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Pleasantly shocked by the amount of polish and heart put into this. I have come to ask for help on ED 3 as I've gotten 1, 2, and 4 via the hints described. I've been trying to adjust for ED3 to no success.

Thanks! ED3 happens when the player character demonstrates more trust in Brandon, but comes off as mean or unfriendly otherwise. So you should follow the tips to achieve ED3/4 (the hints we've shared in the comments below, but I'll copy & paste them here) but aside from these, you shouldn't be too friendly to Brandon.

- On September 23, say that you're sorry to hear about classmates making fun of him.
- On September 29, say that while it's not the same situation, you changed schools recently.
- On October 6, say that you know what he means, instead of just saying "that's rough".
- On October 11, say that you should finally make an account.
- On October 15, say that your friends don't know the real you.
- On October 25, say that it makes sense to have doubt.
- On November 14, say that there's a reason for it, and it's that you got too nervous.

Tried following this many times and I keep getting ED2. Outside of the choices you specified, is it a matter of being completely cold or being slightly friendly?

If you're getting ED2 instead, it's because you're not choosing enough "trust" options -- other than the ones listed, there are still some other choices that build up the player's trust in Brandon, but don't necessarily raise Brandon's friendship.
A few more hints to build trust:
- On September 29, say that you just had to suck it up when he asks if it was difficult adjusting to changing schools.
- On October 6, say that it depends on your parents when he asks whether you'd like to study abroad or not.
- In general, you should respond positively when he wants to meet up.
Some hints to lower friendship:
- On October 11, tell Brandon he should use the new photo he took as his profile picture, and then change your mind and tell him not to.
- On October 15, be blunt when you tell Brandon to change the way he dresses (don't choose the option that starts with "it's not ideal but...")
- Also, if you don't already enough friendliness with Brandon, options that are meant to be jokes might be taken the wrong way, like saying "fuck you", or calling him "desperate for e-creds". If you already have a certain amount of friendliness, though, these options will increase it.

At last, got ED3! Sorry about troubling you for extra hints but also thank you very much. Above all, reiterating my thanks for this entire game and its immense polish.

Also until I checked your group page I did not realize you were the same team behind Reflections on the River. Dynastic Chinese stories, bless. Definitely checking out Last Call and Pangs on your page. Keep up the good work and good luck with school!

No worries at all, glad to hear you managed to get that ending. Thanks for your lovely comments, and hope you have fun playing through our other games as well!