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Both romance options are male?

lol furries

The texboxes are too big (it cover too much of the screen) and the font is too small. 
And all the text that we see in the begenning should be put into at least twice as much textboxes - each with a smaller dose of text.

sprites are nice but the background and GUI style are bad. And no CGs :(

The girls seem to be interesting but the story is too simple and too short. Seriously, I played much longer demo versions.

Very nice demo

i love the artstyle and the music. Beautiful backgrounds. Great and very detailed sprites and CGs.  

The story is good, too. It a bit reminds me of "Ghost In Shell". I like cyberpunk 

I just finished Frah's route. All the girls are sexy have nice and different personalities and styles.

Good luck with this project.

interesting game

i actually enjoyed failing and trying other choices to go further and further each time

I think you should add subtitles to it. It's sometimes hard to catch what are you saying.

But consequences of some choices are like wtf xD

I liked it. Funny, light-hearted game that allows you to interact with nice girls. :)

I just finished it and I really liked it.

Fighting system was definitely good idea. Especially for game with plot like this. And it's well done.

The artstyle is good. Very nice sprites and backgrounds. Fitting music. The partial voice acting adds a lot of charm :)

The plot is very good. Well-written and interesting characters. I also like that player can see the story from perspective of few characters. 
I really like how Ishara and her crew are total opposittes of the nobles. Especially comparing their personalities, outlook and knowlegde about live outside the palaces.

The game should autosave before  every battle. 

I think you should create 2nd game about Ishara :)

I like lewd sense of humor

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I just finished this great game :D

The artstyle is very great. Every background and sprite are well-done And very detailed. Their face expressions are very funny and nice. "Hiding" all menus in phone is very good and original idea. 

The story is good and origanal, too. I don't know any other game about augmented reality mobile game community .

I really like all the characters. All the girls are cute. Each of them is adorable and interesting in her own way. They all have very different personalities, styles and playing-styles. 

A lot choices and endings :D 

A little SPOILER: My 1st and the only one so far was Lost Tournament\Rayen Romance :)

My impressions? Well, artstyle is good as always :)

i just finished demo.Well, it was good but...

Some of backgrounds could be replaced with something better. Especially the ones made of photos and pictures from found on the interenet. The rest of artstyle is cool! The cartoon-style CGs, sprites and backgrounds are very nice :) 
And a good music :)

I like the story. Maybe the idea of young person moving to place they nows nothing (or very little) about isn't new. But it doesn't have to be. 

Moving on to totally new place must be hard, especially for teenagers. But very small american towns (especially the ones in the middle of nowhere), where literally everybody knows each other, have their own charm :D  
Especially when you have some supporting friends. 

I like when game has a lot meaningful (or not) choises, plot-twists and endings :)

Characters are very interesting, too. I like them all. I don't have favourites yet.

The idea of auto-saving instead of normal saving system is good. It requires from player totally other way of thinking - more thoughtful decisions. Is it how it gonna work in full game?

It is a lot of gameplay as for demo :)

I  wish you good luck with this project

I'd love to see yuri romance/dating sim game made by you

I just finished the demo. I really enjoyed it.

I'm sure all the routes and all the characters are very interesting... but to be honest I'm  interested in yuri romance the most,so I chose and got only Ilma's endings. 

Of course I really like artstyle... Well-done sprites and CGs. Daphne is very cute <3
Partial voice acting is good too.

The story was very great too.  A lot of endings, routes, meaningful choices and unexpected! plot-twists. The "normal" girl has to live in world she never knew about... and rule it. Wow! And she can find love, too.

small spoiler: I like idea of casting spells by gliphs. It's very different from what other games and media tells us about magic in use.

I rate it 5 hearts of 5 pausible. 

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lol sorry I've read it wrong xD

edit: i edited my prevoius comment

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it took me a lot of time too. but I don't know which endings you arleady have.

 the last one ending unlocks when you get rest of them.

ok. thx for answer

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I just downloaded the game (from When I loaded the save (made just before end of chapter 3) and got to the end of chapter 3, game asked me for password to Chapater 4. I have normal version not patrons-only one!

