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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Lust uncontrollable?

A topic by Ashleigh91 created May 25, 2018 Views: 3,028 Replies: 7
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Sorry to clutter the forum, but where else can I ask a question?

I have these 2 guys I usually take out with me on adventures (good, sturdy, hard-hitting, the absolute best 2 fighters that I have), and I'm tired of seeing "(very)horny" debuffs next to their icons. I've equipped both with Miko outfits, I make sure to spend time with both every day via sex interactions, I've tried putting them in personal rooms so they can jerk off or something instead of going down on me every night... Sometimes it seems that I have this all figured out, but go one (!!!) day without involving them in activities (I DO have to pay attention to other slaves, after all) - and it's "unable to calm their lust" again.  And there also was one (long since sold) male slave who even suffered some kind of meltdown due to unquenched lust (according to a bright red notification), even though I remember him getting off that same day during a training session.

Some of the girls do suffer from this occasionally, but it's these two males that most concern me. I don't punish them. I don't tease them during "normal" interactions. I don't give them any lust-raising potions. All the gear they use are regular items with no special effects (except for those outfits that are supposed to be reducing lust and stress). One of them is a Pervert, but since the other one is Prude and seems to be having the same problem, I don't think traits are responsible.

I'm at a loss, tbh. (The old energy-based system used to make managing slave's desires easier... Although "a single kiss = instant hard-on" protocol was a bit unrealistic, so no complaints about the change on my end). Are there artefacts or spells/potions to help that I don't know of yet?


While interacting, orgasm will reduce slave's lust, but if you keep going after it, it increases again. I probably should tweak the numbers a bit. 

I have also noted this issue. Basically, I give my combat team Miko robes and never have sex with them. Their lust goes down to about 20, which doesn't give any combat malus. It does seem odd that having sex doesn't decrease lust. That's not how it works in the real world (not sure this is a valid arguement in a fantasy game). On the other hand, if some one likes having sex and they aren't getting any, one would think their lust would go up.

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Weird, that. The only instance in which I can understand "no sex -> no lust" formula is when a person is a virgin (like Cali and Zoe in my game). You can't miss what you've never had. 

(Good idea about a celibate team, why haven't I thought of that? Though while I level up Cali and tame a captured lvl 11 arachna to replace my guys in combat, I'm stuck))

+1 on this topic. I've been able to keep my slaves from being stressed from too much lust, but I haven't found a way to lose the "very horny" malus in combat.

Looking at the code, it looks like an orgasm reduces Sense by 300 (to roughly 700) and Lust by a quarter (to roughly 750 if capped). Maybe if you're doing many continuous actions, you're crossing those thresholds by so much that it ends up stuck in the high range?

The easiest way to lose "very horny" is just to go and fight a battle and rape the enemy when you're finished. After getting your mana, your slaves will settle down (and generally a single battle isn't going to cost you much in resources, especially just random battles outside wimborn)

Don't slaves lose loyalty (or gain stress) when you rape your captives? I remember (vaguely) it happening in older version of the game. (That's beside the point that my MC's don't usually rape anyone).

rape is the way to go, you will get mana out of it too, its ok if loyalty is orange (I think?) or green.

it would make sense to use deterrent potion to lower/clear it too, but itsnt implemented yet.