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Thank you so much! 

I really like writing distinctive routes for the characters - one of my (unofficial) side projects has more of an overlapping structure (similar to Ebon Light) because I just wanted to try out a new way of writing. And I honestly find it so much harder! LoL

I think the distinct route style is just easier for me and will probably continue to be my preferred structure for future projects (aside from the side project! LoL)

We were really lucky to find a fantastic composer for this game. He's on instagram (filmandgamemusic) aand posts a lot of snippets of himself working and composing! OwO

That's incredible to hear! (Oathbreaker and and Ebon Light are some of my favourite games!)

Best of luck with school and your otome goals! I really hope to play a game by you some day! 🥰🥰

The three routes will be an unpaid update to the game, not paid DLC. So yes, you will get access to them as soon as they are available if you've already purchased the game.

(1 edit)

After looking into it more, I discovered that this error has been reported in other games as well and it's usually associated with launching the game from the app. Users reported that downloading and launching the game directly from the desktop fixes the problem for them so this might also be something you can try.

Another thread on Itch suggested that if you have "sandboxing" on, this can cause saves to not function correctly in Renpy games, and that turning "sandboxing" off, fixes the problem


Hmm.  I don't have a mac machine so I can't bug test these things specifically without trying to hunt down a friend with a mac. I'll try to poll my discord server to see if anyone has any thoughts (I know there are some mac users).

1. Selecting a renderer should carry over across play throughs. I'm not sure why it is re-setting (it does not reset for me, but as I mentioned, I'm on a Windows machine.) D= 

2. Can you save manually? Again, quick save works for me fine but I'm not on the same OS. If you can at least save manually then for now, that should help until I can look into what might be causing the Q.Save issue on mac.



This is not a bug I've ever seen before and not one any of my beta testers experienced. I believe it's most likely a compatibility issue between the Ren'py game engine itself (not my game specifically) and your machine. One person in this thread did experience something similar (you can see it a few posts up) and while I have never had a glitch on this magnitude, I do sometimes get small visual errors in Ren'py games.

You can try to resolve it by opening the game and hitting shift+G.

This opens the graphics menu where you can directly select a graphics renderer in the upper left corner.  You can try to open this menu and selecting one of the two renderers instead of letting it "automatically choose" and see if that prevents this from happening again. (You may need to test it to figure out which one works best.

I hope that resolves the issue!

It was reported in the bug thread on the page for the full game (this is the demo page) so you probably didn't see it! But no worries! We get double reportings all the time anyway so it's not a big deal. I'd rather get something reported twice than not at all. 😌😌 I just appreciate that people care enough to report it at all

Thank you again!


This bug has already been posted and we are aware of it. Thank you for letting us know and for taking the time to try to recreate it.

It's due to a misspelling in the wiki link.



You can find a play order and more information about it in the official Game Guide (right at the start of it)

Thank you for the offer! This isn't really the best place for a proper business proposal but you are always welcome to email at

However, please be aware that the sheer size of my games (this one will be over 1,000,000 words when complete) is usually a roadblock to any realistic localisation offers. Even at rock bottom prices, the word count tends to make translation impractical.

It's not as amazing as it seems! LoL

I started working on it while I was doing the final CGs and testing for the main game, really. I would have to take breaks from drawing to rest my hand, and would spend that time writing for a bit. So I had about 5 chapters done when the game released. So I've only a few chapters in the weeks since then. 🤣🤣

It would be amazing to write 8 chapters in two weeks though. I'd love it if I could write that fast! xD

Thank you! I can't wait to start releasing the additional routes. I'm writing as fast as I can!

Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed the game. ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Hello! Thank you for playing!

  • Ari's route was really more character centric rather than being about the dramatic plot. The plot took a back seat to Ari's development into a real boy. LoL So it's understandable his plot ranks lower - there's a lot less of it. 😂
  • Yuu's route will definitely go into his relationship with Caleb a bit more. And Odette will feature more prominently in it as well. 
  • Wynter is a backer character and didn't even exist when I initially conceptualised Endgame and it's LIs. He was available to be chosen as a backer LI because his creator discussed him with me a little before the KS (as she was already planning to back at that tier). But he wasn't chosen. There's not much I can do about it - I can't make a route for a character that doesn't exist. LoL 🤣🤣

I'm looking forward to getting the three remaining characters complete! On Chapter 8 of Quill's route and counting. ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

If you have a few instances of missing words, you can post them here. We are not looking for feedback on small grammatical issues like missing commas or words that aren't capitalised. This is a 700,000 word game (it will be close to 1,000,000 words when complete) so we are focusing on fixing issues that significantly impact readability like a sentence being missing an entire word - otherwise we will be endlessly fixing minor typos.

