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But I think it would be a lot better if you had the option to use the mouse instead. Since your just controling the ship you could just as well have the ship be controled using the mouse instead. I found the controls to be too touchy and it made it hard to move between the bullets.  Also none of the enemy's projectiles should ever be the same color as yours as it makes it really hard to avoid their bullets when they blend into yours. Especially the first girl I stopped playing that level and instead went and played the 2nd one and was eventually able to beat that one because the bullets were easier to see in that level.

I noticed a mistake. In the spot where the FC and the Elvis wannabe are at the library and he wants a kiss. If you've never said she has a boyfriend and you select the first option she states that she's not about to cheat on her boyfriend and he acts like he knew that. To me she should say something else if she's never told them that they have a boyfriend. I'm not doing anything with him I'm just picking some of the options to build up her wild points to use with someone else like Maddy.

There's a mistake that I have seen. I pick the female sign and then go upstairs and take the girl home. If you pick the go down on her it switches to the male character as it starts talking about his dick getting ready to enter her.

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Seemed pretty fun and kind of made me think of leisure suit Larry games where he always tries to get with girls and always fails and never gets anything. 

The bonus pictures were nice but a bit pointless if the bonus button is disabled so that you can't look at them again. 

I did see one little error and it's with the classroom placement inside and outside of the school. If you're facing the exit the classroom is on the left and when you leave if you're facing the entrance the classroom is to the left which is wrong as it should be on the right side of the entrance instead. Other than that, it was a fun game.

Is this dead? I haven't seen anything posted for a while so just wondering.

I was playing the web version.

From the tags it would seem that the FC will also be able to choose if they want to go after a female character instead. Which is what I'll be doing. Maybe I'll steal the Elvis wannabe's girl from them.

Yeap same here clicking wake up brings up a black page.

Played for awhile and got to the spot where you had talked to the squirrel and raced them if you race them again you get screwed as the fence doesn't go away after the race and hitting refresh starts you all the way back when you first leave the rabbits house at the beginning. So for now I'm not going to play this again until there's a better save system in place as I'm not going to restart at the start of acts whenever a bug appears.

Looks good. I think I'm only interested in the female vampire and maybe the werewolf girl.

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Seems pretty good though I started ignoring what Greer was saying as I stopped trying to figure out what they were trying to say as many of their lines I just couldn't understand. I also saw two mistakes in the browser version. 

One when you are asked what your name is by Greer and you enter a name and tell them your name she says her name is playername instead of the name I chose. 

Two when it says that Ali removes her mask she doesn't actually remove her mask at all. Not sure if there are other mistakes with the other characters or not with the browser version as I wasn't really interested in the male characters.

I say a better option would be to leave the voice as is and just have a menu option that allows a player to change how often the voice plays for kills.

Only place you can save is at the bar when talking to the waitress.

One spot the line *They've got to go!* Is being said by Kalyskah instead of Merishya.

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Loads super slow on microsoft edge. It's been 4 minutes and it's almost to 50% for the first asset group. I also noticed that if you go to a different tab the timer stops moving. It looks to be slowly loading as it's on its second part but is slower than molasses in the middle of December. A hour or so later it finally finished downloading the assets for the game only to not be able to click on ANYTHING. Refresh page only for it to go back to the slow as molasses loading resources all over again. Fuck that I'm out as I won't be going through that shit again.

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Look at the top of the main page it should say these words. You own this adult visual novel. It should also show what you purchased it for and how many days ago it was. There should also be a download button there as well and you just have to click it and pick the file you want to download.

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It was pretty good. One thing that I would change with the renpy version is the save/load option. Right now you can't load the game without first closing the game and then hitting the load when you bring the game back up. Most renpy games have where the load option is there when you  right click on the screen and usually there is a save/load option at the bottom of the game screen.

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Version WithRainComestheFlood-1.0-pc is missing the image folder for chapter 5.

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They have recently went through and removed most of these files from the adult section. I only download ones with comments disabled just to see if it's in .EXE format and run it through virus total and then report them and give whatever info I know. Most of the files that get uploaded with comments disabled are because they're uploading older files. Take the corrupting the intern that has been recently posted. First the name is spelled with no spaces while the real version has spaces the file is in .EXE format the uploader is not the owner and the game came out in 2016 and was abandoned April 26 2019.

It's usually pretty easy for anyone to tell which uploaded files are shady ones at least for adult uploaded files. All you have to look for is these red flags.

1. Comments have been disabled.

2. Ones with disabled comments the game has almost always been converted to .EXE format.

They disable comments to prevent anyone from posting in the comments stating that this isn't the real DEV and that the file is in .EXE format when it shouldn't be and scanning them when you can will always throw up multiple virus warnings. I don't even bother downloading anything from this site if the comments are disabled.

Look at the top of the page you should see this.

You own this adult visual novel. With a download button and a message saying you purchased this for this amount X days ago. This is where you download each version from.

They actually spam the popular sections. Like games - popular or adult - popular. Just use ad blocker on their GIF spam and the next time they post those GIF's again they won't appear because you already have them blocked.

Are your stats high enough? Not sure if you need to be at a certain lewd lever or not as I did her quest later on down the road and was able to do it just fine.

By opening the chest and then selecting the different outfit boxes to the left of the character. But you can only change clothes in her cabin or hotel room and you'll only be able to wear something if her stats are high enough.

You should of found the orc camp by now if not go back to the forest and start searching till you find it.

Very good story and really hot and erotic.

You can buy from a store once you unlock that area.

MUH v.0.17.1b RELEASED!

Both routes were pretty good but the one was way hotter then the other one mostly because I like bite scenes a lot more.

Should probably fix your overview as you are not Sam you are  Britany.

Seems pretty interesting. Is it all going to be text based or will there be some images? I also noticed one mistake. When Calina asks the FC what her name is the FC only replies with ... instead of the name you gave her as [povname] is missing from that spot.

At the lake but only after you unlock the pagan monastery and unlock a certain fetish found there.

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Take your time. I wasn't worried as I knew it would get here when it got here.

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That sucks. We had a similar thing happen to us a few years back. A power cable fell into a cable box below the power line and lit half the city up. Basically anything that was plugged in was shot. Some places actually had electricity shooting out of their power outlets on the walls and some were actually so bad that it melted them. Luckily everything was covered under our insurance so we went out and bought the same items or bought new if we couldn't find the item anymore.

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I also noticed that the level stops at level 40 but if you refresh the page you'll be on the next area but if you hit the down arrow you'll be stuck back in the level 40 area but refreshing the page will get you back there again. I made it all the way to level 51 before having to stop.

Not for me it doesn't. Using chrome and if I go to a different tab or open a new window everything stops till I come back to the page.

The most important feature of a idle game is that you can run it in the back ground while doing other things. Which isn't the case with this idle game as you can't have it running in a different tab nor can you have it open in a separate widow. Because as soon as you leave the page or click on a different tab the game stops doing anything till you click it again.

FC's name is misspelled almost everywhere in the script instead of Chelsea many places it's Chelse a lot of outfits seem to have minor clipping mostly with the nipples.