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A topic by Dorkle created Aug 20, 2022 Views: 918 Replies: 9
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Plurals (4-letter words with “s” added) should not be allowed!

The daily answer words are never plurals.

Yesterday’s word was WOODS. 

See Tarantella's comment.

What is the word in question?

Woods presumably from a day or two ago


Woods is not just a plural of "wood", it is its own words. Synonym of forest, "they played in the woods", "the town is cutting down their local woods".

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My initial reaction was to agree with Mandy (and now Tarantella). "Let's picnic in the woods opposite my house." Semantically the destination is singular. Grammatically, however, Dorkle is right, you cannot get away with "The woods *is* opposite my house." Singular or plural, grammar vs. semantics. I think there's a good case for including "woods" as a valid answer nevertheless.

Woods is a plural that doesn't have a singular form, therefore it's a valid word for these type of games,


Words that end with S should only appear if they're a word in its own right (so BENDS and KEEPS are there).

But, because of how i used frequency data to set the list, it is possible to have a word which is a plural of a very common word but also only has an singular meaning that's very obscure (like BOOTS and BONES). This is a "feature" to keep people on their toes.

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