together, see you on twitter!

This game is really really hot, the statues look really attractive and the actions they give are wonderfull~

altho there is 1 that i couldnt find, it was the feet, i didnt see it even once in game, and was about to ask how to access it, if your reading this taboossy, then i would like to ask you if you could give me your discord, i would like to talk to you in private dms, and spend some time talking about the game, so please let me know if you want to, thanks  for the great game!