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Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for your support!

Yes, Umi's route does have a romance ending. Sami's route will not. There are no plans to work on a Cherry route currently.

Thanks for leaving a comment. We've tested our game to make sure all the endings are achievable. If by guy ending, you mean Brooks' romantic ending, it is possible, but just a little difficult! If you need some help, there are some tips mentioned in the comments below.

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing and leaving a comment. I'm happy that you enjoyed the game and managed to get the best ending!

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much.

Choosing to say that you got sick on November 14 does help in getting ending 3 over 4. You can try just being a bit more rude/stand-offish to Brandon, like saying that he's being dramatic on October 25, or just not being very concerned about his well-being (encouraging him to stay up late instead of getting rest, etc).

Hope that helps!

Aside from the other general hints on befriending/dating Lily given in comments below, you can also try making her a starter that uses fish fingers, with either a main or a dessert that includes banana. Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for playing our game and for sharing your playthrough! It's always fun for us to see what dishes and choices players make.
Happy to hear that you enjoyed it, and hope the unlocked hints help you out in the future!

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Ahh thanks for playing our game and leaving such a long and detailed comment!

I'm so happy to hear that you liked our game so much, and that replaying still felt fun for you. And I'm sure Brandon would be happy to have you volunteer to be best friends with him... the lad certainly needs more positivity in his life.

Hopefully we're never in a situation where you'll need to catch a grenade (with your teeth, no less), but thank you for your kind words/offer lmao!!

Oh no, haha -- but glad you had fun playing!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you had fun trying out all the different combinations, it makes us feel like all the work we put into it was worth it, haha.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and for recommending it to your friends! We're very flattered -- I'm glad to hear that the game resonated with you so much, though I'm sorry that it made you cry!

Thanks so much for playing our game and leaving a comment! We'd love to read your review if you end up writing it, as well.

Glad to hear that the Linux version ran okay for you! Neither of us actually have a Linux machine so we weren't able to test it firsthand.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing our game!

Thanks for playing our game! Glad to hear that it left a lasting impression on you.

Thank you for playing and leaving a comment! Happy that you liked the game... even if it made you sad haha

Thank you for playing! There aren't really any "good" endings in the game, but all the endings are numbered.

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment, I'm glad that you thought it was cute! (To get Perry to pass out, just drink the strongest alcohol at every given opportunity.)

Unfortunately, we currently do not have plans to make our games available on Android. Neither of us have any Android devices so it'd be hard to test, haha.

You get the first ending if you behave too suspiciously, and it's the easiest to get since the game will check for how high your suspicion is before it checks for any of the criteria for the other endings. Some general tips: try not to contradict yourself, be open to the idea of meeting up, and avoid the dodgier dialogue options. Hope that helps!

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment -- glad that you had fun!

To get Perry to confess to Brooks, you should try to avoid choices that make the night more like "broing down with my bro" (so skip the tequila).
It isn't required to have specific foods, but they do help. Try serving him a starter that uses maple syrup.

Thank you for playing our game! There is a .txt file included in the .zip with a list of all the music in the game. Alternatively, each song is also linked in the "Extras" screen (accessible from the main menu).

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment! Glad you liked it.

There aren't any proper romantic routes in the game, but you're free to interpret the endings however you like as they're pretty open.

Thanks for playing the game!

We’re currently working on a game that’s set in the same world, but not focused on these two characters. Hopefully we’ll be able to return to them in the future.

It’s totally fine if you want to write fanfic! We’re so happy that you like the game so much!

Thank you for playing and for sharing your thoughts! Happy to hear that you liked the game and the characters!

Thank you for playing and leaving a comment. Glad that you enjoyed the art + jokes, and congratulations on getting the romantic ending with Lily!

Thanks for playing, glad that you liked it!

Thank you, glad that you liked it so much! Unfortunately, this demo is the only part of the game available at the moment, and we appreciate your patience while we work on the full game.

Thanks very much, happy to hear that you've had fun playing (& replaying) it! We hope that our future games will meet your expectations!

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for playing! We're so happy that you found the MC relatable and liked the characters.
We do/will have some parody fandom names in the game -- we'll probably sneak more in the full version, since we find them funny as well.
And thanks for your interest!! While we are considering releasing on Steam as well, we can't confirm for sure at this point in time.

Thanks so much, glad to hear that you liked the demo!

1. The least spoiler-y answer I can give: At the time of Umi asking that question, Mimi is not aware that she is attracted to girls.

2. Yes, the beach is where it will split off into individual routes in the full version. They are not always romantic.

3. All but two of the choices you make in the demo/common route adds points to the personality it aligns to, and you can get a glimpse of which personality Mimi is leaning towards through some of her InstaBook posts, and a few lines here and there.
Mimi's personality will be set by the end of the common route, and will affect the lines she says when a choice is not given to the player, as well as how she posts on InstaBook.
You won't be locked out of any routes or endings, but certain personalities may make things easier or harder depending on what ending you're trying to get!

4. We do technically have a tumblr (stardust-soda) but we haven't updated it in two years haha...

5. We don't have any plans to release pre-orders for the game, currently.

We have set up a survey for players here!
All responses are appreciated, and will help us in improving the full product. It's also an anonymous survey, just in case you're a bit shy.

Alternatively, please feel free to leave your comments below, or make a thread of your own -- whatever works for you!

Thanks so much, glad to hear that you liked the game!