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How to the the good ending

A topic by Grumpy Cat created Jul 12, 2018 Views: 718 Replies: 5
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Here's how I did it- so you need to see all of the girls scenes when you write a poem for them, which is impossible BUT if you're in the middle of writing the poems in-game you can save, then you focus on one girl at a time - also make sure when Sayori confesses to you at one point say that 'you love her' to get the Sayori hugging scene, then when you move onto the other girls - make sure you choose them specifically for the festival on which one you're focusing on, also when you're in act 4 (Just Monika) make sure not to delete her too early or you'll get the normal ending - I deleted her at the line 'Welcome to the literature club.' then when you delete her - enjoy a different chat with Sayori and be sure to read the Creators' note. If you have trouble then please reply and i'll try and make it clear if you are attempting the good ending.


Wow thanks for this! I didn't even know there was more than one ending, it's really interesting!!

And actually, there's another ending where you delete Monika then start up the game.


Oh yeah, I just tried it, it's really spoopy! I also tried deleting Sayori, and the same thing happens. If you delete Yuri or Natsuki,  they are added back into the game folder, and the game continues as usual.

Really????? I really didn't know that. I'm so glad you told me!

Just finished the game. It was soooooo good! Kinda sad I can't play it again......Monika's final goodbye : "This is my final goodbye to The Literature Club. I finally understand. The Literature Club is truly a place where no happiness can be found. To the very end, it continued to expose innocent minds to a horrific reality-a reality that our world is not designed to comprehend. I can't let any of my friends undergo that same hellish epiphany. For the time it lasted, I want to thank you. For making all my dreams come true. For being a friend to all of the club members. And most of all, thank you for being a part of my Literature Club! With everlasting love, Monika." SO SAD! Welp, probably gonna replay and test out the different options. I LOVE THE LITERATURE CLUB!!!!!!!!!!! <3