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she's t h i c c

I'll wait until Empress is ready.


I like long, behind-the-scenes posts

Lewd slime girls! It's classic! :)

I love the clothing style

Looks very interesing. Can we get english version?


I'll wait


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Space khajiits! 

discription: "0 colorful CGs"

Sounds very interesting! ;)

Some more details about the game and story would be nice.

Is Extraterestial project abandoned?

it took you a while

Bee Workers be like: "you like jazz?"

It's beem a while since I finished it. but I see that you stil realise new updates and CGs are better, too. Good Job. But maybe you should start thinking about next project...

good news

so annoying! i tried like 20 times (even after chosing different training program) and still failed the match with Max and Gabby. They are seriously over-powered. Even after spending every free moment training they still had 20-30 points more in each stat. Dude, this is game about horny lesbians! it should not require any thinking xD

crazy mix of sci-fi and  fairy-tail elements . so funny!  and lewd!

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great game. the longest title of yours xD. I'm not a big fan of kinetics, but i'm a big fan of good yuri stories and your games. And I don't regret giving it a try. 

the artstyle looks similar to other games of yours but it improved. Good looking sprites.  Each girls has more than two sprites! And their facial expressions and body language seem to be a bit more advanced too. I see you acknownled super-secret technique of blurring backgrounds. 

interesting main characters. the crazy love story.   your craziest plot so far.  from "useless lesbian" admiring other girl to lovey-dovey couple (with that girl). two opposites with only few things in common (being cute, classmates, lesbians). their relationship... well, that escalated quickly. And got complicated but ended good!

the funny story about serious topic.  it's not like i've seen at least dozen games about crypto-lesbian highschool girls (actaully i did xD). Also, i've noticed some refferences to other game :) 

Already waiting for next game.

Nice game. The restaurant management, cute girls (Prim is the cutest). Some of them are creepy, soime of them are cold but each of them like MC.

 Waiting for updates 


Funny game (except for the event of Red Moon night). Cute artstyle with cute girls.

It only sucks than it's not possible to get any good end if I chose to befriend only one of the monsters.  Chia ate me :( 

this moment when all the girls in dating sim game are very interesting and attractive but you're not interested in starting harem and you don't know which one to choose...
V, S & T are my favs, but R is cool, too. well, i chose Vera. I think her backstory with MC is very good begenning for sweet love story

great game. i'm waiting for updates :)

everything I know is a lie

btw, cute girls. elise is the cutest

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the artstyle reminds me of another game

damn! the whole populted island (almost) without the Internet and some time earlier epidemy killed 20% op popoulation. some people had to learn how to talk about their feelings  again. Interesting idea for the background of the plot. 

i really like the story. All the scenes are well-written and the grils are well-designed and attractive. 3 interesting woman to befriend... each of them is diffferent.  And i like each of them. 

will romance be important part of full game? 

it's long demo :) .i've played full games shorter than this

i'm waiting for more

good demo. i like the story and characters are interesting too. I'd love to see more

i like your sense of homour and funny dialogues. You've put a lot off effor into making a parody a lot of stuff, especially elements typical for other games and whole sci-fi genre... and 4th wall breaking... and lews elements... and cartoon-ish artstyle and easter eggs... wow! I enjoyed this adventure. 

I like the artstyle - beautiful artstyle, well-designed characters, well-drawn sprites, very good backgrounds.

well-written, interesting characters with unique personalities and styles, LyrissA is my favourite so far! And of course Raenelle is cool, too.  

I like side characters. They are good source of funny situations. 

intersiting lore with magic. and very good plot. 

I'm waiting for next chapters

Gilded Shadows community · Created a new topic Romancables

Is any of romancable characters female?

I was expecting something more lewd xD

interesting and funny game. 

cute artstyle, simple backgrounds

not bad, light-hearted  story 

cool characters
loren and sol seem to be the most interesting for me

i want more :)

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i like the artstyle, especially the spites, they are very detailed and wll-drawn. interesting music choice

great lore. meaninful choices, morality system and some character customisation. The story takes place in dystopian, violent, brutal world but most people are not evil and it possible to survive. plot is good, too.

interesting characters. Arael is my favourite. So cute, and pure and good. i chose to be good and  I hope all angels will like my company

I'm waiting for next chapters :D

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it's a shame that game starts so sudennly... no prologue? no intro? no story about begenning of their adventure? no explanation about the interesting lore? now even the very short scene?
And they mention some characters but  I don't know who they are? At least it all gets explained a little bit later. 

good story... and it's gets more complicated than i'd guess. 

interesting characters. I like Floris the most. she has unusual looks and mild personality.   but Gabriel has has her own "f***ing" charm too. 
It's hard to make opinion about Celeste... she's a bit plain and cold in comparison to these two. but i like her too :)

good artstyle, but more sprites for girls,a bit  more CGs and better backgrounds would be nice 

good job!

i love the artstyle. well-done sprites, BGs, UI, CGs

interesting bunch of diverse characters. each of them is unique, interesting and well-written.  Ryona is my favourite. Very kind and nice medic with urge to help people 

i really like the plot. amnesia is good idea because player can create their own characters and learn about the lore with them 

a lot of choices and relationship building and ,of course, a good story. 

I'm waiting for me ♥ ♥ 


I like it. Mix of some mythology with your own lore and well designed, pretty woman.