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Don't like the game?  Then don't play - it's pretty simple.  I find Dordle gets pretty close to including some words that border on unfair, but they all link to wiktionary with a definition, so your comment that they aren't English is just false.  I like the challenge of Dordle and learn more words that are new to me than any other word game I play.  You're really going to have a tantrum after you play the Aug 19 words LOL.   

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  I noticed in the practice area that at any point during a freedordle game, you can click new game and start over with a fresh game.  One would think that after a game commences, that new game button should not appear again until game completion or loss.  Or, if you click it mid game, a message should pop up that continuing to start over would result in a loss.  It's no biggie, but a fix of this issue would make stats more valid if comparing among others.  

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The "S" enders that have a plural option should likely be omitted to keep the game more fair.   I'm loving Dordle, but my pet peeve is the ED enders which I have seen many in freedordle.  I lost a game to PIPED and almost another to DOMED.  Those shouldn't be in the game IMO.  

Does the game have the capability to send a practice game or seed to a friend?  Quordle has that feature and it's fun to play the same game and compare notes.  Thanks!