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Yeah. Gimme a moment to join your discord so I can share the screen cap and transcripts more easily.

Just as a heads up, I downloaded the pc version twice. Looks like the files might have been corrupted

PC. On Chrome. It was specifically on the route where I pulled out of the hole, but then let the bug do it's own thing and crawl inside. It froze right as they decided to search for an exit.

Froze after leaving the funhouse, so I never got a chance to use the bag o bugs

Honestly, here because of The Click.

Look forward to the update. Should I assume that if the survival element is being taken out, that there will be more of a focus on the rts elements and town building? Or are the survival elements just being reduced to more mild play and simple mechanics?

So going back and playing it a bit more, I think I understand the card game a little better? I managed to get a group of 4 people total, though one randomly ran off on me in the middle of the night =/. I still think it could do something with all the cards that a player may be forced to discard, like replenish some of that blue energy bar or something. Not sure, but it would make it so they aren't just taking up space. But otherwise, I think I know what my actual strategies are in the game. 

As for the combat bug, I think it was actually the same bug that people have been mentioning where the ability to hit anything disappears after a day. That said, I have found a few other quirks of the bug that I don't think have been mentioned yet, so hopefully they might be helpful to know? First, while you can't damage anything, you can still, technically, interact with them. I learned this when I swung at a tree, was unable to hit it, but my allies knew to assist me in chopping it down anyways. Second, you can still hit structures you have built, and the purple statue. For some reason, those have been unaffected by the bug. I don't know if that will help you with trouble shooting, or if you've already figured it out, help prevent new bugs in the future by knowing what else is or isn't being affected.

First of all, this is an interesting take on survival games. If the allies can eventually be set up to do basic tasks when assigned instead of just attacking what you hit, I can even see RTS elements, which is something I've wanted in a survival game for a long time. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

The card game is also an interesting concept, but either the mechanics or the explanation need a bit of work. Maybe both? It took me a bit to figure out how to read the cards, and even now I'm guessing. As for the cards themselves, I am usually discarding cards as I either can't use them on my partner, or they focus on getting one side off, making it hard to bring both characters to climax. 

I'm sure you are already aware of some bugs and plan on fixing them, so I will only briefly list the ones I ran across, in case I ran into anything new. 1) Can't use E to interact with anything in fullscreen. 2) Some of the hit boxes for picking up items need to be adjusted. I end up mashing E to pick up one thing. 3) My ax couldn't do damage to enemy foxes. Had to rely on my partner to fight. 4) I couldn't select quit game when I died, via mouse or keyboard.

I hope my criticisms aren't seen as disliking the game. I am well aware it is a work in progress, but I have high hopes for it.