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Game still has an error with the command center. If you try to leave the command center by clicking on return it'll throw up a traceback error. OSError: Couldn't find file 'unfreeze/door.mp3'. This is because it's suppose to be ("sound", "unfreeze.mp3"), in the command script file and not ("sound", "unfreeze/door.mp3"),.

The letters 'MV' crudely carved into the victims neck. Needs to be changed to arm or forearm as it's carved into the person's arm.

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I liked both of them but the Camilla one I found hotter because it had a bite scene. Same with bite me please I found the one route hotter than the other one because of that. I even took the sexy yeah and ah bite sound from this one and added them to the bite me please bite scene.

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Downloaded the unity version. Picked name picked her then your forced to pick one of everything. I wanted to pick cute and countess but you can't click just the two to start the game so you you tick them all so for the other one I just picked whatever. Not sure if there's a save option or not as I couldn't seem to find it. A save option would be nice so that we don't have to restart at every wrong pick as not everyone is interested in dudes. It would also be nice to label each option to show who it'll lead to as not everyone one is interested in dudes. Picked one option and it lead to a dude started all over and picked a new option it lead to yet another dude. I started all over yet again to finally I found the girl. Which wasn't that hard since it was the last option. I find it funny that she introduces herself as this. I'm Lena, she/they, by the way. I don't think most people go around telling everyone they meet their pronouns as that just seems weird. Picked a history of and was like dammit it's the dude again so lets start over again luckily it didn't take 3 picks this time to get the one that leads to the girl and she let me know what she was doing the next time so I could just click it without closing my eyes and throwing a dart at the wall. Lanyard makes me see her lugging around a ships rope with a badge attached to it. Next day picked option and I was like dammit it's that dude again well restart and try the other option. When going to the maid cafe picking head in I saw a error had to restart yet again to make sure and I was right and they called her count instead of countess checked other option as I had to restart yet again anyway and it also lists her as count instead of countess. Yet again when asking to sit alone FC was called count instead of countess. Yet again called count in the next line. Later Tia calles them count of mine. It seems all of the cafe stuff needs to be redone so it stops calling her count instead of countess as I just checked and even in the when you pick the option to be close to everyone she is listed as count. One spot didn't make much sense since you would have to touch everyone to be able to tell about the general lack of body heat from all of the crowd unless it's a really really really small room with not much ventilation. Spelling error her iext words held great weight. I closed the game after finding out that the  options you picked before this meant nothing at all. I was waiting for her to sweep me off my feet and instead I got hit in the face by a wet piece of paper. Hitting the ESC key causes the X button in th top left hand corner to disappear. Suggestion to anyone wanting to play this to  be seduced by the vampire of your dreams . I would suggest a hard pass as it's  all just boils down to a piece of paper and nothing more.

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You know what's hilarious? A year ago I stated to you that your subscribstar and discord were linked wrong and were being linked back to your boosty and guess what a year later after you stated that you would fix them abd they're still wrong. You know that if you ever fix this you might actually get more people to go to those links right? If there is no discord or subscribstar then delete those as they're redundant and do nothing.

Yes this one's complete and has been for long time now. They are doing a redux of this one.

They mean if you buy the game then onwards after that you'll get all future updates and the only thing you'll have to do is click the download button at the top of the page under the words. You own this adult visual novel and it'll show what you paid and how long it was when you bought it.

You know what would of been really hot? In the scene with the girlfriend and Ruru and Ruru had her hand on her butt. If she had given the girlfriends butt a push and the shadow on the wall would of changed from licking to swallowing. Ruru could of said opps sorry my hand slipped or I got a little excited.

So you removed the hottest scene in the game. Not sure why you just didn't use the content avoid thing like you did for the Halloween event. Then the new rework scene would of played instead. But this is why I always keep the old version till I finish playing a new version. I went back and reloaded an old save to rewatch the Krryie cat scene and was like what the fuck so the first thing I did was unrework the rework to add back the Krryie cat scene. I'm guessing that any content with the dog will never happen now either. Also why do you keep spelling yourselves - yourself - and myself as your selves - your self - my self?

Since they just came out with a different game you can consider this one abandoned just like kathoey. Because if it wasn't abandoned they would of started updating this one or kathoey instead of starting a whole new game.

I take it this isn't done yet? Any option that leads you to go home with them ends with a blank page. Right now there's not much to the game and the warning about adult content I didn't see anything so it must be when you go home with them or something. Should fix it so that we can get back to the comment page without having to close the page and open a new page and load the game as there's no other way to do it atm. I would suggest that you utilize the genre/tag system to list what is in the game. Like vampire - transgender and whatever else your game is going to have in it. I suggest using it because if you don't your games going to be buried in the thousands of other games and never be seen again. I for one would of never of seen this game if I hadn't been searching through the latest updates of the first 50 pages. I generally search for stuff using the tags like vampire then I can add onto that if I want. I can add female protagonist - lesbian. I could also do vampire - transgender which by the way brings up 13 games on the site that have vampire and transgender tags.

