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Aircraft have vaguely similar names to their real-world counterparts. AFAIK this game also uses a "strange, real world" similar to Ace Combat.

yeah I have no idea how to find the secret ponytail girl

Is there any way to get a patch for the original dialogue? It's pretty obvious what changed and it's kind of annoying (also the original intent is pretty hot)

The easiest way to lose "very horny" is just to go and fight a battle and rape the enemy when you're finished. After getting your mana, your slaves will settle down (and generally a single battle isn't going to cost you much in resources, especially just random battles outside wimborn)

wait, you get learning points in the library?

I thought you got them through non-sex interactions only, which is pretty efficient -- you can get like 50+ learning points with one interaction. Definitely more usable than the previous one where wit leveling took forever (in the library).

Every tamer = multiple tamers work?

I've had success in the two following situations:

Tamer as headgirl, tamed as cleaning

Tamer and tamed both as hunt

This seems to be working very poorly. Is it expected to take months to turn a slime/fairy/whatever into a functioning member of society? Is there some way to speed this up (without using elixir of regression) such as multiple tamers, or improved stats on the tamer?

It would be nice if there was some indication that it was being done right, too; for instance if the end of day screen said something about my headgirl helping to tame x and y girls rather than having no feedback at all until it works.

I can't seem to download/install. It just says "downloading" and then doesn't download anything. Is the link still correct?