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The "H" key hides the interface in all renpy games!


I'll check it again. I actually did play through all his on-screen appearances and couldn't get it to trigger but I'll try it again now that I know exactly where to look for it.

Thanks for the clarification! <3


We are working on a game called Gilded Shadows - you can find the demo here on!

Hopefully we didn't ruin your sleep schedule again! LoL!  Thank you so much for such a sweet comment. <3


Thank you very much! <3

Is there a general response time on support tickets? I sent one in 9 days ago for a tax/financial related issue (which I would assume to be fairly important - Ticket 74099) and haven't heard anything back on it. Should I expect to hear back on this any time soon? Is there a general expected response time or do things get handled "whenever"?

Thanks! <3

(1 edit)

Thank you for letting us know. Please answer a few questions to help us locate exactly where this bug takes place:

1. When you say "voice command" do you mean the auto voice feature where it reads the text?
2. Are you on a Windows PC or Mac?
3. Does this happen the instant Ari shows up or was it in a specific spot? I could not recreate this but your post is a little vague so I wasn't really sure how to attempt to recreate it.
4. Did this completely break the game or was Ari just...naked? OxO;
5. Was the *voice* saying his outfit was not found or was this text that appeared on the screen?


 Well, you know...street cleaners just aren't equipped to deal with corpses. Gotta look out for those city workers! LoL

Thank you! So glad to hear you enjoyed Changeling. I hope the completed form of GS is as enjoyable! <3

The personality options at the start do lock/unlock some choices (for instance, you can only pick up a weapon in the dark hallway if you have the right trait). But mostly, the personality choices will lead to what I consider "hidden" branches - basically places where the story branches outside a choice menu and the player wouldn't normally know there was a branch there.  That's the main reason I included flowcharts in the game - so you can see where those personality branches are hiding.

In the common route it's really easy to include choices that are hyper relevant to what's going on. It gets a little more difficult in the character routes where I need to have more control over the story flow to keep the branching from getting totally out of hand. But I do try to make sure the choices are significant - even if there are places I know I have to force the MC into a certain reaction to keep the story manageable and headed where it needs to go. LoL

(Having pity on Rory is significant, though, since it has an impact on whether he shows up again in certain routes or not).

Anyway! I'm happy to hear you like Quill. I haven't started his route yet because he was added into the game as a Kickstarter stretch goal and I'm focusing on the original six intended LIs first. But I'm looking forward to it. I think he's going to be a fun character to write. He doesn't do much in his brief introduction besides complain that the MC is passing out in the street - but his personality is fun and I can't wait to introduce him more fully. OwO

I've definitely considered that!! I actually surveyed my community about it in June of 2020 because we added three love interests to the project due to Kickstarter and I was debating how best to integrate them into the game and release everything. OwO

Overwhelmingly, the community voted for a full, complete release rather than a route-by-route release. (Route by route was the least popular option and only got about 2% of the total vote).

Here are some of their reasons:

-Quality. There is a general feeling that route by route and episodic games have lower quality story telling with inconsistencies across episodes and routes. I think Tailor Tales can bypass the inconsistency issues because the routes are entirely stand alone and aren't consistent from one to the other in terms of lore and world building. Meanwhile, Gilded Shadows has very consistent, deep lore that has to stand up to scrutiny across the routes. Releasing route by route would make this more difficult to achieve.

-Price. It's a fact that if I charge per route, the game will end up more expensive. I can justify my current planned price for nine routes if I'm considering it a bulk/unit price for the full game. But if I try to break it up per route and just divide that price by 9, the per-route price would be extremely low for the amount of content. Prices that are low for the level of content can actually impact a game's reputation because people make assumptions about the quality and hesitate to buy. I would really have to bump the price up per route, resulting in an overall increase in price (a significant one). Again, this isn't a concern for a free/freemium game like Tailor Tales.

-Fears about completion. People worry about the project not getting finished. It's not so much a concern for a free project because there's no monetary investment in the story. But for a commercial game, unfortunately, people are hesitant to buy a partial project for fear they'll never see the rest of it.

-They want to binge. Basically, people are looking forward to binge-playing the game all at once and don't want to play it as I deliver it piecemeal, route by route. They forget key details and world building elements and have to re-read to refresh themselves between routes, which they find annoying.

