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Paradise is an interactive fiction playground. · By Rekka & Devine


A topic by Mobandon created May 03, 2018 Views: 297 Replies: 2
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I have been exploring Paradise, and I love it so far!

After viewing the Github repository, I realized how easy it is to add an action. So I decided to fork the project and make some experimentation!

You can view the fork here!

Today, I added 4 actions: (These are still in experimentation, I think I will change their names...)

  • Greets
  • Talkto (Talk to)
  • Answer
  • Ask

All of them involve a new little feature: characters !

When you add a greeting message to a vessel, it will become a character. As for the "official parts", this only change the way the name is displayed. But this will also allows you to use the other three new actions !

Talkto Alice
Alice and Rabbit are characters. The first letter of their names is capitalized, and Alice is currently speaking.


Here is a little manual for the commands (v 0.1.0)

(find more information in the README file: )

You can also use the help with command, the documentation is included !


  • greets Let's make some tea. Set the greetings of the host, which become a character.
  • greets Reset the greeting, the host is no longer a character. 


  • talkto Alice Show the greetings of a visible character.

Answer (Inside a character)

  • answer favorite tea = I really like green tea! Set an answer for the host. Use "=" to separate the question from the answer.
  • answer favorite tea If the answer exist, this will delete it.


  • ask Alice Show the list of the available questions for a visible character (with the greeting).
  • ask Alice favorite tea Show the answer for a question.
Alice: I really like green tea!


Here is a little tutorial for creating a riddle!
create a sphinx
enter the sphinx
greets What is 2 + 2 ?
answer 1 = Wrong!
answer 4 = Great! The password is coffee.
answer 6 = Wrong!
ask sphinx
ask sphinx 4 //Give the good answer


Q: Wait, how do I run this?

Paradise is build on Electron, you can clone the repository and follow this guide to build the app.

I hope you like my mod ! I am still a beginner (expect messy code), but adding those actions was fun and easy!

Thank you for reading !





Okay, I spent some time and implemented your concept into ParadiseCore, by making the `usage` and @wildcard tools more flexible.

It is now possible for anyone to create their own actions within the paradise tools themselves.