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Oh okay cool! I got it opened, thank you :)

Hi! Sorry for being late to responding to this post but congrats! It's on Steam now :D I hope all goes well~

Also I tried to download the art but since it's an rar file i can't open it xc is there a way for me to get it another way?

Hello :) and my week was stressful since I'm dealing with like school related stuff like transferring, etc*sigh* >-<

I hope you feel better soon! The chibi art is soooooo adorable ahhh! <3 

Also sometimes taking a break can help give you guys time to just relax and take in new potential inspirations around you. Hope you guys don't overwork yourselves.

and I got the email, thank you! ^.^

oh okay, my email is :)

Yeah that’s true and hmm I’m not sure. I don’t think so 👀

Ooh the achievement icons and such look cool :) also my week was ehh. Honestly, lately I've been having trouble with getting motivation *sigh* but other than that I hope all is well for you! Even if you didn't make much progress on Nusantara Bermuda but that's okay, you were working on Steam and stuff.

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Hello SweetChiel,

Yay! I'm glad that the writing and everything is coming along. Also yes I agree that Corpse Party gives me the chills too lol. Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say keep up the good work and I live for your updates c'x 

Have a good rest of your day and Happy Halloween at the time I am posting this comment hehe :3

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I stan your updates and it's fun talking to you even if they are very brief c'x 

Anyways, congrats on your progress! :D I hope you're able to take a little break here and there during the week.

And yeah I think it's fair enough, if the platform (in this case Steam) has that regulation and since it is a commercial site which is cool for making a little extra cash on the side then $5 isn't breaking the bank for people who want to play the game through there

Ooh okay, thanks for the clarification :)

Hi i have a quick question about the raffle, so if we win where will you be contacting us?

Ah i see c'x yeah same with me. I'm a night owl but i also love sleep so that's conflicting for me too 

*hugs back* x'D but everyone deserves a short break every once in awhile so I hope you all don't overwhelm yourselves! D:

Yay! Congrats on your progress with everything and getting Steamworks! I hope everything continues to go well for you and your proofreaders :)

*hugs back* aww it's okay. I'll be one of the few people that will stick around until the game is actually released so don't worry i will be back every week for your updates \(^-^)/

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I had this problem too and somehow the pop-up stopped and mine works now. Are you still having this issue?

Edit: they’ve confirmed on Twitter that they’ve fixed the issue

ooooh the backgrounds seem cool *o* and take your time with the game. I'd rather wait and get the "perfect" game than a rushed game with issues, typos, etc.

Oh okay cool. Thank you for answering my questions :)

Ooh nice! I can't wait :D Also will there be a price to it or will it be free like Your Dry Delight?

Hi! I wanted to ask if this game will be available for Mac later on? This game seems really interesting and I would like to check it out :) plus I enjoy your others games too so I'm sure I would enjoy this one too

Oh no rush! I can wait, I'm just hyped :)

Also yeah sadly, at the moment I'm not able to donate or anything :c  but I will look forward to your updates and supporting you on social media and through just enjoying my time playing the demo ^-^ that stuff y'know

Nice trailer! I can't wait for the full release of the game ahhh! 

Also oof I wish i could donate to the kickstarter (when it launches) D:

Ooh yay! I'm glad things are working out and congrats on the commissions :D

Also nice choice of background music, I'm a sucker for this kind of music since it's cool, uplifting, actiony and reminds me of like tv dramas c'x

I hope you have a wonderful rest of this week!

Ooh I see okay cool. Thanks for answering my question and I have a feeling that I will for sure purchase the full game when it comes out! :D

Hello! I'm currently playing the game and even though I'm not that far into the game, overall I am loving the concept and the minigame-esque part where we get to make the schedules for ourselves as well as the princes so that was cool :) I know that you just released this but I was wondering if you know if you're gonna make the full game be free or will it have a price tag?

Hi I just downloaded and played the game and I wanted to ask why does the 'extra' section not work? Like I click it and it doesn't go into a glitch or is it not updated yet?

Ooh I see aww it’s okay. Sometimes you could look to your fave games, stories, shows, etc for inspiration? Maybe that’ll help ☺️

Oh yay! Yeah fingers crossed 🤞🏻 that it works out

And of course no problem, I just want you to succeed!

Oof I don't like bad endings either since I'm one of those people that lowkey actually care for the characters and I don't want them to suffer 😅🙈 so i wish you good luck to writing the remaining bad endings

Also I agree with both the previous comments. I think if you think that recruiting a new proofreader would be beneficial then go for it. Definitely think this could be something to ask the remaining proofreader how they feel and maybe they'll know someone who would be interested in becoming a proofreader. 

I hope everything works out and I hope this week for you goes well too!

Yeah agreed. Oof bipolar weather is the worst >.< and yeah judging by everything that’s happening in the world, etc etc definitely will try to not get sick.

Hehe yeah! Here’s to a fun productive week cx 

Ooh i see aww no worries about not working much this week. Everyone deserves a little break every once in awhile. My week has been stressful and I am hoping *fingers crossed* that it lightens up a little

Ooh okay cool. Thanks for answering my question! :)

Hi I just finished the demo and i was curious and wanted to ask if you had an estimated date of when the full game would be released?

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Ahhhh i just finished my first playthrough and it hit me in the feels! I love this game and i am definitely gonna go back to try to get the other endings later :D

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Ooh! Ahhhhh i can't wait for the full game! :D

No worries. I can wait for the official release then ^-^

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Oh okay cool. I'll just wait for the full game to come out for Mac and I will for sure download and play it then :)

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Ah i see, so the early bird is available to purchase through paypal? Well one way or another I will definitely purchase the full game to play :)

Ooh i see, cool man I don't have paypal xc but what's in the early bird pack? If you don't mind me asking.

Oh okay cool! Is the demo going to be available for Mac in the meantime? I look forward to playing the game once it's available and thanks for replying :)