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Thank you for your kindness and feedback!

There is a Tip to what each module does written on the modules themselves!

However in-game the text written on each module is unfortunately unreadable due to a resolution and resize issue. 
We truly wished we could have fixed that in-time!

Wish you the best!  ;)

Hello! I assume you may be having difficulties downloading and playing.
We truly apologize about that. 

Simply click on download and make sure your web-browser isn't blocking the download pop-up!
After that you'll be thrown into the game's Google Drive folder.

- Open the "BUILD" folder.
- Download the "GAME" folder (or simply the ".rar" inside it).
- Extract "Mid-Flight Engineer.rar"
- Choose a build to Play
(I recommend Build 2 (on the build-2 folder) which fixes the order in which the levels appear)

We wish we could improve on the Download and Play experience but we're afraid of invalidating our entry by editing the page or the download link. We will improve on it as soon as the voting-on-games period has passed.

Wish you well! :)

Thank you guys!
But a couple days ago we've found our programmer. 
Maybe next time?

I will. As soon as we have a few more character concepts. So as to facilitate our conversation.   ;)

Oh! I see!  :)

Okay!   ;)

Would you be interested in a two-month Game Jam for the creation of an Otome-Style Visual Novel?

Hey! I'm assembling a Team myself! We have a UI/UX Artist/Designer, an Artist (Illustrator), a Musician and a Game Designer/Producer (Me);
We desperately need a programmer, and we could perhaps benefit from other members as well;
What is your team composition? Perhaps we could team up?

Would you be interested in a two-month Game Jam for the creation of an Otome-Style Visual Novel?

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ampaloue How can I private message you? Do you have a Twitter or Email?
[Edit: I wanna ask if you'd be interested in a two-month Game Jam for the creation of an Otome-Style Visual Novel (but I don't wanna go off-topic here)]

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We're looking for a Programmer interested to participate in a remote 48h Game Jam that will happen later this month! (Weekend of the 31st)

Our team consists of me as Game Designer and Producer,  a UI/UX Artist/Designer, another Artist (Illustrator) and a Musician;

We urgently need an experienced and Agile Programmer who can deliver the features quickly during the Jam!

If you're interested please contact me soon!

Game Maker's Toolkit Jam is a 48 hour game making marathon, focused on design, mechanics, and clever ideas.
Here are links about the Jam:

[This year's edition]

[Last year's edition]

-----  -;-  -----
Here's some of my work: Waving
Here's some of Castler's [Musician] work:

Here's some of our Artist's UI/UX Design Work:

Here's some of our other Artist's Work:

Now we only need a truly fierce and awesome programmer!