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♥ OMG!!! New game from Nami. Arleady downloading. And can't wait to play it :) ♥

you have to unlock 18+ content in settings of your account

I know what TODO in next few weeks :) . I'm sure this is gonna be woth waiting :)

Very good artstyle and interesting start for longer plot. I'm waiting for more 

very cute artstyle, interesting topics, good start for plot  and I see that your "game-making" had improved a little :) Yeah. I played some other games of yours :)

I love face expressions and "animations" (shaking of cold looks great). "Animal-based" but "human-like" characters are (almost) always good in games :) 

I really like how casual and laid back type of language and words you use :) . It's good idea that Pandora uses her phone 

I'm waiting for more 

I just finished it and...

I like artstyle ♥ 

Very good design of GUI

Plot is very interesting :)

 I'm waiting for more :)

Amazing sprites and great CGs. i like the music. It fits to this game :) I love good paino music :) . Voice-acting was great idea. Very good voices and each character has matching voice

interesting plot. I usually don't play horror games but this one is very climatic and well-done. Multiple, different endings :) and a lot of meaningfull choices.  I usually don't like time based choices but in this kind of plot and situations they seem to be good idea 

A bunch of interesting, well-written and well-designed charcters. I like that each of them has their own story and role in this story. and MC can build relationship with each of them :D yay!

I'm waiting for more ♥


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I love the artstyle. It's so colorful, beautiful and original. 

Option to allow player to choose gender and  race of MC is very good idea.

The world and plot is very interesting.  

I like that player see everything from point of view of the MC, "by their eyes".

a lot of meaningful choices

the main character has great companions in their quest :)

I really like artstyle. Very great backgrounds, good music, very good sprites, interesting idea of hiding each function in phone, very clear and transparent, good-looking gui and very aestetic choice of color scheme (mostly white, black, grays) 

You had very good idea with this phone stuff. SMS, web, GPS and all this stuff really helps you to tell the story to player. 

Simple but not-too-simple charcter look creator. 

A little bit "unisex" style of  MC and option to choose your own pronuncunces for sure pleases a lot of people. But MC still has their own personality, style and opinions. It's good balance. 

Interesting and original idea for plot. Interesting and good-looking charcters. 

Two very different, competing factions of students - very interesting idea. Also each group has it's own style and domains. The idea of underground resistance movement seems interesting, too. I've played both routes of demo. :)

good beggening for promising story. I'm waiting for more from you :D and for full game :D

isn't it the same Snow as in TODO? I'm just asking to be sure :)
Karin is nice and sweet... but already taken :( 
I like how out-going and laid back Karin and Pearl are. 
Purple Haired Girl is so smart and cute. And... a little mysterious. 

Will it be passible to befriend and romance someone in the final game?

Very beautiful story. Very dark and gothic. About love and paranormal topics. Full of interesting characters. 

Very beautiful art... I mean great sprites, good backgroungs, BGs and GUI, and nice music.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I'd write more but I'm kinda speechles after finishing it 

How many ending this thing has? 

I've got "loneliness" and "goose"....

haha. very funny and entertaining thing :)

good artstyle, dungeon crawling, yuri, magical girls, battles... All I needed xD

I'm definitely waiting  for more. :)

By the way, is the project still alive? 

It;s this kind of game.... The kind of game I have problem to finish without guide... ending guide. Would you mind writing something like this later... Maybe when the game is finished...

I love the artstyle and this funny, comedy-style plot. I'm waiting for more ♥

I like the artstyle. Its very original. the story and characters is interesting, too. It's good prologue for bigger story. i'd like to see more from you :D

I like the artsyle. It's very "classic"?

Demo is interesting but very short... Too short, maybe...

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I really like this demo. It has a lot of good features...

The music is very good and very chilling. Good artstyle, especially "finished" sprties and BGs. 

Interesting plot and world, and places. A lot of choices, some of them are even meaningful :) . Opportunities to find interesting work, make some friends and find love but also interesting story-telling plot. I don't want to spoil plot but it's good 

Many interesting and different characters. Cool and various love interests and friends

Interesting stress lever system. is it plausible to decrease stres level in demo?

