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In Tap! Dig! Museum! you build the skeletons piece by piece so it might still be able to help you with ideas for "bits" even if you want to avoid being too influenced by the full skeletons. I really appreciate that you don't want to be influenced though. Once you're done with your museum updates I'd recommend playing the game, however, as it is very charming.

(As an aside, the museum updates are what finally convinced me I had to buy this pack, even though I will probably never use it, because I just love looking at your art so much, and how hard you work to make original art, and I wanted to chip in a little bit that I could afford.)

FYI, I ended up on this post because I got an itch mailer to notify me of updates to games and assets I am following and at the bottom this post was one of the three (random?) posts that gets highlighted from other game devs that I don't follow. I don't know how much of that mechanism usually sends traffic and I also don't know how you get a post featured in the emails but it got my attention. (I suspect it is random because I've never given the system any indication that I'm interested in visual novels as they aren't really my thing.)

From what I know of itch sales (by those who aren't high-profile developers) I think you've actually done quite well, especially with very little promotion, but I don't have a lot of data to go on (a few established developers from my country).

I really appreciate you sharing this data and your experience. Thank you.

The silhouettes really bring the scene to life.

The textures are really good and this is a happy little scene. Well done on being able to do it within the limitation.

This is so good, especially since you kept to the limitation. I love the designs of the ocean creatures.

Very well done. Intriguing concept and great textures, and all within the limitation too.

I really like that portal texture.

That skybox really does do a great job of pulling this whole scene together. Well done.

This is a great scene and textures. Well done. (I liked your lighthouse model too, by the way.)

This is very good. I really like everything about it - the concept, the textures, the presentation.

I really like the design of the windows and the roof tiles.

The aesthetic of the limitation shapes plus the choice of colours gives this scene a lot of personality.

Well done on creating those wood textures. It's really not easy with the palette. It's a great scene overall.

There are so many cool details that build such a great atmosphere for this scene. I think my favourite detail is that tree shadow against the wall.

There's a beauty in the minimalism and I really like the choice of base shape.

That cow is great and this was a good effort considering you've never done this before.

The door is locked, and there is evidently no key.

Even though the textures aren't finished it does still suit the black and white photography that it's based on.

Excellent work. Very clever exploitation to make that magma and for creating the entire scene within the limitation.

Such good textures!

I like this scene a lot. It's so peaceful. The water texture is particularly cool.

The flower bed is really charming and I like the brick texture of the silo.

I really like this. The textures are beautiful and the shape of the roof is very cool.

I really like the idea of the cube base with the grass texture growing over the sides.

This is a great idea.

This is a great scene for someone with no experience. Well done!

You did a really good job on this, especially using the limitation.

Those chicken feet are great.

This is a delightful mushroom home. Good job staying within the restrictions too.

This whole concept is a winner but that seagull is particularly cool. I really love all the details in the textures and the plants on the building.

Congratulations on working so well with the limitation. This whole scene comes together so well.

It's a simple concept but it's so well executed. I feel like an overlord is going to climb out of the top and start zapping people.

This is such a unique concept. It's wonderful.

This is really good for someone with no experience in 3D modelling. I really like the concept.

This is great. I like how you used the textures to add some clever details to the design.

Sad apartment but rad textures. This is a great capsule scene.

Those windows look great and I really like the idea of an ominous corporate tower holding dominion over the sea!

I love the textures and the flags are cool little details. I assumed they were just one transparent rectangular texture but I see you actually made each one individually.

This is impressive technical execution obfuscated by the presumed simplicity of a LEGO brick but well done! I can't imagine how tiring and/or challenging it must have been to deform all those shapes.

I hope you'll finish this.