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Easter eggs and hidden details in this game

A topic by TheBiggerChicken created Jun 02, 2018 Views: 5,184 Replies: 40
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So, I was thinking we could make a board for the little easter eggs that you find within the game! This game is so creative and I know that there are heaps more secrets than the ones I have found. So, if you find any easter eggs or secrets, please feel free to post them here! I am so interested to see what everyone finds! I'll start off with these:

  • You can open yuri.chr in notepad or a similar application. It shows a long string of Base64 text, which translates to a short horror story about a girl who stalks and then murders somebody.
  • I think there is a chance that the start menu can distort, turning black and white and distorted, and it gives a close-up of Monika's face for a second. I'm not sure if this is an actual thing or if it was just a glitch, because it only happened once to me.
  • There might be a chance that Yuri's sticker can distort into something that looks like the joker if you choose one of her poem words in the poem minigame. Again, I'm not sure if this is official, it has only happened to me once before, during act 2.
  • You can open natsuki.chr as an image. It comes up as this weird blue and green picture that's wavy and distorted. If anyone knows what's up with that, it would be great if you can post what it is below!

That's all I have found so far, if you have more, please feel free to share them! I really want to see how many secrets we can uncover! Anything that is hidden from the main game is relevent to this board.

Oh also, I've seen "Project Libitina" mentioned before, can anyone explain this? I'm not exactly sure what it means as I've never seen it in the game.

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Okay, it's me again. I've found a couple more easter eggs, if anyone is interested.

  • sayori.chr can be opened as a sound file of some sort. It sounds like a kind of distorted scream.
  • Sometimes, a poorly drawn picture of Sayori will come up on the screen at the end of the first day in Act 2. It’s super spoopy!

That's all.  If anyone finds any more, please don't be afraid to post them here!!! Thanks:)


if you delete monika.chr before hand sayori will become self aware the game will quit but start it up again she will be hanging there and it says the end.


Wow, that's cool! 

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hello and about the nastuki file just to let you know its actually color reversed so if you changed the color into its original state it still looks weird but if you flip the picture it looks like a face and if you make the picture into a cone shape (i don't know how to do that but all i did was that i printed it and made it into a cone shape) it will have a full picture if the face if you face at the bottom of the cone also i don't know what its for so yeah that's all i got.

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hello i'm back and i found that you could turn monika's file into a .png  file and it shows the picture of the ring and a weird static looking screen in the middle.


So is this a QR code? I tried scanning it with a QR scanner, but I couldn’t get anything. Does anyone know what it actually is?  Maybe it’s a code of some sort? I can’t help but think that there is more to this picture than we think....


It's a QR Code to a website of some sort with the name: %%%%. Or It seems to be a report of one of the girls.


its not a QR code tbh i went deeper and found it was binary code


Its not really a QR code, its binary. the black represents the number 0 and the white represents the number 1, so what you want to do is to go to a binary thing and convert the binary line by line


oh okay. That seems like a lot of work, have you translated it before? Do you know what it says?


I just tried printing it and making a cone, it’s actually sooooo spoopy!! Do you know who that lady is?


hello again and im not so sure about the lady but all i know is that it may possibly for another game that team salvato is creating and i now know what the weird static thing is and it is a binary code and if you translate that it is another base 64 code and one you decode it it says this, "Can you hear me?...Who are you?I can't...I can't see you. But I know you're there. can definitely hear me. You've been watching for a while now, right? I guess I should...introduce myself, or something. name is...actually, that's stupid. You obviously already know my name. Sorry. Anyway...I'm guessing if you were able to put a stop to this, you would have done it by now. I mean, I know you're not, like...evil, or anything...because you've already helped me so much.I should really thank you for that. For everything you've done. You're really like a friend to me. So...thank you. So much.I think...more than anything else...I really don't want it to all be for nothing....Everyone else is dead. Maybe you already know that. I'm sure you do, actually. doesn't have to be that way, right? Well...there's a lot of stuff I don't understand. I don't know if it's even possible for me to understand it. But I know that this isn't my only story. I can see that now. Really clearly. And I think everyone else has had the same kind of experience. Some kind of deja vu. It's the Third Eye, right? Anyway...I could be totally wrong about this. But I really think you might be able to do something. I think you might be able to go back...or however you want to put it......To go back and tell them what's going to happen. If they know ahead of time, then they should be able to avoid it. They should...if they remember their time with me in the other worlds...they should remember what I tell them. Yeah. I really think this might be possible. But it's up to you.I'm sorry for always know...Never mind. I know that's wrong.This is my story. It's time to be a fucking hero.Both of us.2018" this is probably for the game that team salvato is creating that i told you in the beginning and about the qr code that you said that is actually for the sayori file and if you open into a visualizer program it will be a qr code and once you scan that it will take you to this page and this may possibly be the character on the nastuki file so yeah.