Is there a way to skip it? Do i have to start new game? 

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i finished the demo and I really enjoyed it.
The girls are very cute and sexy. 
I like the interested, light-hearted story with a lot o choices :)
I've never seen visual novel on RPG Maker engine... Impressive

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Thankyou, Asif. Very Cool

Edit:       A description: "2 unique polyamorous routes." Does that mean that I can't have romance with only one character?

Hey. I just finished demo. 

I usually don't like kinetic novels but I'm sure this one gonna be great.

Very sweet story and cute artstyle.

The story about the girl which likes her lonelyness meeting a girl... and here starts the story :) (and demo ends)

I just finished the demo.

The artstyle is cute. Girls' sprites are very nice. 

The story is interesting and original. I'd like to see the rest of it.

I just wanna say that I played it a little. .. and it's very nice alpha version. I had a some fun. I'm waiting for more and good luck

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I really liked it. 

I know that it's still unfished prodect, some assets are temponary placeholders and I felt like few scenes were missing but it's already a good game.

The game is quite long,  the girls looks cute (especially together) and it's very nice story.

Very nice and original artstyle.

Before playing it, I really were sure it gonna be "normal" visual novel on Ren'Py engine, so I was suprised... in a good way.

Damn, this thing is 3D <3 

Interesting idead for plot but I've heard playing with tarot cards can be dangerous...

It's a short and one-time expierence but still very nice

Very good idea for the game. I really like stories about monsters and monster-hunting.

The battle system is very good idea for this kind of game. And well programmed. And it's easy to learn :) Characters seem to be well written too

soundtrach is very nice. Sprites and backgrounds are very good-looking.

It's a good demo - shoving a bit of everything we expect in full game. I'ts all a litttle short :/ 
I'm waiting for full game <3

The full version of the game was worth all the waiting. I really liked and enjoyed it.

The artstyle is great! Well done sprites and backgrounds. And th girls are very pretty. 

The story is very good. Few choices, few plot-twists, few surprises and few endings. That's how i like it :D

Well, the plot didn't exactly ened how I'd like to but the ending you planned was very nice too (maybe even better) :)

Point and click/quick time system is good idea, too.

I just finished the new demo. And wow. New CGs are great. I'm waiting for more more :) <3

sounds very interesting

Interesting idea for the story

Great lookin g sprites with animated face expresions and well done CGs. All the girls are cute <3 and the voice acting is very good.

Some of the event are so funny thet I had problem to stop laughing

I don't know the 1st game in the series so I may don't understand a few references but I still think that the story is great... and funny. (I played "Our Home" and it was amazing.)

Characters are great. I love them all. They all have unique personaloties, styles and backstories. All the girls are super-cute. My favourites are Kamika and Yumi. 

And I like when the game has a least few choices and few endings :) . So I made a few choices a got a few endings... but my favourite is the one which allows us to undersand her motives(scenes after Kamika's party). 
I'd never say her backstory is so sad (I wanted to hug her) and now I know why she behaved the way she did.

<3 <3 <3 <3

I only wish it was yuri game and they would kiss in good ending xD

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It's one of the most original ideas for visual novel game i've seen in my life. 

The idea of two people from different nations falling in love isn't new. But your ant/yuri version is great. Making citizens of  two colonies look and exist in  very different way is good idea too.

I like the artstyle. It's a bit simple but still good looking. Well done sprites. Also you did great job with "animating sprites" - different face expressions, positions of hands, "simulating movemont" etc.

The story of two woman befriending each other and getting attached to each other was very sweet. They were spending time learning interesting facts about their works, nations, colonies and... about each other. And they enjoy spending time together.

They had crazy idea... and it got them in trouble... But the justice and frienship won!

 And they had opportunity to visit their colonies :) Their colonies stared helping each other.

Val and Char menaged to create special bound. The love

They had a few problems but the both nations accepted their relationship after some time. Happy ending :D

♥ but less placeholders please

good job :)

fingers crossed 

good luck 

fingers crossed :)

I'd really like to play Windows Version!

all the romance options are male?

good news

I need more info: only male romance options?