I noticed one tiny mistake. At the start. I picked futa and for Samantha I picked the 2nd option. During her transformation it states that some of her buttons on her shirt shoot off but the next image after that when the transformation was complete showed that her shirt was the same as it was before the transformation had started.

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Clicking content warning in game throws up a error? CW: spaghetti code in stylesheet : The game seems interesting but right now there's not that much content.

I understood most of what Greer says now and the voice acting helped. Not sure if Greer is on the map after you first talk to her or not but I do know that Ali is very hard to see on the map on the web version as she's almost off of the side of the screen. I talked to everyone else before finding Ali as I remembered seeing her but couldn't find her till I moused over the edge of the screen.

I customized gender to female she/her but under the profile tab it shows gender as male and it's the same for the non binary option as well. You should also put a this is the end for now message when you hit the end instead of us clicking and getting a blank page as that makes us wonder if it's the end or a bug.

On faranak route. After the line "You approach her and subtly join the circle of guests around her." you get a trace back error Exception: Sayer 'anotherGuest' is not defined. So I just replaced anotherguest with playername to fix it and had to do it in one ther spot as well.

Her purse falls onto the floor but a few lines later  it turns into a jacket. OSError: Couldn't find file 'audio/c3/Telesm/Telesm 2.mp3'. I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. Should be Telesm.2.mp3

While running game code:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 3310, in script

    jump endScreen

ScriptError: could not find label 'endScreen'.

Using edge and started HTML version and selected start game. Arc is not clickable and is greyed out. Clicking on swap view it shows that she's locked.

You don't.

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I'm using edge. Each time I played a card no new card was ever added to the hand and once all three original cards were played all I could do is hit end turn till I died. When I play a card a new card appears for a split second and then never gets added to the players hand. I did happen to beat the first enemy by getting 2 swords at game start.

HTML version is broken and buggy. After you play the three cards you have in your hand you can't do anything else other then end turn as no more cards get added to your hand ever.

One spot when first meeting Ciel after picking she was pissed one line is miss gendered. A suppressed smile played at the corners of her lips before he began speaking. I have noticed other spots like this like this line. You get off of him and help her stand.

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I actually would have no problem if the MC never gets to have fun with any girl. The way he looks and the way he acts just makes me want to pick every fucking option to where he gets nothing. I liked the cat scene and picked the NTR option even if it's not NTR as the loser isn't in a relationship with the catgirl and even if he was I would still let her go wild since the fucker doesn't deserve anything but getting kicked or bit in the nuts. Next scene I want to see the dog get back at the fucker by biting the fucker in the dick and while he's down for the count I want to see it mount the older sister. When their eyes meet a bubble pops up for the dog saying remember when you kicked me and the cat? Well pay backs are a bitch mother fucker with the dog slamming forward to prove their point with some animation of her getting fucked by the dog.

Seemed kind of fun. I noticed when you're in the phone looking at Amelia or during the sex scene clicking on the screen causes the character to walk around the room leave the room or sit down on the bed - bench or chair. Might want to fix that so that it doesn't cause anyone's game to glitch out. I think a good addition to the shop would be a sprinkler system so that you don't have to click over and over again watering might also be good to have a tiller or some type of harvester to auto do those as well. I picked going after futa and made the character have a vagina but instead of the futa fucking the character a strap on was put on and the futa fucked herself on that.

Error in A.newTrack() -> see the console for more information. Once you get to the eating/smoking area you can't see any options. Using edge.

I didn't see anything wrong with anything except maybe the bomb. The bomb can hurt/kill me but not the enemy.

Yeap screen no longer moves when the arrow keys are pressed. Thanks.

Using the arrow keys causes the page to move up or down. Browser is microsoft edge.

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Named the MC and as soon as you get there one of the girls calls the protagonist MC instead of the name that was picked for them. Other places they're called MC as well. 

I can't remember with James as I spammed past their stuff but If it says that you have done all of the quests for now. Then that's all there is for now until the next update. If it doesn't say anything then it could be a glitch or something is missing. But if you followed the quests then you should of gotten everything.

The daughter the next door neighbors daughter and her mother are also pretty hot looking as well. These three will be the ones that I'll be going after in the game.

I usually don't play first uploads and usually wait for a update or more before trying. But with a HTML version it's different as you don't have to download anything to test it out. So I'll just wait.

Both chrome and edge throw up an error. Error: Uncaught rangeerror: Maximum call stack size exceeded (see Javascript console for details) This is a known issue in safari and webkit browsers. Please report this issue to apple

From looking at the last screenshot I'm guessing you'll be able to avoid the dudes in the game?

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Seems pretty interesting I did see some minor spelling mistakes and one traceback error. transe instead of trance - he rthroat instead of her throat - sadi instead of said - fist instead of first - doem instead of dorm - cale instead of cake. Traceback error after the line I'm not alone anymore. NameError: name 'mike' is not defined. I believe it's suppose to be mike_relationship

Read 5 or 6 posts below yours for that answer.

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Noticed multiple mistakes in the cave party. The first dice throw was correct then pretty much almost all other dice throws after that were wrong where the number didn't match the option. 1 to 2 kiss 3 to 4 intimate question 5 to 6 remove piece of clothing.

Seems interesting so far.