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This makes me actually want to play sports with friends. Chryssa is one of the queens of puns and Liz is a total boss. Akarsha and Min are platonically meant for each other. And for the relatable part, I'm a lot like Akarsha and Noelle combined. Akarsha's humor is like mine, but physically, I'm Noelle because I can't even hit a baseball lol

Yeah and nice profile picture lol

It's always the comedic relief who's the best.

Every second in this game is amazing.


Played it and no regrets.

Exactly, everything is purely realistic!

Asian Squad

The text conversations were shockingly realistic!

Akarsha just owned the game at this point.

This game just hits home way too much.

I'm so excited to get the art book soon!

I'm always supporting games that mostly revolve around friendship and high school!

This game is so enjoyable that I didn't realize it's about four hours long lol

I love heartwarming games like this.

I can just imagine how a sequel to this game would be like . . . 

It really is a good game to start off on!

Akarsha is basically who everyone wants to be!

So true.

Hidden masterpiece.

Yeah, that fighting technique was very unique . . . 

This is as relatable as a game gets!

Five out of five stars. This game is so cute and heartwarming! It reminds me of my own group of friends and their struggles, especially family issues. The main part I love about this game is how it revolves around a bunch of Asian girls because I'm Vietnamese myself, and I've noticed there's not many games like this one. Diya is chill and caring - also very humble about her athletic talents. Min is awesome with Diya and I understand why she's so violent. Akarsha is my favorite because I relate most to her and her humor. Noelle is just a misunderstood angel. I love the ending where they're all together and when the game fast forwards to the future.

Five out of five stars. Believe me, this is the best game I've played on so far! Specifically the best visual novel. It doesn't have to rely on romance as its main point to be good, it focuses on the next best thing - friendship! This game is so heartwarming and sometimes hits home. I love it. It was also such a creative idea to set the game based in the same location as one of the developers' previous games "so obscure;". It makes me want to attend Happy Valley High! I also adore the many references to Reflections On The River. Royal Turnip?! All the characters are the best as expected. Mimi is so optimistic and we should declare her as the queen of puns. By the way, I couldn't stop laughing at this at the time - HYDRATION NATION. Becca's a cool friend from back home. Sami is a sweetheart and she's way more lovable when deciding to take her route. Melissa's a cool friend when hanging out with Sami. Umi is a queen overall once getting to know her and it's worth choosing her route, too. Cherry is very caring and when I was barely introduced to her by Sami, I didn't even need to think about judging her name because my name is Cherie! Cherry's a cute name, guys - and her brother just happens to go to North Island High . . . Anyway, Nolan is oblivious, but humble. The developers did a perfect job on making him look like some member from BTS lol. Adrian is cool. Hermes is the obvious class clown. Wyn has my heart with his awkward self. Dick is just a nonchalant art club president. Jay was a nice addition for Umi's sake. To wrap it all up, Sami's my favorite character and I was excited to play her new route. I'm grateful for the developers to create more than just Umi's route. Forget about my old comment where I so desperately asked for Wyn's route - I respect the developers' decision on what's best for the game. I've completed all the endings, collected all the adorable photos and items in addition to the game, and discovered all the in-game dialogue. If the developers decide to create any more routes in the future, I'd be SO STOKED!

P.S. This is the longest review in history. I just needed to get all my feelings out lol

Mimi is such a ball of sunshine! I love her.

I want to complete all the current available endings, but I just know I'll feel terrible after the betrayal endings because I always get so attached to the characters.

Hermes is definitely a great comedic relief like Mimi says.

I really hope there will be one in the future if the developers decide to create more routes. Wyn is my favorite!

Umi is such a queen.

Five out of five stars. I never thought I'd be playing a game about cooking since I don't know how to cook myself, but this made it so fun! After gaining more information about available recipes, I managed to try everything and anything and that made me get all the possible dishes. There is some pretty creative things you can do with food after all! Perry can be such a relatable and adorable character when it comes to her thoughts of dating. Lily is a chill and nice character. And Brooks . . . don't get me started on Brooks. He's my favorite! I completed all the endings once again, and the bromance to the next level ending is so cute!

This game got me blushin

I love the developers and their talent!

Brooks is way better than Lily in my opinion lol

I didn't know that was possible lol!

I also identify as a fellow dumbass.

Poor Lily!

Yeah, I love how there's two goals in the game; getting all the endings and getting all the recipes.

Who knew cooking in a game would make me feel both frustrated and fun at the same time?

Butter Off is pretty hard to get!

It makes the game really feel like I'm screwing it up with Lily lol