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I figured it out. Nvm

Hello. I wan't you all to go ahead and play Doki Doki Literature Club if you are into anime, horror, and dating games. Remember, this game is not suitible for children who are easily scared - do not play unless you are not afraid of these things or you are 13+. The community can show you secrets, how to open files, etc. 

Didn't see ya. Sorry.

Didn't see you either, Klein.

So, I figured out the meaning of this story (kinda, also not by myself). So, pretty much, Game Theory tells us that this little Base64 story is just a little thing that Dan Salvato put in the files as an easter egg, and that he made it a few years ago. Sorry if this is not accurate, haven't watched the video in a while.


Oops, didn't see ya there Grumpy Cat.


Mk, so I'm so sorry if someone else said about the natsuki.chr file thingy before, but here is what you have to do to see the image. First, turn the image to normal colors in photoshop. Then, flip the picture around, put it on a 3D cone and- BOOM! You see a picture of a girl with blonde hair and whited out eyes. Here:  Have a good day. 


That is what is supposed to happen. I've played the game like, three times, trust me.


I tried to open the game files to make the characters yandere, but I tried and it did not open! Please help :C

Just Sayori, just Sayori! Just Sayori, just Sayori! Just Sayori, just Sayori! Just Sayori JUST SAYORI!!


I was almost scared when I noticed I was on desktop and I did not know how to get into the game files. I have played the whoel game before just on a different PC and on Steam. I was scared, oh I was. Sorry for grammar mistakes.

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I'm kinda sad this game is not complete yet. I have played the demo a million times, and I am excited for it, but my hopes got a bit too high. I noticed you are working on it again, so I'm happy now! Sorry for any errors in grammar or something, my PC is very laggy today. Have a good day~!

Me, realizing it is almost done: (literal screams of happiness and joy and everything that the neighborhood can hear)


Just played the game and i want too too but imm bad at drawing it wont look CLOSE to any of the characters  :(


Great game! I cant wait for the full game to come out.