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Paradise is an interactive fiction playground. · By Rekka & Devine

Dialog Engine[tutorial] Sticky

A topic by Rekka & Devine created May 03, 2018 Views: 843 Replies: 10
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The Dialog engine is an original idea from @mobadon. This example demonstrates how to create a vessel with enabled dialog tools.

create a character
enter the character
usage say You said "@query". @if(@query IS hello THEN The character replied "hi". ELSE The character looks confused "huh?".)
say hello

You can display the entire dialog into the parent vessel's note using the append wildcard flow.


Now gota use riven to visualize the dialogue tree and vessel nesting / hierarchy :)


I won't lie. It has been on my mind.

Or an API that can be harnessed by any 3D game engine to visualize the spaces and their relationships.

Even as a simple JSON tree, scale can be assumed by nesting levels, xyz transforms can be arbitrarily assigned. Hard part would be interpreting logic, but I guess because it's simple if / else they can just be triggers with per-object inputs and outputs, which is mostly text, but can be a vessel dispenser also.


That is already implemented if you wanna try to make a Paradise Browser.

You can press `ctrl+shift+s` to export a JSON file of the universe.

OOoOoOOOoOOo I must try this

Thank you for implementing this quick! :D

It's an interesting way to create dialogs. I wanted to add more commands in order to keep the programming part simple, but I realized that answer and greets can be confusing for those who just want to explore a world...

Right now it appears that we can only set one usage word for a vessel. Will there be a way to add more in the future ?

Also I found a bug. If you just type say after programming the character, the screen goes white (I didn't find how to open the console yet...)


I'll investigate that white screen bug. You can add a very long usage, instead of using `@if(ELSE)` just make `@if(a) @if(b) @if(c)`.

You can open the console with cmd+.


Fixed the white page bug :)