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good job :)

fingers crossed 

good luck 

fingers crossed :)

I'd really like to play Windows Version!

all the romance options are male?

good news

I need more info: only male romance options?

I know that she has at least one reason to hate him. but she should at least appreciate his honesty or forgive him after a lot of days...

 And how could I know whats your idea for her story xD

Even if she was the only person I told the truth? weird xD


Can I get happy end with Helga after being honest with her about what really happened between MC and miss teacher?

oomph is very important :)



But they both are so great T_T

Without one of them people well feel the emptiness. And someone will end without partner. Please, add both ♥

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it would be great if we could vote also here (in comments)

edit; and if I were ,I'd add both

Funny and original idea for plot. 

Very nica artstyle and cute sprites of cute grils.

 I'll wait to see more :)

can you add option to choose difficulty level for battles? 

in my opinion battles are very hard. I'm not interested in repeating previous battles until my characters are stronger and that's why I can continue plot (next battles are too hard for me)

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Very good artstyle. Espreccially sprites :)

Interesting and original idea for plot. And it's yuri story, yay ♥

well-written characters. they really have totally different personalities. But you know, as they say: opposites attract.

good luck, with your next projects

edit: ending was extra cute.

Ok. I finished it. :)

As always very good and cute artstyle. Interesting plot and a lot great characters. ♥

I'm arleady waiting for next part <3

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Very interesting idea for plot. Sexy and interesting girls with different hobbies, styles and personalities. A lot of opportunities to spend time with them.  

Helga seems to be the most interesting for me, the only think I don't like about her is name.

The character i don't like the most is Ann. But at least she has good name xD

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S P O I L E R   W A R N I N G

Don't read if you don't know the plot, otherwise you're ruin your fun of discovering it by yourself.

. . .

Well i'ts been long time since I finished the demo. I really enjoyed. And even wrote comment here.
But now it's time to play the full version <3 .I'm sure it was worth waiting.

Artstyle... Yeah, the artstyle is great. Λ Ξ S T H Ξ T I C color scheme and style. Amazing sprites. A few great CGs. Minimalistic GUI and artstic menus. Plus very good backgrounds and sountrack.

Characters are lovely too. Every at least a bit important for the plot character has his own well-done sprite. Some of them (MC and love interests) even two sets of them (for both "sexes").  
I like also that face expressions are not static (in many other VNs they are). 
Plus all the characters are well written, intersting and they have their own personalities and styles (compatible with the general style of the game of course).

Plot is very original, full of intersting events, plot-twists and a lot of (usually) meaningful choices. Plus each romance option has their own events and endings. 

But not romace-related choices decide which ending (with which variotions) we get. I don't want to spoil the plot but I can that the live of portagonist can change... for better or worse... 
I noticed seeveral improvements, too. And achievements :D

I'm sure that a lot people appreciate thet you allowed player to choose "gender" of MC and love interests. Plus we can choose pronouns and name. 
Only two love interst? Yes, only two. But they are great and I think it's enough (at least devs could more focus on each of them).  

Female version of characters are beautiful. I think Teal looks the best of them. Cute ♥ 
And it's very good that she's not "typical sexy girl" and she has her few very little "defects". It's very realistic way of showing people...

In both routes I chose not giving up, focusing on art content and spending a lot of time with the love interest! Plus in both cases I took part in the AI experiment. 
Maybe one day I'll try another methods...

Well, I started with Joyce's route... 
The cute, pink-blue, Ai maid :) .Improving owner's live. Being friendly. What can go worng? xD 
Well but it's not that easy... She's very kind, friendly and nice girl and she loves her job but... 
She don't want to be the only one person Teal spends her time with... Even if Teal'd prefer ot be so...
As focused on Teal's happiness as possible... Even if she had sacrifice her own happiness for it...
It's cute how much worried about Teal's social life she is  but... Don't leave me! T_T
Well, at this moment of plot ended demo.... 
Next days were harder... for Teal... Loneliness, sadness and emptiness. But good guy Zen gave us new hope! 
His plan sounded a little bit risky but Having Joyce back is worth it. 
I'm glad Phoenix helped, too. The rescue mission part was great.
The finals were very interesting,too. Ance more P and T are rivals but this time the're friends :)
Teal won but it's not as important as events of the next day. T and J finally told each other how the feel. 
Artifal person but real love! yay! Happy end, yay! 
I really enJoyced her route :D

Phoenix route... Well she's new in town, working in the same place. She's quiet but friendly. And she likes art, too. 
She's very intersting person. Especially if player chose to befriend early in the story.  
Spending more time together gives a good opportunity to get closer to her. 
And this time I tried to not get attached to Joyce and more focused on spending as much time as I could with Phoenix.  
yeah, this time I tried to treat J like just part of the experiment I took part to get paid. 
I was a trying avoid J but I still was nice when I had to talk with her.I know it's cold... 
So after vanishing of Joyce, I was only like ":(". 
Well, I finished J route 1st so it was hard to just left her behind, but I decided to not rescue her, this time. And indeed it was hard to just let her and live with awareness of it.
Next days! Visiting P, conversation about her backstory, tea.
Later Phoenix became our rival in finals of the art content, again xD.  And Teal won, again xD. 
Lunch together. And next day... The confession. And later dating and... love 
This time it's more "pchysical" love, I mean they can hold hands, kiss, hug and all this stuff. Not that it's important xD

Sorry for a lot of summarazing of  plot but that's how I like to tell how I feel about very good and long VNs.