I'm definitely waiting for more :D

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Very interesting game. It's never too many interesting stories about mermaids. 

I like that player can choose beetweem 2 girls. And I know that you made this  in under 72 hrs. But You could add more choices and maybe more endings. You know, to make it a bit more intersting.

The story is very simple and a bit liner. You could make it longer and more complicated. And some CGs would be great. But it's still good game.

I like the artstyle. Good sprites, Music and backgrounds are not bad.

I loved the demo. Good artstyle, interesting interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Plus of course interesting, colorfull characters with interesting, colorful personalaties. For real, all the girls are cute ♥

I'm waiting for updates :)

1. hat  (the one that match Lily's 1st clothes)

2. novels, serious ones

3. hmmm... idk 

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My favourite character from Arena Circus is Lily. She has very good design and is even pretty. Interesting personality. She is good figher (especially after trainings). She and her master are very good team. Their behavior creates most of the  funny situations in game. 

i think that I should win the prize, bebuase I'm a big fan of your games (not only this one) and I'd like to have my own copy of Golden (I can only afford free version :/ ). I'd appreciate all the extra in Golden.

where/when is demo? xD

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Victim. Yoko attacted Saki. Saki ended in hospital. Saki red in newspaper that Yoko commited suicide  (in motorcycle crash on purpose).  

Very sad. But as I told, I got this end by accident. How to could I know that choosing to say nothing in last choice will start so much anger and agression in their last one meeting... I really had no idea that it could happen...

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Some dubbing lines are messed up in Yoko's route. Few of them play in wrong text boxes (so they toatally don't much with what is she saying) and in at least one text box dubbing was missing. It happens especially often in their picnic date scene and later. Technicly all the dubbing in these scenes are wrong and totally not matching with text. I think these may be dubbed lines from other routes or from later scenes in Yoko's route...  Sometimes some Saki's dubbed lines are playing when nobody or Yoko is talking.  The dubbing strated working good again in Yoko's birthday scenes and scenes after it ;)

 And in few places in all routes dubbing don't exactly match with text boxes beacuse only part of it are told or few words are missing/replaceced with synonyms. And in few places I found few mistakes in spelling of words and at least 1 letter/sign is missing in this font and is displayed in game as 🔲

Abot Yoko's  birthday... one deliquent said she's now legal adult BUT  the legal age of majority is still 20 in Japan. Am I right?

Och, I almost forget... another few crash screens appeared in Yoko's route but I don't remember exactly where. And traditional crash- screen in end of the route ;)

edit: little offtop, I just accidentally got bad end and found that only bad ends have end screens and I must admit bad ends are very sad in this game T_T ... Good job  

right after 1st kis with yoko. don't tell me it's "crash-screen-on-purpose" kind of thing too. xD 

and rest of text:

But it's not any serious problem. I just had to click "ignore" to continue playing. 

Ok, ok. I know what you mean. A bit similar topic and setting, and probably sources of ideas. Coicidance. I believe you on this topic.

I know you are working on this project since long time. i've seen previous verion of this game at and your project's site on gamejolt. I also understand your passion about "yandere genre". 

I noticed that this story and whole game only seems to be similar. Both has yanderes. But its completly different kind of yanderes in totally different stories, schools and visions. Only setting is kinda similar.

I know a lot about Yan Sim, I'm a big fan of this game, so that's why I found few similarities. So you didn't had to explain me anything about this game. Well, I know that probably one day somebody gonna compare both games. I know Oka and Sakiko are different types of person ;)

Thanks for uploiding photos and screens, showing sources of ideas, explaining topic and  resolving doubts. I appreciate, how much work, time and passion you put in creating this game and I like how you take care to make sure that the game sitting will be reliable.  Plus it's interesting that you are recreaiting actual from photos in game. 


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Ok last one off-topic question... have you borrowed few ideas from Yandere Simulator? (yandere, occult club, Oka's style, uniforms and few more...) 

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another try, another girl, another ending, another crush. It was in Sakuki's route at the end (after sex scene and dicription of how they spent next day)

I thought, I'll post to let you know :D

Edit: And 1 more thing, somewhere in Kutsu's route the same dubbing line plays during two different Suki's text boxes (in row). In one of meetings with Kutsu, I guess. Sorry I don't remember in which exactly scene it was.   