-They really just want to play the game at their own pace and in whatever order they want instead of being limited to the order in which I release content.

So yeah! Due to that, I decided to release Gilded Shadows as a full game. The original six LIs (on the cover art) will be released all at once, then the additional three LIs (Reuben, Yuu, and Quill) that were added during our Kickstarter will be released one at a time as they're complete as an update (not DLC or additional purchases).

I feel like this best suits our community's needs and wants. The good news is that I'm nearly done with the 5th LI route (Magnus) and will soon have only one of the original six guys remaining (Lance). Though I still have a lot of art to push through as well, the writing takes so much more time. So getting the writing out of the way is a huge step toward release. OwO

If you want to keep up to date on development, I post bi-weekly progress reports on tumblr and answer character asks and the like as well! 

This is a quote from me for another comment:

"I'm hesitant to post exact dates because, unfortunately, there's just a lot going on that can cause delays.

I'm still holding to 3rd Quarter next year at the earliest for the first six routes. Three routes (Reuben, Quill, and Yuu) were added during Kickstarter and will be added to the game after release as a free expansion - not as DLC. The routes are about 100,000 words each and four of the six are currently complete, one is in progress and one hasn't been started yet. Writing is the most time consuming part so once I have the routes complete I'll probably be able to give a much clearer estimate on a release time frame and I work on the writing daily, trying to get it done. Each route is the equivalent on a fairly long novel so it just takes time!"

And you are right - Caleb definitely has a cute, soft side despite the outward grumpiness! 8D

This is an otome game, therefore all the love interests are male and the protagonist is female.

Fill it with...William or Corvin. They're the closest to Elliot's size. *nods wisely*

No worries! I fret a little when people ask because the answer really is "As soon as I can get it ready for release!" But I am hoping by the end of the 3rd quarter. 

Writing has gone a little slower than I was hoping due to the pandemic causing me to share my workspace. Drawing, I can do with distractions. Writing is a little harder - so that's caused an unexpected slowdown. I'm really determined to get the last two routes written more quickly! 

Sorry I couldn't be more specific, though!


He can be when he wants to be! LoL

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! OwO

I'm hesitant to post exact dates because, unfortunately, there's just a lot going on that can cause delays.

I'm still holding to 3rd Quarter next year at the earliest for the first six routes. Three routes (Reuben, Quill, and Yuu) were added during Kickstarter and will be added to the game after release as a free expansion - not as DLC. The routes are about 100,000 words each and four of the six are currently complete, one is in progress and one hasn't been started yet.

Writing is the most time consuming part so once I have the routes complete I'll probably be able to give a much clearer estimate on a release time frame and I work on the writing daily, trying to get it done. Each route is the equivalent on a fairly long novel so it just takes time! 

I hope this helped. It's kind of a non-answer, but I'm definitely working as fast as I can. <3

Thank you so much!

I feel like the Vampire routes delve a lot more into some of the struggles between humans/Cryptics because Vampires frequently find themselves at odds with humans due to the whole drinking blood thing but are otherwise quite a bit more human-ish than some other groups.

It's also really interesting to write about it from a high schooler's perspective because I feel like younger people always have these amazing flashes of wisdom and insight laced through the natural immaturity and lack of life experience. It's a really fun dynamic to play around with. I think the fact that this game was just *fun* to write and these characters were fun to work with helped us balance out some of the heavier topics.

On the one hand you have topics like "Hey, this community is not having its needs met while another community lives in ignorance about the situation..." but that's kind of juxtaposed against "Should I let my boyfriend have a nibble because he's hungry??"

And Nora offers an interesting lens to look through because her world view is so funny most of the time.

If or when you try Gilded Shadows, we hope you enjoy it too even though it's just a demo right now! It's a fun project to work on as well though the characters are older, we get to play with a lot of fun science fiction tropes



I was not, I'm afraid! I wasn't aware it was a thing until after I was nearly finished with the game! (Now I'm curious if the logos are similar, though. LoL)

From what I've read, there are some vague similarities in some world building concepts due to both this game and Changeling the Dreaming taking inspiration from Fae folklore, but they are otherwise quite different. I admit I'm not at all familiar with that setting, so I don't know how deep the similarities really go. I just glanced at the wiki page when someone first brought it up and saw some stuff about souls that was a little similar (but not the same).

