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All the love interests in Gilded Shadow are male.

Five seconds after I met Ernol, I was just like "Yup. He's the one."  LoL

I love them all though - which is pretty rare for me in a visual novel. Most of the time I don't even *like* all the love interests, much less really enjoy their routes. So I'm always really happy when a game can make me love everyone. <3 Vadeyn is such a lovely, kind hearted man.

And I secretly think he's the prettiest (but Ernol is a close second). The Milirose family is really blessed with attractiveness in general. XD

You're not alone in thinking that!

His name is Rory, btw. And he might show back up at some point!  OUO I'm not saying there's a cleaned up version of him that's been posted on our twitter or anything but like....(there is.)

(I just played Ebon Light as well! Ernol is my favourite, though I like them all.)

Thank you so much! We're pleased to hear you like it! <3 

Hopefully you find part two enjoyable as well when it releases in a few weeks! OWO Thank you for taking the time to comment. <3

Just wanted to comment and say how much I love this game. It's so polished and pretty. It's really clear how much love, care, and effort have gone into this project. <3

Just wanted to say that I played the demo and it really looks great.  Though it's clearly a WIP with some missing features, I think it gives a really great view of what the finished game will be like.
I'm really looking forward to this project! =3

We hope you enjoy the game! Sorry again about the confusion! ;A;


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I knew that the game folder name had never been changed - that was just an oversight on our end. It is *not* the beta version of the game. It is fully complete. OxO

The game status on the page was also an oversight. Behind the scenes, there's an additional box to tick to change the status, and I honestly just completely forgot about it until, well, right now. @___@ LoL. Somehow no one has pointed it out to us until today! 

Sorry about the confusion. Just to be clear, Changeling is finished and fully released. The game you downloaded is the complete project! OwO


Thank you! 

The current demo is fairly short (though, if you change your choice when you see the crowd at the fountain, you can meet other people and interact with them). But we are planning a couple of expansions in upcoming months! OwO You'll get to meet other characters and explore a little more of the common route in those expansions.

As a side note - I believe Ebon Light (which I haven't played, but many people in my community enjoy) also has a personality mechanic. It might be worth checking out! 


Thank you so much! I can't wait to introduce the others - though I can say that one LI definitely won't be introduced in the demo, unfortunately. I'm trying to see if I can work the remaining two in (even if they only get a cameo).

Because of their positions, it's hard to get them into a place story-wise, that the player can really interact with them. That was one reason we made profiles accessible from the start. OwO

I'm glad people noticed the indicator - it flashes pretty fast, but I thought it might be helpful to have it through the common route so you can kind of get a feel for where you might be heading.

And yes! The glossary should be more of a supplementary thing that helps give more info on things that aren't fully explained in the text. There's a lot of world building to get through and having the glossary helped relieve some of the pressure of trying to explain it all. If something DOES confuse people, they can look at the entries. And if they don't need it, they can just ignore the links entirely.

We're aware of the name issue, but thank you for mentioning! I'm not sure if we'll push an update just to fix that one thing but it's definitely fixed so that'll be reflected the next time we do update!

Regarding the short beginning scene, we'll have a look at it. It was trimmed down from a much longer scene, so it may still need smoothing out. Thank you for the feedback! OwO


OHNO! We'll have to rectify that glitch...uh....soon. <.<

*waits patiently for necessary backgrounds*

*also waits on our obnoxiously slow coder to get on the ball and*

....oh....wait.......I'm the obnoxiously slow coder.


He he. 

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you!! <3 I'm not sure when the next part of the will come out, but I hope you enjoy it when it does! 

Hey there!

Thanks so much for your feedback.  OWO

I do think most people won't include curly brackets and backslashes in their name, but we'll definitely go ahead and exclude those symbols so people can't break the game. 

Again, thanks for the positive words and for letting us know that this was possible! We really appreciate it!


If you do find any bugs and glitches, please post them here.

If you receive a traceback error, it's really useful to screen cap or copy and paste the text so we can read it.

Thank you all so much!


Thank you so much! We're really excited about getting to work on a new project. 

This is a really fun setting and we're just honestly looking forward to exploring all the different aspects of it. <3

We've had a lot of people express interest in them so it's definitely on our list of future projects. OwO

Dracen, probably not. Dracen was a character created by, and for, a Kickstarter backer. So we don't really have rights to do anything more with him than was done with him in Changeling.

However, one day we'd really love to do a game about all of Corvin's brothers - not just Merle, but Aiah, Lonan, Raaf, Ransley, and Bran as well. OwO I think it would be fun to explore the six of them and what their work is really like in their weird, little cafe.

All the love interests in this game are male!

No problem! I'm so glad it worked it out for you. <3

We're happy to hear you've been enjoying it. OwO


No problem! I did hear back from them but they indicated to me that you will need to contact them yourself and didn't give me any further information.

Please do let me know if it all works out!


Hi SnailChan!

Someone else also had a problem where the button to get the steam key wasn't showing at all. She did say she eventually got it to show up, but never said how. We are showing 60 unclaimed Steam Keys so it should be possible download them.

Unfortunately, buttons appearing on our page (or not appearing) is outside our control so I will have to contact support to see if they have any suggestions. That said, you may wish to do the same as it could be an account specific problem rather than an issue with our page. I can see that keys have been claimed very recently, so I know the button is showing up properly for some people. We may get a response faster if we both reach out about it.