. . .

Found bug: Phoenix's 1st day, 1st client arrived, T is talking (with P) about him but her sprite is not in uniform at these 3 textboxes. 

Ella is my favourite so far

I trusted her. and later chose to let her keep her gun

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i like artstyle. everything really looks like in modern superhero comics. Sprites and backgroungs are lovely. You did very good job with changing face expressions. 

Well, It's never too many stories about superheroes.  and memes :)

Syd the cute tomboy and two adorable love interests :D . But I can't tell anything more about them (they want to keep their super-identities super-secret xd) 

. . .

I've finished both routes. 

Enchantress' route is very interesting: two totally different girls falling in love together. Even their moral code aren't similar... It also  interesting how different she acts when not wearing costume. Cold and mean villain changes into nice and lovely girl. The good ending was amazing (enchanting xD). 

Frequency's route are different kind of story... They both are good people. The both are good in moral sense, too. Well, there's a little age difference between them but... Who cares? :)  She looks like someone a little bit lonely and in need of someone to take care of.The good ending was amazing

You could add few more CGs. I'd make your game a little better. 

I found a bug... F's route, coffee shop. Syd asked "...with a C or a K?" . And "Karen" aswered her question but textbox had Syd's name. 


great news :)

  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

very cute, little and funny game. Artstyle is my favourite part ♥ 

Hahaha very funny game. The best game about speed dating I've ever played. (Even if I played only two xD) Funny artstyle, minimalistic and simple gameplay, short and fun :)

Hi. I'm been waiting for you next game. and I'm happy to see that realised something again.  ♥
As you may remember, I wasn't disappointed with any of your previous products ;D


Thisa time it was great, too. 

I'll start with the plot... Plot is great as always ♥
I felt so sorry for what happened to MC in opening scene. 
Even if she owned them money, they should'nt treat her this way. Fake friends and bad people!
Poor Kotone T_T

But few moments later she met beautiful, quiet, kind girl. Hibiki :3 So cute... <3
The begening of their friendship were... hard? Two totally different girls - one very kind and polite vs. cold and deliquent one.

Plus Hibiki's secret... But Kotone didn't care about it and she wasn't scared of her or rumors about her family. :)   They became friends. Good friends - caring for each, helping each other and talking about everything. It's kind of friends none of them ever had (i guess). They found each other when they needed each other the most (even if they didn't knew it). 

Two weeks later Hibiki saved Kotone again. Few days later Kotone helped Hibiki (twice). Some time later...  Kotone realised what she feels... She tried to hide it. As hard as she can (even if it'd mean ivoiding, disapointing and hurting Hibiki). It was just too silly, even as for her... 

And finally... They told each other what they feel... and that they like each other.  I almost cried. It was so beautiful scene. And they were happy having and loving each other.

Artstile is very good. Especially sprites. BGs, Ui and musicare ok. Well done and good looking characters. Their styles match their personalities. 
Good work :)

Great game, great plot. And your the best game so far. Sorry for summarizing plot xD. I just tought it'd be the best way to show how I like this game ♥

It's good. Every episode sholud have a title xD


I loved it but who's the female love interest? One of her two friends? 

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I think I'dont remember any other Visual Novels with opening video

The characters are intersting and good looking but... Ash could look more feminine and... atractive.

Artstyle is good.Sprites could be better... 

And plot and the lore seems to be intersting.

I'd write more this is only demo. I'll write some more after playing full version. :)

Well, I've played few your game... and they were nice. This one is not different. 

good artstyle and girls are cute 

the whole idea of plot is interesting... travelling between world is good topic. 

and the most important part ♥ - the romance... beautiful story about two lonely girls meeting each other, befriending each other and falling in love together ♥

Well the game could be longer, more eventful and better in showing how they fall in love

nice game. artwork is not perfect but stil adorable. all the characters are nice  

All the test were actaully fun.  

to be honest, I was only interested in yuri route. And I'm not disappointed :) 

♥ intersting game, good art, good plot. I'm waiting for more ♥

This game has a weird plot, is glitched, rather short and based on not-your art (just few pictures form Internet and characters from asset store. I've played better indie games, to be honest. Maybe you should learn a little bit more about few aspect of creating visual novels and find at least one person (maybe artist, writer...) to help before creating next game.