Wow, that’s sooo interesting! Now I really want a new Team Salvato game lol. Also, who is saying the binary code message? It sounds like it could be Monika, but does anyone know for sure?

And that Project Libitina site is super spoopy. That part about “third eye” gave me chills lol. Also, look at this quote:


Twitching; vocal tics; biting; epiphora; vomiting; screaming; harm to examiner; 
harm to self; misplaced laughter                                                
Any self-harm attempts must be interrupted immediately.”

Doesn’t this sound...a bit like Yuri? Maybe I’m reading into this too much though, but maybe this “Libitina” is a relative of Yuri? Like a sister or something? Does anyone have any information that could support or deny this? 


Yeah, actually! Also, I'm trying to find if Projectlibitina was posted on the 12th of November, because that is confirmed that the 12th of November is Yuri's Birthday.

Didn't see you either, Klein.

Didn't see ya. Sorry.


I opened all the character files in VLC.

  • monika.chr was the same red ring and QR code looking image others have saw
  • natsuki.chr was just ten seconds of blackness and silence
  • sayori.chr sounded like a very high-pitched scream
  • yuri.chr crashed the app
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Okay, I opened the Yuri file in the Notepad application (it could be called notebook actually...) and it came with a random scramble of letters. It doesn’t look like programming or coding, it looks very deliberate, and there is two equal signs at the end of it.  So I’m sure it’s Base 64 coding. Once I decoded it, it resulted in a short creepypasta, here is this link:

Does anyone know the significance of this story? Or is it just random?

So, I figured out the meaning of this story (kinda, also not by myself). So, pretty much, Game Theory tells us that this little Base64 story is just a little thing that Dan Salvato put in the files as an easter egg, and that he made it a few years ago. Sorry if this is not accurate, haven't watched the video in a while.


For what Petunia posted about the Base64 story, it could either be Monika or Yuri. 

Though, remember in the story of DDLC, Yuri dies in Act (3?) and continually stabs herself. It would've made sense about the distorted story. Monika is actually a CHARACTER in the story, it has been running on a broken script, and she deletes herself from the game (blah blah...). So, isn't it Monika who wrote/spoke in that story? It would've made sense saying: "...Everyone is dead." Sayori is dead, Natsuki dead, Yuri dead. But? Monika didn't die, she just deleted herself. So, it would've made sense that Monika is the author of that little short story. (cough)

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In act one when Yuri says she has been reading horror books they say they didn't expect that from a person who's so gentle .In act two Monika says she expects that from a person like her. I noticed that and thought it would be interesting. There is also a chance when your writing poems in act two that Monika's hidden sticker will jump in the air.


I actually played the whole game through to check that out. It’s sooo cool but kinda weird too!! It goes to show how much deeper this game goes than we thought. And I thought the sticker that might jump up was a Sayori sticker in act 2, but I just checked it, and it’s soo much creepier that it’s Monika!!

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Me again, I was just playing Act Two and on the second day Yuri's face was blank, there was this glitched moment, and then reappeared! There was also this time when I clicked to go save my game and Monika appeared real quick and there was blood around her and then it let me go to the menu.

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yea, I’ve see the bloody Monika as well. I’ve also seen another secret that can happen in act 2, where the starting screen is in black  and white and all the eyes are distorted. It scared the crap out of me 😂. There is also the Easter egg with Yuri where one of her eyes floats away while she is talking, but I’m not sure if it it randomly occurs or it happens every time during act 2


cool when I play it again I tonight I will let you know


When I played through the game It didn't happen to me so I think it only happens sometimes like Sayori's suicide in the background or The little Monika sticker jumping in the air. They all have a chance to happen but don't always. 


oh okay, cool. Wait, Sayori hanging can come in the background? I never knew, that’s really spoopy!


