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Ok try this, if you downloaded the game on the website then download it again then go into the files then click DDLC which will need to extract files, if you don't do that and go somewhere else then I don't know at that point, also on some computers you can't play it.

And actually, there's another ending where you delete Monika then start up the game.

As I Said, just download it on steam.

Yeah, contacting team salvato, it's not like they'll care because they had spoilers almost everywhere in the game! seriously! 

Hey there! I can't exactly post this image but If you turn natsuki's chr file into a png file then you get an image, Flip it right (or left) twice and notice 2 faces on the side, Idk if anyone posted this yet because I wasn't bothered to read any of these.

It was time for Thomas to leave, he had seen everything

Here's how I did it- so you need to see all of the girls scenes when you write a poem for them, which is impossible BUT if you're in the middle of writing the poems in-game you can save, then you focus on one girl at a time - also make sure when Sayori confesses to you at one point say that 'you love her' to get the Sayori hugging scene, then when you move onto the other girls - make sure you choose them specifically for the festival on which one you're focusing on, also when you're in act 4 (Just Monika) make sure not to delete her too early or you'll get the normal ending - I deleted her at the line 'Welcome to the literature club.' then when you delete her - enjoy a different chat with Sayori and be sure to read the Creators' note. If you have trouble then please reply and i'll try and make it clear if you are attempting the good ending.

Yeah, either 'Re-download' the game or delete the file 'firstrun' found in the folders.

fantastic, ddlc has made its way to the news.

you can just download it on steam, it's easier than rummaging through the files.

this club is seriously going to be the death of me - yuri

why cant they all die