This game is more urban fantasy and deals with more than just Faeries and Changelings (though the latter are definitely a central focus.)

I don't know if it helps but someone who worked on Changeling: The Lost (which I think is related somehow?) enjoyed Changeling. (They pinged us on twitter as they were reacting to the game). I mean, I'm *terribly* biased but I think if you enjoy Fae and Changeling related things, you should give the game a try (though we're taking part in the winter sale just so you're aware!) because we really love Faerie lore and tried work a lot of it into the game in fun ways.

I don't know if this helped at all, but hopefully!

Yes, they can. But using them will definitely break the game in ways that cannot be bypassed. Most of the "exception" errors people have gotten while playing the game have been the result of trying to utilise a save file from the demo.

If your demo save files are appearing in the full game, you can delete them by hovering over them and hitting the "delete" key.

You can find a link to our Discord community here:

(If it no longer works, please let me know)

And our patreon page can be found here:

Thank you! <3

The game will launch with 6 LIs and an estimated 700,000 words, but will update with three additional LIs (due to our Kickstarter campaign), which will probably bring the word count up close to 1,000,000 words.

We are expecting to ask around $28 USD for the game based on the sheer amount of content it will contain. <3

Hello! This issue is fixed in the code but I didn't push out a patch yet because I'm working on some other updates as well and figured I'd send it all out at the same time! 

So you're just catching the unfixed error since the fix hasn't been released yet. Sorry about that!


Congrats on releasing your demo! So exciting! OWO

We do intend to do a Steam release, just like with our previous game. At least with the PC version - mac, sadly, may cause us some issues. But we'll have to wait and see!

Hmm. That's weird.

Quick Load and Quick Save are built in features of Renpy so the way they function is something we only have very limited control over. I'll try to recreate it but I'm not sure what's causing it or whether it's something we can fix or not! Sounds like an interesting mystery! OwO

Thanks for letting us know!

Haha. Rory, surprisingly, does have some fans. Maybe.....just *maybe* you'll see him again (cleaned up and slightly better) in some of the routes! OwO

(1 edit)

Thank you! You are correct that this related to a specific combo and a specific eye pose.

The file is just missing for Morgan's lowered eyes in the "eye6" colour and "skin7" colour. Basically, I never would have found this problem without seeing the error code, so thank you for posting that. 

Exception: DynamicImage u'mor_eyes_low_[eyecolor]_[skincolor]': could not find image. (u'mor_eyes_low_eye6_skin7')

This line in the error code is the one telling us exactly what is going on. When it tries to find the file "mor_eyes_low_eye6_skin7", it can't find it. Lo and behold, when I go look into Morgan's sprite file.........

That file isn't there. I guess we somehow just forgot to save it! 

Thank for taking the time to investigate this error and show us the error code - we really appreciate it, and will fix it right away!


ETA: The problem was actually slightly different than I thought because the file was there, it was just misnamed! And this post also helped me find two other misnamed eye file. The DynamicImage used for the sake of Morgan's customisation requires very specific naming and we had the file as "mor_eyes_low_eyes6_skin7" instead of "eye6_skin7" - and that one little extra "s" was causing the problem. We also found two other eye files that had the same naming issue, so your post helped us fix those as well! Thank you. ^_^

Thank you for letting us know! Unfortunately with just this information we are unlikely to be able to locate these errors. We've pulled no errors during our countless playthroughs for testing new edits and features.

Generally speaking we need to see a screen cap or the text of an error to be able to identify where it is in the code and what is the cause. Much of the time just knowing where you encountered it is not enough. If you encounter errors again, please try to screen cap them so we can take a closer look!

Thank you!


Yeah, that is definitely from the game trying to decode a journal entry. I'm not sure what's causing it to throw the error since I can play through that part with no issues and the journal entry decodes fine. D=

Unfortunately, in a situation where I can't actually replicate the error, I can't identify what's causing it. My only suggestion can be to try to restart the game and see if it helps. ;~;

I've only ever seen this error occur when some kind of old save data (such as from the demo or another version of the game) is being used. It will likely happen at the start of every route, as that is when the journal first loads. When Renpy goes to call the journal up, if it's using old data, then it won't be able to find the journal and the game will break.

