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The last dictionary change was a couple months ago, not sure what could be happening. What devices/browsers are you and your husband playing this in?

ooh, good idea. i'll look into it

nope sorry nerdle is right time to off the whole thing

Probably won't make one, sorry. Don't really have the time to dedicate to that.

yeah you're right, i'm probably gonna delete it

OK, added the fix. ctrl+reload and see if that helps.

It does use localstorage! But's hosting system does strange things.

Unusable letters do get painted dark gray. Is that not visible to you? Can you send a screenshot?

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Hey, when that happens, press F12 and let me know if there are any errors in the console.

If you're in a mobile device, tell me what operating system (iOS/Android) and browser you're using.

Will take a look, thanks.

I'll see what i can do.

The word list was updated yesterday. Try changing colors - if you don't have black and white mode, you need to reload the game.

try playing the original version first at, it has a good guide

when that happens, open the browser console (F12 on the keyboard) and copy what's in there, there'll probably be an error message

oh noes

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yeah my bad. i actually added code that would keep the words the same when changing word sets, but then forgot to actually check what the words were for everyone else (i already had the new words)

1 higher than wordle because you have to guess twice

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i installed tools for this game by opening notepad++ and beginning to type

Strange. If it happens again, try changing color and light/dark mode and see if that fixes it? tell me either way

yeah, you need your own discord channel to share things with.

Hi, it should only copy the answers in free mode (because other people won't have the same answers)

daily mode only shows answers if you use the Discord spoilered version

Should be fixed now!

I'll see what can be done, but there's just so many ways to cheat around that

The comment page was getting really long so I've changed comments to the discussion board system.

Unfortunately, itch deletes all comments when this happens. All suggestions and requests have been noted, but there's a backup at in case anyone wants to repost anything under this format.

I'll keep the requests in mind, thank you! I can tell you that doesn't handle passing URL arguments to games, sadly.

i've changed the green and yellow a bit, see if that helps!

Also, any chance of keyboard controls?

Do Sabre Wulf!

The hacks i used to read in URL GET parameters from an iframe have finally failed. All the tools I'm hosting on itch (e.g. no longer work properly.

Any chance of an API call of some kind to read these parameters?

I've been working on HTML5ing the Flash/Flex games, but I'm not sure yet if I want to do this one or make an entirely new version.

Real nice, but if i leave the bomb for last I don't have enough medals to buy it?

EAT GIRL community · Created a new topic Nice. suggestion:

once you've found THE SECRET on any level, highlight other levels with THE SECRET on the hub area

fucking skeleton

Should be fixed now.

I'll look into the black line issue, thanks!

It is dark, and they are hungry.

oh god the last puzzle

I went right in Level 3's second screen and got thrown into something that seems to be a level editor?

brilliant ending