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Users who stupidly download PC games on Android/iOS Locked

A topic by Ofihombre created Mar 18, 2018 Views: 1,280 Replies: 52
This topic was locked by null 39 days ago
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So in other words people are getting more stupid???


Yes, how much more use their phones/tablets irresponsibly, there will continue to be more cases of people downloading software without really knowing the platform where it is available to use it, and don't make urgent advances in technology education.

9th & 10th wrong arabian downloads. Please, this problems of erroneous downloads of PC/Mac games on Android phone/tablets has become really serious (specially in the Middle east, where Android dominates), and it's stupidly becoming more normal and daily this  technological illiteracy acts. 

You have to convince the world what an operating system means, and you can't use software from another OS without emulation or remote desktop.

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Yeah, but those 3 links that you have put aren't related to the discussion, they only cover as spam.


This is starting to become more of a racist thread against people you don't like, rather than a productive thread about educating consumers about proper downloads.  How about we be more productive instead?

Perhaps some wording changes on the download page itself regarding items meant only for Windows/Mac/Android or other Operating Systems.

To use a similar analogy, I doubt anyone in this thread knows how to take apart a car engine and put it back together or even how it works in explicit detail, yet we drive cars every single day.  Some people drive a car and just pay someone else to do basic maintenance.

There is such a thing as 'tethering' where someone uses/pretends to be using a mobile user-agent string in order to bypass supposed spying/restrictions on their home internet (or if they are unable to get home internet due to cost or other factors).  It would be foolish to immediately presume malicious intent without significantly more data.

If these downloads are bothering you, then edit your page to make it clear that the downloads are not meant for mobile operating systems.  If these same users are bothering you with support requests for when exe files don't work on mobile, you ignore them.  I feel that would be far more productive then this length 2+ page rant about it.

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if I complain about the wrong downloads that come from the Middle East, It isn’t because I am racist, I know that not everyone has a great lack of knowledge, is because more and more wrong downloads of PC games in Android that are coming from that region almost daily.

But nevertheless, from the second paragraph of your comment, you are telling me very interesting things worth admiring. The wording changes & warnings in download pages, is something that I had done before you told me, I have put them in the descriptions of Youtube gameplays, in my weebly page and here in, but no matter how detailed the warning it that saying "the game is intended for Windows and not for Android", always there will be the one who ignores such requirements to be able to play such a game before downloading them, and because of him it doesn’t work because he downloaded it in the wrong way by his fault.

In the case of the wrong arab downloads, all came from IndieDB, and they already said in their profile that the game was for Windows or Mac platforms, and they didn’t want to pay attention to this detail, and they committed the same error to download it wrongly on their Android phones again and again just by changing the words in the google search engine to find the same game.

In short, this type of technological illiteracy cases obviously can’t be controlled, nor is there an official institution on how to properly download the software for each operating system in an orderly manner (which would urgently need it), you can tell me to try to be more respectful and patient, but I don’t intend to ignore this type of case in case I'm interested in showing it.

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I'm not telling you to ignore it.  I'm telling you to be more productive in how you go about dealing with this issue.
Personally I don't know how/why such downloads are bothering you.  If those users are asking you for support then you just use an automated response that the game is meant for the Windows OS and there is no support for any other operating systems.

This may also be an opportunity for you to consider making a mobile (paid) version of your item and make some money off of it instead.  Turn an annoyance into a profitable venture.

But hey what do I know?  You'd rather sit here complaining about it instead of doing something more productive ;)

EDIT:  You're already using Unity and most of your games don't seem to have any gameplay that would exclude a (paid) mobile port.  Might also help to offer a (Google Translated) arabic version of your store page/blurb so that those visitors actually understand what you're saying.

I see that each once you are more sincere and that you understand me better my concern about the users that wrongly download the Windows /Mac games in Android/iOS phones.

The problem I have with this, is that now that the Smartphone already has greater dominance and popularity than the PC, the chances of a download a wrong way a Windows game to Android are very high. And  what most leaves me unanswered, is that almost no one has asked me why the game he downloaded doesn’t work on his phone or tablet, to be able to answer that the game works with Windows, or Mac, or Linux, etc. 

Even though I have Unity, I don’t make mobile games for 3 reasons:

1. I don’t know how to use Android SDK, and I don’t even think about doing it.

2. Excessive and automated advertising when it is free, but making payment, there is no problem.

3. The buttons on the screen, at first don’t affect your experience, but when it comes to games that require many buttons, your fingers can even cover half screen or almost all, this annoys and you can lose details easily. That is why it is better to choose to make compatible games with bluetooth connection commands for a better gaming experience.

To those who downloaded the game by wrong way in the Arab region or the rest of the world, they would have before thought about copying and translating the text they don’t  understand so that they avoid downloading the software version that is not what they were really finding for, but as always, there will be those who go ignore it.

I think with the game options, some quite fine. I downloaded it mobidescargar mobile Pubg pretty good

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