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Ludum Dare 35 screenshot thread

A topic by leafo created Apr 16, 2016 Views: 1,072 Replies: 16
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I'm not participating in Ludum Dare this time but I'd still love to see your games. (In case you're out of the loop, Ludum Dare is a 48/72 hour game jam hosted here:

If you're adding your game to then you can use the tag ludum-dare-35.

If you need tips on embedding images check here:


Okay I'll start..

Just added a new feature to the edit page to let you easily tag and provide ludum dare link:


Here's what I got so far for my entry after nearly 10 hours of blood, sweat and tears.

Update: After 2 and a half days here's what my entry looks like now:

Game is pretty much finished and submitted. Here's the link if anyone's interested (

Still needs some graphics! Most of the core gameplay is done though, thankfully!


Got most of the core mechanics in place, including shapeshifting. Now to fill out the rest of the content. Also, playable prototype:

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Complete Thomas Was Alone ripoff!


You are Pluto and you've been absolutely miserable ever since you got demoted to a mere planetoid. O humiliation!

The entire solar system (accursed Earthlings!) is laughing at you, or so you feel–nay, know, in your sad planetoidary mind.

There is only one recourse. You, poor little dwarf planet, must slingshot yourself out of orbit and out into deep space, absorbing the mass of space junk and eventually other planets to become the size of the very sun.

The solar system mocks you.

Take it. It's yours.

More details forthcoming as we figure out what we can or can't do in the timeframe.

Coders can code entire galaxies in the blink of an eye. Right?

Here are some screenshots of our visual test:


That looks super adorable! Will you be uploading it to


oh thanks so much! :) yeah that's the plan, hopefully after some more tweaking depending on how far we get tomorrow (and whether I pour boiling tea over my hand again :D)


Hope your hand is okay! I'm looking forward to playing it. :)

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I survived, maybe it got rid of my carpal tunnel, jk :D Thanks!:D


Love the cute graphics :)

thank you!:)


Huzzah! Zelda-style shapeshifting!

More planets, more space junk… Boom.

The game is coming together nicely. 4 more hours to go!