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Do Sabre Wulf!

The hacks i used to read in URL GET parameters from an iframe have finally failed. All the tools I'm hosting on itch (e.g. no longer work properly.

Any chance of an API call of some kind to read these parameters?

I've been working on HTML5ing the Flash/Flex games, but I'm not sure yet if I want to do this one or make an entirely new version.

Real nice, but if i leave the bomb for last I don't have enough medals to buy it?

EAT GIRL community · Created a new topic Nice. suggestion:

once you've found THE SECRET on any level, highlight other levels with THE SECRET on the hub area

fucking skeleton

Should be fixed now.

I'll look into the black line issue, thanks!

It is dark, and they are hungry.

oh god the last puzzle

I went right in Level 3's second screen and got thrown into something that seems to be a level editor?

brilliant ending

maybe have nodes cover several adjacent "cells" and certain abilities only work if two or more of the node's cells are under a certain player's control?

would a CSS hex grid be that hard? Just push every other row 50% of a cell to the right.