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How to report game pages the right way

A topic by No Time To Play created 25 days ago Views: 392 Replies: 2
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Hey, everyone. A quick reminder: if you see a project that you have reasons to think is pirated, contains malware or other issues like these, please use the little report link at the bottom of the project page. Thanks.

Many people report a post made by the creator here in the community forum instead. That doesn't help, because those reports are usually seen by community moderators, and we don't have any power over project pages. Reporting the project page directly reaches our admins, so they can look into it. Hope this clears things up.

It's usually pretty easy for anyone to tell which uploaded files are shady ones at least for adult uploaded files. All you have to look for is these red flags.

1. Comments have been disabled.

2. Ones with disabled comments the game has almost always been converted to .EXE format.

They disable comments to prevent anyone from posting in the comments stating that this isn't the real DEV and that the file is in .EXE format when it shouldn't be and scanning them when you can will always throw up multiple virus warnings. I don't even bother downloading anything from this site if the comments are disabled.

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I hope for you that you use that advice as a rule of thumb rather than take it literally all the time. There are a few good games that don't have the comment section enabled. Tunic comes to mind.

Otherwise it's a good advice generally speaking. If nobody can review what the game is about, it's generally not a good sign that the game is worth playing/instaling.