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thank you very much!:)

wooh, apparently we never read our itch messages! Thanks again:D:DD

whoa, thanks so much for making this!!:) that's awesome! <33

woooo just saw this, made our afternoon! thanks so much!:) Psst twitter tagging devs is a great way to get them to realise someone is playing their random game about planets eating each other ... :D

thanks a tonne! I'll let our composer know :D

Aw, thanks! I'm glad this helped with your mood. Hope you're feeling better today!

I meant a tiny donation in your tip jar, haha :) and yes, I played it all the way to the end despite being really bad at it! I thought the mechanic was very clever once I got the hang of it.

this game is beautiful! Love the colours and atmosphere especially. it's freaking amazing, took me a while to not suck at the platforming (still suck somewhat, haha) but it's such a clever and well-executed concept. 5* and have a little tip from another bedroom dev

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crud, I accidentally double posted instead of editing, sorry. :) anyway, I don't even like platformers but I loved this.

seriously awesome. Congrats on #1!

thanks! you too. awesome crazy blackhole game concept, btw :)

oh man i managed to make her happy at last! This is really adorable. BTW, you should add a link from this itch page to your ludum page. :) would be great released fully as a mobile game too

thanks for the nice comment!:) so glad you liked it. we'll be hopefully able to fix up more stuff in the coming weeks and release it properly:)


thank you!:)

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I survived, maybe it got rid of my carpal tunnel, jk :D Thanks!:D

The game is coming together nicely. 4 more hours to go!

More planets, more space junk…

oh thanks so much! :) yeah that's the plan, hopefully after some more tweaking depending on how far we get tomorrow (and whether I pour boiling tea over my hand again :D)

You are Pluto and you've been absolutely miserable ever since you got demoted to a mere planetoid. O humiliation!

The entire solar system (accursed Earthlings!) is laughing at you, or so you feel–nay, know, in your sad planetoidary mind.

There is only one recourse. You, poor little dwarf planet, must slingshot yourself out of orbit and out into deep space, absorbing the mass of space junk and eventually other planets to become the size of the very sun.

The solar system mocks you.

Take it. It's yours.

More details forthcoming as we figure out what we can or can't do in the timeframe.

Coders can code entire galaxies in the blink of an eye. Right?

Here are some screenshots of our visual test: