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I opened all the character files in VLC.

  • monika.chr was the same red ring and QR code looking image others have saw
  • natsuki.chr was just ten seconds of blackness and silence
  • sayori.chr sounded like a very high-pitched scream
  • yuri.chr crashed the app
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Okay, I opened the Yuri file in the Notepad application (it could be called notebook actually...) and it came with a random scramble of letters. It doesn’t look like programming or coding, it looks very deliberate, and there is two equal signs at the end of it.  So I’m sure it’s Base 64 coding. Once I decoded it, it resulted in a short creepypasta, here is this link:

Does anyone know the significance of this story? Or is it just random?

So, I figured out the meaning of this story (kinda, also not by myself). So, pretty much, Game Theory tells us that this little Base64 story is just a little thing that Dan Salvato put in the files as an easter egg, and that he made it a few years ago. Sorry if this is not accurate, haven't watched the video in a while.