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A bit more challenging today! 🙂

I think that the uncertainty in the relation that comes up next is an essential part of the game.

Plusdle community · Created a new topic too easy

New version of game is...

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My initial reaction was to agree with Mandy (and now Tarantella). "Let's picnic in the woods opposite my house." Semantically the destination is singular. Grammatically, however, Dorkle is right, you cannot get away with "The woods *is* opposite my house." Singular or plural, grammar vs. semantics. I think there's a good case for including "woods" as a valid answer nevertheless.

What is the word in question?

Hi whozit.

I take your point, and agree that 100% should be reserved for a perfect score. It would only require one extra rule, however, to preserve this while allowing normal rounding rules to apply in all other cases.

dordle community · Created a new topic win% truncation

Win% is rounded down , not rounded to the nearest integer. 92 wins out of 93 games registers as 98%, not 99%. (Same happens in xdle.)

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Add #losses or #wins (or both) to stats, please.

Also, the win% seems to be rounded down, not rounded to the nearest integer: 8/9 wins registers as 88%, not 89%. (Dordle does the same.)

P.S. Very good game, a real mental challenge! Bravo!!!