My only recommendation is to start a new game and play through everything again and try to load those scenes to see if it still happens! 


Haha. We're sorry for messing up your sleep schedule and hope you manage to get back on track! LoL

But we totally understand that happening. Ebon Light absolutely ruined my sleep schedule for a few nights. It's always great to find a story that you just can't put down.

Thank you so much for this comment - we're happy to hear you're enjoying Changeling so far! <3

You can use your mouse scroll wheel and, I believe, the "page up" button to initiate rollback! 


Hi everyone! 

We wanted to post a link to our Discord community where people can have more in depth discussions about Changeling and our other games. You can chat with other players or ask questions that are outside of the scope of the official game page. Or you can just talk with the devs about whatever you like.

Please introduce yourself when you join and let us know you came from! 

Thank you all and we hope to see you there!


Kicking the Brownie is always hard. It definitely feels really mean. LoL. I guess it means that any negative consequences the player gets from that are well deserved! >=3

Changeling will not have any additional routes or content developed unfortunately, as the game is considered complete and we're moving on to a new project!  There are a lot of great games out there that let you romance the female characters, though.

One of our favourites is Andromeda Six, which has two great female LIs - and it's free! Reanimation Scheme is still in demo form, but there's an adorable female character that will be romanceable in that one, too! Made Marion (also still in development) will have a female LI though I don't believe this character features in the current demo. Anoldor has a gorgeous female LI (and this game is also going to be free!) and My Only Sunshine has several female LIs.

We know all these developers and really, really encourage people to check out their *amazing* games - all of which can be found on <3

Thank you so much! We haven't really considered the possibility of a pre-order, but if we did it would be much closer to game completion since it always feels super weird to me to sell something that doesn't exist yet! LoL

I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it unless release was on the horizon anyway. <3


So far only a few people have tested the possible update but it's essentially wreaked havoc on the save data for everyone so far. I think the issue is stemming more from the conflict between the version of the Ren'py engine in which Changeling was originally built and the current one.

Ren'py went through several massive changes during the course of Changeling's development. At one point we had to stop updating the engine because it kept completely devastating our code and breaking the game. And at the time we just didn't have the budget to be able to pay someone to overhaul the code every single time Ren'py updated. Because of that, the version of the engine the original builds are done in is just really out of date compared to what's available now.

We did find the old versions and tried downloading and building the update in those old versions but it didn't work and, for some reason, we couldn't get the game to launch. So we were stuck with trying to build the distributions in the current version of Ren'py. The problem is that it required us to fix the glitchy parts and try to update the code so that the game is playable and not buggy. That part was a little tedious (one of the issues required me to make an edit to every single choice menu in the game - of which there are 307! LoL).

But the issue is that saves are just completely messed up now, with many of them completely crashing the game if you try to load them. While overall progress is preserved, it's clearly the update would completely destroy everyone's saves. 

As such, we're just trying to decide what to do next! I'm also waiting to hear from a few more testers because right now there have only been 4, which isn't a huge test group and we definitely need to make sure there aren't more significant issues with this build than just broken saves. Even so, with at least 7000 new downloads of the game in the last week, we definitely can't push an update we know would actively destroy everyone's save files. There are still options available though and, at the moment, we're just trying to confirm the save files are the only casualty.

So yeah! That's an update on what's going on! <3


Changeling is a complete otome game and we have no major plans for any changes - especially not for character customisation, which was simply never on the radar as a feature for this game and is not feasible due to the sheer amount of new artwork and rewriting of scenes that would need to be done. It's just feasible.

If you're looking for some awesome LGBTQ+ romance games and developers to support, off the top of my head I know there are these:

Andromeda Six - a really great science fiction game
When the Night Comes, a cool fantasy project, Errant Kingdom
A Foretold Affair
The Pretender's Guild
Hustle Cat
Royal Alchemist
I think the game "Belong" as well.

I hope this helps!