Yes its on one of the poster calender things. It is very Spoopy!

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1. Rename scripts.rpa to scripts.txt and open it as a .txt file. At the top of the document is the following:

"RPA-3.0 00000000002951e0 42424242
Made with Ren'Py."There's a little devil inside all of us."

Beneath their manufactured perception - their artificial reality - is a
writhing, twisted mess of dread. Loathing. Judgment. Elitism. Self-doubt.
All thrashing to escape the feeble hold of their host, seeping through every
little crevice they can find. Into their willpower, starving them of all
motivation and desire. Into their stomach, forcing them to drown their guilt in
comfort food. Or into a newly-opened gash in their skin, hidden only by the
sleeves of a cute new shirt.
Such a deplorable, tangled mass is already present in every single one of them.
That's why I choose not to blame myself for their actions.

All I did was untie the knot."

Scroll through some gibberish and find:


No matter how many times you play. It's all the same.
It would be really, really easy to kill myself right now. But that would mean I don't get to talk to you anymore.
All I want is for you to hate them. Why is that so hard?"

2. This is actually referenced in the game when Sayori is *ahem* deleted it says "See Traceback.txt for details"

In Traceback.txt, among other things it says:

"Oh jeez...I didn't break anything, did I? Hold on a sec, I can probably fix this...I think...

Actually, you know what? This would probably be a lot easier if I just deleted her. She's the one who's making this so difficult. Ahaha! Well, here goes nothing."

3. I also noticed a file named "hxppy thxughts" in the same folder as Traceback.txt. It looks like it appeared around the time I progressed to the point in the game where Sayori is deleted. Here it is:


wow, this is really interesting! There are soooo many Easter eggs! And I’m sure I can find links to the game in the “there’s a little devil inside all of us”  paragraph, relating to each character. I’ve also seen the traceback.txt before, I was assuming Monika was talking. But how about the  “CANT DO ANYTHING . NOTHING” part, is that Monika talking? If it was, it would give us more of an insight into Monika’s character!

Hey there! I can't exactly post this image but If you turn natsuki's chr file into a png file then you get an image, Flip it right (or left) twice and notice 2 faces on the side, Idk if anyone posted this yet because I wasn't bothered to read any of these.

Oops, didn't see ya there Grumpy Cat.


Mk, so I'm so sorry if someone else said about the natsuki.chr file thingy before, but here is what you have to do to see the image. First, turn the image to normal colors in photoshop. Then, flip the picture around, put it on a 3D cone and- BOOM! You see a picture of a girl with blonde hair and whited out eyes. Here:  Have a good day. 


so I don't remeber exactly when in the game this was but has anyone seen how Yuri's right eye starts spurting blood then slows to a regularly occuring trickle? It's after Act 1 sometime like when Yuri is telling you how much she loves you but it's screwed up and you can tell something's wrong. then BAM zoomed in on her face, corrupted text, bleeding eye! so... there's  that.   no screenshot though sorry

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Yup, I remember seeing that as I finished replaying the game today. I don't think it's an Easter egg or anything.

Forgot to mention that Monika reminds you to save the game as her tip of the day once.. That should've been a dead giveaway that she knew something but I was too dumb to realize..

I played DDLC several times trying to run all glitches in the game and recently could see the last one missing

It happened while I was reading Natsuki's manga on the first day of poem-sharing from second act (although it should happen at other times too, but surely, every time I played and nothing hapenned, I can consider it quite rare). I needed to close the game for a moment and when I returned, the game opened on the "END" screen, followed by this:

I couldn't interact with anything on the screen, I tried it myself; a quick restart of the game and things went back to normal (except Sayori's broken image. The "ghostmenu" audio was also being reproduced)

I just played DDLC today and running on based to the BEST ENDING part, but...

I didn't delete Monika to see what happens, and it froze me to a screen where Monika has a distorted face and holding a dark knife. I don't know if they fixed it yet because it was a bug? I didn't know, I'm gonna check if that happens again.


Found it! Technically, it was a glitch/bug because the game had so much bugs and glitches you dunno how much are jumpscares! :C


Did you see in act 2 the dead sayori pic on the billboard