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why did you change the engine? ren'py is good for story-focused games

sounds very interesting

is she wearing army uniform on 5th pic?

it was week ago. and nothing happened

"post office"? letters? love letters? :)

sounds interesting



! congratulation !

it's alright. I can wait. And good luck with it. 

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good artstyle, not bad plot, nice girls :)

i like it

edit: elves and orcs don't interbreed with each other. This to races can't have babies together. But both races can have half-human child. 

edit2: I know this plot is already written but it would be nice to choose gender and race of MC

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I really like it!

good looking sprites. nice hot, summer holiday vibes. tropical island <3

a bunch of interesting characters, my favourites is Shae and Xiaoli

interesting plot, reminds me of some other games and tv series

I'm sure this game will be great <3

Is it some kind of never ending story (at actaul state)? Does it the endings based on good relationship with someone?

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1. Did you enjoy the game overall? 

Yes, I did. Very nice artstyle with detailed backgrounds and bunch of colorful and good-looking "planet people".  Not bad and original plot. And I like the design of Sun's mansion. 

2. Who is your favorite character?

It's hard to say... Maybe Mars? She is the most rebel one. She doesn't like anybody and doesn't care about anybody (except Sun). Saturn and Nepture are cool, too. 

3. What route is your favorite?

Mars x Sun. Probably. It something like: the queen x the female warrior. Sounds not bad :)

4. If you could add anything to the game what would it be?

I'd change design of some planets... and maybe gender of some, too. To make them match their typical personifications.  But most of them look how I'd imagine.

lewd ;)

not bad demo

a bit weird and unexpected plot, escecially in comparison to cute artstyle

some interesting people to befriend/romance. I already don't like some of them xD. Suzuki and Ichigo are my favs

that was... interesting

some attractive women... and they are romancable

it's not bad begenning for something bigger

not bad plot and it's very nice and cute game

i like the artstyle! so geometric, so origina,l so colorful

and year 1960s! it's very unsual setting!

i don't know how to get good ending. I only get bad ones. Is good ending possible? maybe some walkthrought or hints?

10 minutes of gameplay. i think it's not enough even for 1st of many episodes or demo...

sounds interesting


i love the artstyle: very detailed , wonderful and animated sprites (or these are 3d models acting like 2d sprites?) , nice backgrounds and very good cgs, well-done voice-acting 

a lot of interesting and different characters. Plus romance. My favourite is Kitsune

whats the engine is this game created on?

interesting plot and lore. I'm waiting for more. Good luck with finishing project and patching bugs

nice demo

Nil <3

i like the cartoonish artstyle

interesting plot, minigames, 

I'd like to see full game :D

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Well, it has plot! But it's not as important as good looking moster ladies :)

all of the girls seem to be very interesting and nice

very good artstyle. not bad plot. 

I'm waiting for more

good artstyle, especially sprites

the story is ok

Leru's rase... Is she like werewolf? anthropomorphic, humanoid wolf? "furry"xD ?

the dungeon exploring seems to be a bit bugged and that's why i couldn't finish it 

but I'm still waiting for updates

r.i.p ice cream
I really like the artstyle. Unique painting-like style
good idea for plot and interesting characters

I'm waiting for more

it's very short demo. Even with all these endings.

But the game seems to be promising...

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interesting idea. It' be great to add more features

nice game, not-bad plot, good-looking characaters, few interesting ideas

is the project still alive? ar you planing to start Discord channel?

I like this demo!

great sprites, CGs and backgrounds

a good plot for thriller/horror with a lot lighter and funny accents

bunch of interesting, well-written characters with different personalities

animated EYEZ !!!

nice ladies :)

I want more :3

cyber punk + pc98 aesthetics?
 sounds great!

I love ther artstyle. Everything looks great. Well-done sprites, Bgs, UI, music

I really like characters. The have very interesting personalities. 

I like the lore and long description of the environment and the city mixed with personal thoughts of narrator

this demo is longer than a lot of full games

♥ I'm waiting for more ♥

I really like it.

Artstyle is good: well-done sprites, nice music. Backgrounds are ok there is no CGs :( 

The black and white color scheme really add a lot of charm to this game.

I'm very glad that you programed few endings and a lot of meaningful choices. 

The story is good. I really enjoyed reading about lives of main characters and other people.  This games tells a lot about how hard being in romantic relationship with someone can be.
Everybody needs someone to love, i'm glad Estelle found someone, too. I got ending 6. :) Is Kennedy the only one romance option?

The story tellig could be better... It'd be great to actually show most of the events, instead of just desribing them in few sentences. Sometimes it really felt like reading summary of book. 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

no problem, Google Translate helped me with reading the discription

I just finished chapter II.

interesting plot & lore, meaningful choices and unexpected plot-twists 

nice artstyle with great sprites and wonderful CGs

great characters, well-written, a lot of interesting, colorful, different personalities. emer is my favourite

I want more :D

I just finished it. It's a good demo.

very nice artstyle. interesting plot.  i realy like the oriental style

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oui oui baguette

I'm sure it will be great

It'd be great to get more screenshots, more info about the story and the "goal" of main chacter, a bit more genre specifations, more tags, etc. etc.