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♪| Daniel Docherty Music.

A topic by danieldochertymusic created Jun 08, 2018 Views: 1,370 Replies: 42
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My name is Daniel, I'm a Professional Composer and Sound Designer from Glasgow, Scotland, based in Pennsylvania. I make music and sound for video games, apps, film, and visual novels.

As a multi instrumentalist with years of experience making music for games, trailers, and a variety of pop music, I can quickly produce professional quality and memorable music, from dramatic cinematic scores to cutesy sci-fi 8-bit jazz reggae. Get in touch if you need a composer who's willing to go that extra mile to make your project's sound as arresting as it should be.

I have experience with many different DAW's, Unreal, Wwise, and FMod, and am a keen learner for C++.

To discuss how I can help your project, simply email me right away at, or add me on Discord, @Daniel D#2181.

Thank you for your time!

Dinosauria: Confinement 

Little Lost Robots


Alchemist's Mountain 

Throwing more videos of my pieces on Youtube! Let me know about any projects needing audio.

Here's the full gameplay theme from Firesaurus Rex, which got an honourable mention in this Spring's Unreal Jam!


Cool BGM, so relaxing and yet, so beautiful

Thanks! That means a lot.

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Here's an orchestral piece I made in the style of John Williams.

Just finished doing music and sound design for Sports Dog 2: World Pup with Unreal Engine!

Watch the trailer, made by me, here: 

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Here's a track from the last game I worked on.

Would you be interested in a two-month Game Jam for the creation of an Otome-Style Visual Novel?

Maybe. Send me an email with some details and I'll get back to you!


I will. As soon as we have a few more character concepts. So as to facilitate our conversation.   ;)

My music for Sports Dog just won Best Audio in the Awful Summer Jam! Check it out here:

A song I made got featured in the UE4 Summer Jam!

Playing with some new genres, let me know what you think!

I've got some unannounced projects going but I'm still looking for more work! Let me know at

Updated my website! Have a look:

I did a little but of cutesy, robotic music for this game. Check it out!

Looking for work! Here's some old music for you in the meantime.

Just gave a little time to making the adorable Metroidvania Alchemist's Mountain. Check it out!

Here's some gameplay from my most recently completed project:

Although this is probably the shortest, coming in at around 18 seconds, this is probably one of the most satisfying loops I've ever made.


Hey, I dig your style. Would you maybe be interested in collaborating on my project Trafique?

Let's talk! Shoot me an email at or hit me up on Discord at Daniel D#2181

Looking forward to participating in LD43! Here's some music from the last time I participated.

Just finished an intense, dark soundtrack for this quick fun puzzle shooter! Check it out here:

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New music from the game Little Lost Robots!

Here's the full soundtrack for the game Little Lost Robots, made by Evil Art Bunny and being released this month!

hey could I have some help on some bg music for some of my arenas. please email me at if your interested

My latest soundtrack is making it's soundcloud debut!

hello i well love to make music for you.

I have some free time in my schedule, but I'd much rather be making music for video games. Hit me up if you need some tunes!;

A fun entry for Minjam 23. This was my first time making a rhythm game, which we did in under 12 hours. It was a really great joy to work on.

Shamelessly promoting the adorable Little Lost Robots, out April 4th!

I just finished doing some SFX and music for the visually compelling Wyvern Circus! A game where you must poke bearclopes (That's a bear crossed with a cyclops) in the eye to save a dragon from it's case of the sniffles, which are causing firey mayhem throughout the land.

Play it here!



Little Lost Robots is now enjoying it's full release on Steam! Get 25% off now for a limited time! 

Check out the full soundtrack by me, here on YouTube

And soon on every major streaming service, including Spotify.

Join Evil Art Bunny Studios' Discord server here to be kept up to date on Little Lost Robots and the upcoming full version of Alchemist's Mountain!

I just finished making some nautical themed music for SUBMISSION, a fun voxel game about a leaky submarine in which you must spy on your enemies, destroy combatants, and save people lost at sea. Just try not to mix those up!


The opening scene and main gameplay theme from Path of Redemption, a fast and fun dungeon crawler. In Path of Redemption you play as a person who has been accused of a crime and have been ordered to complete a series of tests to see if the gods deem you innocent or guilty. The goal is to beat 24 increasingly difficult rooms to get to the final Boss and earn your freedom.

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Here's a link to my most recent collab with the very talented Evil Art Bunny. Come ride a panda through space in this cute little infinite runner 🐼🌠

Would you be interested in a non-profit collaboration project, where I get a load of producers and composers to sample the same track?

The idea has already been done before, but my vision of the project involves more producers, big and small.

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Hi there! Sure, send me an email at and we can discuss it in detail.


Let me know about any projects needing audio!