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Can you do it for x32?

Do you intend to do anything about the countless imitations and copies of the game that are appearing on the Play Store?

It is acceptable

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There are unofficial android versions available in several places, but I recommend the ones on this link, as they are the only ones that are updated with the new base version and have a quick access menu. And don't worry about viruses, these versions have already been tested on several machines and nothing bad has happened to them

Just a warning I have to give you is that this app follows the new concept of the API's, so the "minSdkVersion" and "targetSdkVersion" are above the value "18", that said you will have to enable memory access for the game before to start it, or there will be errors

Enjoy ;)

It happened to me that the accountant was at 0/99

Yeah, until today there is only a recreation made by the company REDiska, which stopped in version 1.4

I for a second broke my stamina bar ı_ı

Oh, ok

The game is very well recreated, but for some reason the fire is not fueling when I drop the sticks

I've seen sites offering previous versions of Monika After Story with the base game 1.1.0, but it wasn't in english

Oh, right... I don't know what to do in this case :/

Do you use Windows or Linux? If you use Linux, you need to open the "" file with the Terminal Emulator, then type "/" and press Enter to open the game

In fact, it was happening at that time on many devices

Developers, check this out, please! The servers of Brazilian players need help!

Several people who don't know each other (including pedophiles) are using the game to exchange phone numbers and do inappropriate acts online. If you can do anything to prevent it, like censoring phone number standards (Brazil includes two digits of state code and nine digits of the number itself) we would be very grateful

I waited a long time for this. I am happy that the project is still active!

I've already kept it preserved in a safe folder, but I haven't tried it yet...

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If you tried to delete Monika before she deleted the girls files, it won't work. Is not problem in the game

A brazilian... 🤔

Monika already has everything planned. When Sayori dies, Monika's character file is already integrated into the game thanks to what she developed during it. If you try to delete her character file at the beginning of Act 2, nothing will happen. Only at the end of Act 2 in Monika's Room will your character file leave you vulnerable

Delete the firstrun file ;)

Who knows, an option to teleport to items, move them to other places and be able to add more or remove them

(I was going to comment on that idea since I commented on the first one, but I thought Fasguy would find it a lot of work and out of context to add it... anyway, I changed my mind. It doesn't hurt to try)

It would be good if you introduced a system to detect AFK players and kick them, because several times it gets in the way, because we have to wait for the voting time to come to an end because of a person who is not in the game

Thank you

Add the view of the characters in the "Camera Menu"

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I think I know why. Your CPU should probably be armeabi-v7a, practically most of them are. If that's what I'm thinking, when you get to the archives, you should look for the written version armeabi-v7a

But I recommend that you download an app from the Play Store first to identify your device's CPU