Edit 2(after reading your post under):you did this screen on purpose... Interesting way of showing the game has ended... xD I'm used to something more typical xD , like "good end" in the middle of black screen

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strawberry shortcake and red camelias

Sorry for off-topic but... What does 1.0 , 2.0 , 3.0 and names given to this parts means? It's another chapters of this game or parts of the series of games?

Yeah I got exactly this screen. The quote I  copied is from traceback.txt - notepad file that showed a bit later.  Here is full version:

2. you may be right, technicly I don't know anything about bdsm and bdsm community. And I understand the rest of her personality. I just wrote about few examples... I noticed her rudeness, narcism, selfishness and all other stuff...  3. I haven't finished her route but I know what you mean 4. ok, you're right she's not shy but she may seem bo to be shy. And it's true - she avoids trouble and ... people. 6. you don't have to remove anything. it's only my opinion 9. I know what you mean... but I hope it will end without unnecessary dramas and deaths, and that game will have true happy end :)  

It easy! To get somebody love you  have to talk a lot with that person (everyday) and always choose that 1 option that gives positive reactiom. After some time that person will talk with you about more personal topic, start conversation with you and start showing hid/her interest ♥

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1. My favourite girl is Kutsu. My least fourite is Yoko

2. I like Kutsu the most beacause she is very pretty, charming, graceful, caring and interesting person. She's childhood friend of Suki and she likes to be sure everything is fine with her friend :) .The only weird and a bit out-of-place element is her interest in bdsm stuff. It was totally unexepted. I don't think it fits her... but it's only my opinion. That moments when she doing brave things to protect Suki from bullies are heartbreaking and kinda adorable and impressive.

3. Yoko is always trying to show how dangerous and badass person she is. But she's small so it's rather looks funny and vey cute. OK, I like her but not as much as rest of the girls.

4. I like Suki. She's shy, quiet, avoid social interactions type. She's of course pretty and adorable too.

5. Scenes are long enough. Some of them maybe a bit too short but it's fine.

6. Yes of course. Just make sure to draw better sprites and gui, and eliminate all the bugs. Plus you could change a bit few things in plot (in example Kutsu bdsm interest... )

7.  --------

8. Well, very interesting plot, a lot of good CG's, few interesting romance option (each with her own route), meaningful choices, few endings, yuri, 

9. actual visual novel style of game is ok and I would not change it but who knows, maybe I'm not right

10. As I said better sprites, gui and few plot adjustments and this game would be totally great ♥

And I really  think this game really doesn't need polyamorous routes. 

- I played Kutsu's first

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"I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:   File "game/Lovers Endings.rpy", line 47, in script   File "game/Lovers Endings.rpy", line 47, in <module> IOError: Couldn't find file 'audio/voice/happy/kokamikilaugh.ogg'. "

I got this today. Somewhere at the end of  Kutsu's route in her family's prison.

Is it the end of her route?

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I really like it. Very good early version :)

The arstyle is very good... Well... backgroungs could be better but... Sprites and CGs looks very good.

I like the characters. Each of them has their own style, personality and adventages. My favourite is Ava. She is very sunny, cute, adorable, funny, charming and pretty girl. And Robin's best friend. I just  wonder why it is so hard to spend some time with her and why usually she already has something planned :( . But date with her was very good... even if they haven't seen a movie. She should spend more time with Robin during plot - they are roomies, besties and she's romance interest... so she should have a bit bigger role.

The game has a lot of meaningful choices. The SMS system is very interesting idea but I think Robin should recive more of them. It's good that sometimes player can choose if/how will she reply. The dialogues are funny and I like that each character is interested in different things. 

The plot is full of interestng events. And the game has few endings. Of course I've got Ava's ending. And I had started her not existing route... 

I really think you should write guide. Sometimes it can be hard to choose good option, especially if you are interested in one person

I'd love to see full game :)

cute artstyle... Daisy is funny... dialoques are funny... I had play it only few minutes and I like it :)