I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I hear something.

Thank you for letting us know about the problem! 


Hi there! I am so sorry I vanished from this conversation. I forgot to subscribe and didn't get any further notifications. ;A;

I'm glad you go it to work and I apologize for being absolutely no help. D=

Awwwww! Look at him! OwO He's so pretty and precious. <3

Thank you for sharing! 

Ah - yeah that happens. If you can give us any exact lines where it does that, just let us know and we'll add it to the list of future tweaks.

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I'm sorry - can you clarify what you're asking for me? Did you request a steam key with your purchase here on

If that's what you're referring to and you don't know how to access your Steam key, please try to follow the instructions in this link:

Let me know if that helps! Thank you! <3

No problem! OwO

Elliot first (or, alternately, Corvin first) and Ewan last is all I usually recommend.  It's definitely not required to play in this order by any means. And doing a different order won't spoil anything. It's just that Elliot kind of deals with Nora's story in the least amount of depth and Ewan's route goes into the most depth.  

I've heard plenty of people say they played Ewan's first (or even kind of prefer Ewan first), so this recommendation is my *personal* recommendation. Not the official recommended order or anything! 

Ah! Yeah, that sounds right. Renpy is *awful* about trying to pull old data from other versions of the game then imploding when it doesn't work.  It's so frustrating!

So glad that worked - and thanks for posting this. If anyone else encounters this issue, I know what to suggest! <3


Can you please give us a little more information about what's happening? When I recreated this error, it is caused by something *very* specific - that is, using an old save after the game journal has had changes made to it. 

First, were you someone who had access to the game when it was in its beta stage (I apologize for having to ask but we had many beta testers from our Kickstarter and since everyone uses different names across different platforms, it's gotten difficult to know who is who).

Second, were you loading the game from an existing save rather than loading a new game? Renpy will pull save data from anywhere it can find it which means that saves you had in place from the demo, from beta, or any time from now will still show as valid save slots. These saves will throw this error 100% of the time.

Can you please try to load a completely new game, get yourself all the way to the end of the common route, and tell me if the game still throws this error?

In the mean time, I will try to confirm with some of our other Mac users whether they are also having this same problem.

Thank you! 


Please post any errors or issues here! 

If you are someone who has had access to the game since beta testing, please do not use old saves. Delete them and start fresh. If you are using an old save and you post a bug - the FIRST thing we will ask you to do is load a new game and see if the error still occurs.

If you have received an exception or a traceback, please copy/paste the text, or screenshot. It will help us identify the issue much faster.

Otherwise, please post any issues here.

Woot, indeed! We're nearly there! *so excited*

Link should work now! Sorry about that! 


It's intense but fortunately we have all the writing...written. And coded! So we're down to testing everything and finishing up all those sprites and CGs! So this project is definitely getting there! OwO

Aww, thank you so much! We're glad to hear you're liking it. There are a few small errors in there so I hope you can overlook them. ;A; We've fixed them in the full game, for sure! 

The full game is planned to release at $19.99 because it is such a massive project. 

The finished game will have nearly 700,000 words of story. It's hard to estimate an exact play time since people read at different paces, but I would expect there to be about 5-7 hours of playable content for each route for the average player. Which is a  total of 30-40 hours for the whole game. There will be over 30 CGs on release (though we're hoping to update with a few more per route some time after our initial release) and I think there are just over 40 endings! So it should be a pretty hefty game that we hope is worth the price for most people! OwO

Hey there! Esh and Sprocket here. OwO We're so happy to hear you like the demo. ;A; It honestly is super encouraging when people take the time to let us know they like it (or just give feedback in general.)

We were hoping to have the game released by now but due to some whacky (and sometimes frustrating) real life things, development slowed down a bit. I can't give you an exact date at this point other than - definitely this year and hopefully as soon as possible! We update our blog on tumblr every week so it's a good place to keep an eye for updates and the occasional sneak peek!  

Currently we have Corvin completely coded, Marc completely coded, Danny and William almost completed coded, Elliot partially coded and Ewan...well, he's still in the works. We still have some art to complete as well but the game is forging ahead and it gets worked on every single day. So it's just a matter of time before it's ready, we promise! 

I really love heterochromia! I had a friend in high school with the most beautiful eyes - one was blue and the other was half blue/half brown. I've always wanted to use proper heterochromia on a character because it's such a unique and fascinating physical characteristic. OwO

Thanks so much! I'm working on the game as we speak. OwO (Well...I mean, I had to take a short break to type this message, but I also have game files open, headphones on to block out my noisy family, and I am hard at work on this thing for you guys. >=3

Hey everyone - just set up an actually discussion board vs a comment section. Creating a thread for people to leave general comments and feedback if they want! 

Yes! We are definitely working super hard! We just sent out the alpha version of one of the routes and are getting some really great feedback from our beta testers. 
You can follow us on our dev blog if you want to be kept updated on the latest work we're doing. We update there every Friday! We are also on twitter, and I try to always link back to our Friday update posts there as well. (Sometimes I forget, though!)
Glad to hear you're looking forward to the game. We work on it every single day and are really, really working hard to get it finished and ready for release! 

Thank you so much! We're working hard! ;A; Definitely seeing progress on it!