I genuinely do not have the time for that. So if you have a couple of issues where there is a *missing word*, you may post them here. If it is an issue of a minor typo or a some minor grammatical error, please do not clog this thread with those. I consider them extremely low priority in the face of having three more routes to write, code, and create art for.

Thank you for understanding! 


Oooh! I hope you enjoy Lance's route! I'm always amused by the reaction of how he reveals certain plot elements. Most expect it to go differently. 😂😂 Lance is a big sweetie though so I hope his route is fun for you!

(1 edit)

It might! It might not.

Sometimes characters are just flawed. And the Endgame people have known each other since they were children so they tend to troll each other a lot. As a lay person who has dealt with doctors of all personalities (including some pretty crappy ones!), I don't shy away from giving them flaws just because they're doctors.

If you dislike him, that's fine too. Not every character is going to be liked by every person! 🥰🥰 It's fine if he just isn't your jam. OwO Maybe you can plot to get his bad endings when he's released. My strategy is to try to kill off characters I dislike. 🤣🤣🤣

Hello! Thank you so much for the congrats and compliments!

I don't really follow even loose deadlines (I don't really have a team. It's just me, currently - not counting freelancers who do BG work and the like). There are too many variables for solo devs and small teams for me to feel comfortable with deadlines. If I get sick, for instance, that means development completely *stops* until I recover because there's no one else to pick up the slack.

The three additional LIs are getting full routes that are going to be as long as the ones already released. I track word counts pretty closely and the current routes average 108,000 words. So that's my target amount for the additional LIs. They will have the same number of unique CGs/CG sets as well.

I would say that at minimum each route is going take 3 months. I think I gave a quick rundown elsewhere too but this is essentially the flow of development:

  • - write each route
  • - edit each route
  • - script each route (meaning transplanting the writing into the game and formatting it)
  • - sending it out for beta reading
  • - creating and coding the flowchart for each route
  • - coding all sprite expressions, music, and SFX
  • - creating and coding any new background animations and variations
  • - creating and coding 7 additional CGs + 1 mini CG for each route
  • - creating any additional sprites
  • - writing and coding new glossary entries for route-specific lore
  • - beta testing every route thoroughly to make sure there are no layering issues with the CGs, and to make sure all endings and flowchart modules unlock properly
  • - creating a guide and content list for each route

THEN releasing it.

And all of this (except the testing) is done by a single person. So as you can imagine, it's a months long process. With three routes left to release, we're definitely looking at probably another year of working on this game to get them all out.

The main reason I chose to release the six original LIs without the Kickstarter love interests was because I knew they would tack on around another year of development for the game, and I didn't think people would want to wait that long to play.

Having said all that, Quill's route is around half written (currently 60,000 words) and I've already done two (of...5 I think?) of the unique sprites for his route. I'm hoping to have his route fully written by the end of June so I can start working on coding and getting everything else done. I do intend to release the routes one at a time as they're complete rather than releasing them all at once.

So yeah, all of that is to say it will be a while for sure. There's a lot of content even in a single route (one day I'll make a small game. LoL. ONE DAY.) 😂😂

Sasaki definitely isn't everyone's jam. Morgan doesn't really have much motivation to stand up to Yuu - particularly at the beginning of the route when she has no idea what is happening and doesn't know any of these people or what their relationship dynamic is. 

Glad you're enjoying the game so far! I hope the routes continue to resonate and be enjoyable for you!

Thanks for the feedback!

One of my favourite things about creating in this setting has been the variety of locations and stories I can explore. It makes writing varied routes quite a bit easier because they're exploring totally different parts of the setting with different implications for the main character.

Regarding your suggestion, I do believe a confirmation screen for the personality traits is unnecessary (the same information can be gleaned from multiple other sources, including the stat meters) and would be more difficult to make succinct and easy to digest. With (eventually) 9 characters, all of whom have different reactions to each of six traits, there's a lot of information to put on a confirmation screen for them.

