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Thank you for implementing this quick! :D

It's an interesting way to create dialogs. I wanted to add more commands in order to keep the programming part simple, but I realized that answer and greets can be confusing for those who just want to explore a world...

Right now it appears that we can only set one usage word for a vessel. Will there be a way to add more in the future ?

Also I found a bug. If you just type say after programming the character, the screen goes white (I didn't find how to open the console yet...)

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I have been exploring Paradise, and I love it so far!

After viewing the Github repository, I realized how easy it is to add an action. So I decided to fork the project and make some experimentation!

You can view the fork here! https://github.com/Mobandon/Paradise

Today, I added 4 actions: (These are still in experimentation, I think I will change their names...)

  • Greets
  • Talkto (Talk to)
  • Answer
  • Ask

All of them involve a new little feature: characters !

When you add a greeting message to a vessel, it will become a character. As for the "official parts", this only change the way the name is displayed. But this will also allows you to use the other three new actions !

Talkto Alice
Alice and Rabbit are characters. The first letter of their names is capitalized, and Alice is currently speaking.


Here is a little manual for the commands (v 0.1.0)

(find more information in the README file: https://github.com/Mobandon/Paradise/blob/master/README.md )

You can also use the help with command, the documentation is included !


  • greets Let's make some tea. Set the greetings of the host, which become a character.
  • greets Reset the greeting, the host is no longer a character. 


  • talkto Alice Show the greetings of a visible character.

Answer (Inside a character)

  • answer favorite tea = I really like green tea! Set an answer for the host. Use "=" to separate the question from the answer.
  • answer favorite tea If the answer exist, this will delete it.


  • ask Alice Show the list of the available questions for a visible character (with the greeting).
  • ask Alice favorite tea Show the answer for a question.
Alice: I really like green tea!


Here is a little tutorial for creating a riddle!
create a sphinx
enter the sphinx
greets What is 2 + 2 ?
answer 1 = Wrong!
answer 4 = Great! The password is coffee.
answer 6 = Wrong!
ask sphinx
ask sphinx 4 //Give the good answer


Q: Wait, how do I run this?

Paradise is build on Electron, you can clone the repository and follow this guide to build the app. https://electronjs.org/docs/tutorial/first-app#running-your-app

I hope you like my mod ! I am still a beginner (expect messy code), but adding those actions was fun and easy!

Thank you for reading !


I am so glad you enjoyed my game and put it in your article ! Thank you so much ! I think you already played one of my "old" games (when I was Monodream) for the miniLD63 :"Pong beat"...

Thank you very much! I always want to throw new stuff at the player nonstop, but it would reduce the potential of existing obstacles... It would be cool if I can make a level editor. In fact, we can hack a level very easily in this code file!

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This is such a cool and fun concept! I hope to see this gameplay in a full puzzle rpg! (This robot has great moves tho)

It's a great HaxeFlixel game! I was a little confused at first, but the audio part is good (I like the honk) and it's nice to see the colors leaks!

Thank you very much! Yume Nikki was indeed a big influence. I even wanted, first, to have a more eerie kind of tone, but this is the rainbow jam, so I decided to make the game more lovely!

Wow, that was so relaxing and lovely! I love the low-poly style, and the messages are so sweet <3.

Great music... Too bad I can't hear much of it because I keep losing with this walk speed... But the idea is nice!

As a REZ lover, I was really happy to play your game! I wish the gameplay evolve later in the game, but for a game jam, it's really good and creative, kudos for the music composition and the little details!

A very lovely and fun game! The gameplay can be improved, but the ambiance, the music, and our character are great!

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The concept looks quite promising (and the guys looks cute...), but like you say in the description, the game is crashing... That would be neat if I can play the rest some days!

This is a really cool concept! I like eerie and challenging games like that. I wish there was a little introduction at the beginning, but I want to see a full game with this gameplay!

Wow... This was a very well made and relaxing experience! The visuals are really, really cute and fun to interact. I was really deep into the story, and the end was so sweet! We need more games like this, congratulation!

Problably one of my favorite game of this jam. It's well made with a great use of the theme and it reminded me of the old adventure games .The first playthrough, the game was softlocked by a bug, but overall it was a very enjoyful experience!

Thank you! I like when a game tries to reach  everyone, for example with different difficulty settings, but I had just enough time to make only one... So if the difficulty is at your taste, it's good!

I'm so glad, because I was soooo nervous before posting my game! Thank you! :D

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Thank you! I really glad you love the art because graphic design isn't my speciality!

Thank you! I wanted to add more enemies, but the pico-8 engine has a characters number limitation, and I reached the limit way sooner than I thought!

That's a really cool concept! And the sound design is really good!

It can help to learn the spectrum order! (I don't know if it is called like that...)

But it's a 3d game played in browser, so the framerate is meh... (But I think you already know that!)

If this became a real game, I would buy it for sure!