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At last, got ED3! Sorry about troubling you for extra hints but also thank you very much. Above all, reiterating my thanks for this entire game and its immense polish.

Also until I checked your group page I did not realize you were the same team behind Reflections on the River. Dynastic Chinese stories, bless. Definitely checking out Last Call and Pangs on your page. Keep up the good work and good luck with school!

Tried following this many times and I keep getting ED2. Outside of the choices you specified, is it a matter of being completely cold or being slightly friendly?

Pleasantly shocked by the amount of polish and heart put into this. I have come to ask for help on ED 3 as I've gotten 1, 2, and 4 via the hints described. I've been trying to adjust for ED3 to no success.

1. Karetha in both. I like her complicated personality.
2. Doesn't look like they're harvested, so maybe the important thing isn't the blossom but the root system that kills its host? Like a parasite. Doesn't seem to propagate after blooming so far.
3. I did play the first Pairs game and I enjoyed the cameos. Particularly Mei getting a sprite.
4. Nope, looking forward to the full release, having enjoyed Pairs and this demo so much.