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mermaid and her pet also have their own endings.  i'd say more but i don't remember details. 

Game sometimes crashes while playing or when starting The Titles minigame (accesible in clothes choosing menu). In my case it started in "The Great Gatsby" board.

Also, how to get access to each route? (especially, Delilah's)

Very nice game. I really enjoyed it, especially Theo's good ending. 

Very good and cute game. I realy like the CGs, sprites and the partial voice acting. 

2 endings? One bad and one good, right? I'm sure I just got the good one ♥

Interesting plot and good art but I really was expecting something longer...

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seriously? another game about fucking every girl you meet? Player should have more control about what main character does. 

Having sex, relationship, friendship with any of the girl should be avoidable. This way the player would have absolute control of main characters choices. 

Would it be to much to add option to reject girl's offer? Or to let main character fail on purpose on winning girl's heart? Player doesn't have to be interested in romancing/fucking every young woman in game.

dude, you need someone to help you with reading. I can see you are not enligh native speaker. You made few mistakes and used wrong word few times. 

Is this Dorian's wife?

I just finshed it with best ending. 

Post-Apo is always cool. As well as the stories with sexy girls. Even if they are a bit of skinny due to lack of food in destoyed world. 

Plot is good and contains character development and relationship building. 

All the characters are interesting. It's great that so different traits can work well very together, especially in right combinations. 

I hope you will make next part someday

not bad game. The artstyle is ok but male heads could get some more male look. 

I hope you will add option for Alena to romance Loren.

Plot isn't the worst xD and...

Revenge tastes best when served cold hot

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I just finished both routes and I really enjoyed this game. 

I was expecting some kind of horror story with vamps as the anthagonist to eventually fall in love with, but it's much much better this way.

The game is a bit short. The endings are pretty good as well as artstyle (especially the sprites). well done voice acting.

I like the both girls but I think Carmilla's route is better. Not only because she's more my type but also it's a bit longer and more eventful than Elizabeth's.

I think CGs are not working (?). I've got the best ending (kiss) and 1 bad (right at the begenning) ending but none is unlocked. 

It's interesting game. I only hope, Jessie will have an option to choose who he wants to have fun with or eventually both of them...

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warning: spoilers (?)

So... I finished the game again... This time focusing the newest routes.

Xanthe's route was different from what I expecting... in my vision she was vamp seducer fighting her urge to drink Jay's blood,in yours she had problems with some kind of "demons" the past but you also made a lot of place for romantic stuff

Lien route is much crazier than I'd ever imagine... Fighthing with inner beast, unpleasant past and "science". And asshole behavior adds her a lot of charm.

Super-secret route was great... I'd expect Tailor or Sherrif or someone completely new, thinking that Blake would be too obvious choice. Well, she's normal, boring human... I was sure it gonna end right after making-out scene... but... everyone must have their own villain to fight.

Also Jayline got some more character development with each route. Finishing them all is key to complete understanding of her. 

I just finished it. It's a bit short, based on few choices game but still very enjoyable. I really like Memi's route. And the whole concept of the plot. 

Nice game. It's funny how not a single one of endings is 100% good, now even the good ones. The best is like 95% good. 

The story turned out to be more complex and spooky that I'd ever guess. Cute girls and romantic ending - all I could ask for :) 

I just finished the game. And i really really really enjoyed it. It beautiful love story ♥ I'd write more but I don't wan to spoil the plot. I hope you'll make more games in future

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To get the working download link, go to authors'  patreon!

I just finished it and I loved it! All the girls are amazing and very interesting.

It's hard to tell which of them i like the most. But definitely... Exit is the cutest, most straightforward and laid back.  Robyn is a bit shy, a bit clumsy  and the most natural. Channety is the most well endowed, pink and has this "robitic" vibe. Maya is the most professional, serious and i like her mad-scientist style. 

I just finished Zaina's route. I really enojeyed it. Great game.

very cute indeed. ♥


I like the design of the game... The story and characters are cool, too. I'm waiting for more :)

The artstyle is amazing and the story is very promising :)

short, not-perfect but still cute game

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came for  a lewd, stayed for a story

Very fun game. I enjoyed it. A bit but also very replayable. :) 

Not gonna lie, I was expecting something short, cute, simple & shallow. And I got suprised, when I discovered what this game has to offer. And it was a good suprise.

The story is great, deep and touches a serious topics. I really enjoyed reading through scenes and I was curious, what happens next. 

Good job!

I really enjoyed. I like all the girls. But Gelatine... Gasoline... Celine... Geline was my favourite

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I really enjoyed it. 

The story is pretty cool as well as MC designing tool. But my favourite part was a various outfits each character wear depending on day and occassion. That's very great detail :)

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I love the story but getting any good ending is hard. Sometimes it may be hard to  tell if the choice is meaningful or not. And some answers sound a bit similar. Could you write some kind of ending guide?

Edit: After few more tries and rethinking my choices I was able to get Good Ending :D no more need of guide... at least for me ...

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It's very original idea for visual novel game. The story was very good. With few unexpected plot-twist and a lot of branches of offer. 

Intead of hunting for every existing ending, i chose to get Leandra as spouse and to solve the mystery of Vitaly's death. I menaged to get 1st ending and I was very happy with how it turned :D

Cool game with a bit dark atmosphere. I really liked it.

So cute game... with so cute story... :3

 It's a bit short but i still very enjoyed it. 

I like games with choices and multiple endings. And I menaged to get a good one on a fist try :D

I just finished it! I see you made huge improvements in comparison to demo version and I mean more than just the artstyle. 

The plot was great. I chose Eva as the romance route and I got The New Beggenings End. 

Great game, I really enjoyed it.