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Changeling Demo

A dark, fantastical romantic comedy that focuses not just on falling in love, but rediscovering your past. · By Steamberry Studio

Bugs/Glitches/Feedback Sticky

A topic by Steamberry Studio created Apr 15, 2018 Views: 376 Replies: 11
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Hey everyone - just set up an actually discussion board vs a comment section. Creating a thread for people to leave general comments and feedback if they want! 

I absolutely love love love the demo! Cannot wait for the full game, I'm so excited! 


Thanks so much! I'm working on the game as we speak. OwO (Well...I mean, I had to take a short break to type this message, but I also have game files open, headphones on to block out my noisy family, and I am hard at work on this thing for you guys. >=3

Yay! This is definitely one of the select few VN's I'm watching religiously, I absolutely love the humour and the writing and the guys are absolutely wonderful *_* And Ewan... oh my! *fans self* He is just gorgeous and the different coloured eyes just add to it. I've always been such a huge fan of heterochromia because it's so beautiful and different, and I've never seen it included in a visual novel before :3 Kudos! I'm also super excited and curious to see how the MC/Spencer-relationship unfolds, I wanna know what happened to him so so bad x__X  Awesome job so far! ^_^ 


I really love heterochromia! I had a friend in high school with the most beautiful eyes - one was blue and the other was half blue/half brown. I've always wanted to use proper heterochromia on a character because it's such a unique and fascinating physical characteristic. OwO

I just started playing the demo and oh man it is awesome already! At the time of posting this comment, I'm not done with it yet but I am looking forward to the full game! Just out of curiosity, is the full released game going to be free as well or is there going to be a price  tag?


Aww, thank you so much! We're glad to hear you're liking it. There are a few small errors in there so I hope you can overlook them. ;A; We've fixed them in the full game, for sure! 

The full game is planned to release at $19.99 because it is such a massive project. 

The finished game will have nearly 700,000 words of story. It's hard to estimate an exact play time since people read at different paces, but I would expect there to be about 5-7 hours of playable content for each route for the average player. Which is a  total of 30-40 hours for the whole game. There will be over 30 CGs on release (though we're hoping to update with a few more per route some time after our initial release) and I think there are just over 40 endings! So it should be a pretty hefty game that we hope is worth the price for most people! OwO

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Ooh I see, yeah I didn’t really mind the minor typos and such cuz I still got the point c: and wow oof that sounds intense on your end but I am hyped now! Take your time with everything, no rush :)


It's intense but fortunately we have all the writing...written. And coded! So we're down to testing everything and finishing up all those sprites and CGs! So this project is definitely getting there! OwO

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Ooh! Ahhhhh i can't wait for the full game! :D

Is any of the love interests female?


All the love interests in this game are male!