I wanted to keep the customisation screens as streamlined as possible and many people prefer to choose what they want without the stress of knowing what the implications are.

So I believe for now I'll leave it as is, as it achieves what I was going for.

Thank you for your thoughts and I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

The day is here! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Yes, that is how his route ends. There's really no need for further story.

They are preparing for a mission, demonstrating Morgan has settled into her role. She teleports them away to go do the mission. The reader doesn't follow along because the story is done. Morgan is moving on and accepting her life. All the plot points are wrapped up by then. So that's the final line.

The credits should play there but it's very easy to skip them if you click an extra time.

I'm glad you like him. I really do love Caleb's route. I feel like they have a lot of great moments that run the gamut of tense and sweet and soft and funny. So it makes me really happy that people are enjoying it. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it! 🥰🥰🥰

The William Lee mentioned in this game is an alternate version of William Lee. He is not a part of the Changeling universe, but exists in a parallel universe where the Gilded Shadows story takes place.

Gilded Shadows is not a supernatural story, no.

It's just an Easter Egg - I wouldn't try to think too deeply about it in terms of what it means for Changeling. ^_^

The games happen in parallel universes. There were never supernaturals in the Gilded Shadows universe. All the alternate versions of those characters were probably human in Gilded Shadows-verse. ^_^

Thanks for letting me know. I'm not really sure why the game seems to be issues caching the persistent data. Unfortunately that's baked into the renpy game engine itself (especially since it also affects seen dialogue - that is definitely part of the engine functionality) and isn't my code specifically, so I'm not sure it's something I would be able to fix even if I could recreate it.

With my last game I've had scattered reports of things like this happening - as well as some other funky issues that seem to be renpy specific. Those are always frustrating since there's not much I can really do about them.

I'll keep an eye out for it just in case, though! I'm glad to hear you found a fix for the problem!

It's fine. Sometimes, unfortunately, the bad guys don't get caught! That's just how it goes at times. 

It is open ending but I just find that sometimes that is the way it is! 

Hello, there are nearly 20 endings in this game so I'm not totally sure which one you're referring to.

The endings are somewhat open ended but I feel they do resolve the plot. Can you specify which ending you got that confused you?

Aww! I really hope you enjoy the game and make it through finals safe and sound. 💓

Glad it got sorted! And I hope you enjoy the game! =D

These look like they might all be the "library" capsules. That's what I assume.

This is definitely the first image:

The second one might be this one:

I think the third one actually re-uses that second image and isn't a unique image of its own, so try with these two. And if you do need a third image, I'll try to work out which one it is! 

Hope this helps!

Aww thank you! I really hope you enjoy it. ;A;

If this happens again, please reach out to support. Unfortunately problems with payments and the like aren't something I really have access to fix and are likely an issue on their end. As a developer, I can see payments but can't really interact with them in a meaningful way when it comes to refunds and the like. Even if I can send a copy of the project or something, it's definitely best to get this handled on's side since it would be an issue with their process!

Yikes! That bizarre! 

But thank you for posting the solution. "Automatically choose" is the default selection for Ren'py and it causes issues for me as well - though nothing like what you saw. @_@ I just get weird flickers and flashes of dark areas.

This happens in every Ren'py game for me - not just Gilded Shadows. I always have to set the renderer to a specific one when I download a new Ren'py game.


This is a difficult question for me to answer.

The simple answer is no, I guess? There are 6 complete routes. But there are three additional routes that will be added to the game as updates (you can think of them as game expansions.) These LIs are not necessary to get a "complete" experience as they were not originally going to be in the game at all (they were added as Kickstarter stretch goals). 

The amount of content in the game, in my opinion, offers a complete experience. But technically there are three additional expansions that are planned.

Not me being your shoulder devil saying "Dooooo it! 8D"  😈

(Please don't listen to me, your shoulder devil. Please make responsible decisions! LoL!) 😇

Yay! Hope you enjoy it!


Glad you're enjoying it so far!! Jack is a good bean. OwO

It is HERE! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

I agree! Frustrating as timezones are, we can all talk to each other no matter where we are. It's so amazing. O///w///O It's very fun to engage with a global audience. <3