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My LocJAM, step by step Locked

A topic by LocJAM created Apr 22, 2022 Views: 3,759 Replies: 2
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Let's see step by step what you should do to join the LocJAM. It's not that hard, but I'd like to share a few tips along the way :)

Step 1: Create a team

This year's game is 4800 words long. Since an average translator can cover about 2500 words per day, it is fully possible for you to join the alone, translate it in full and test it within the three days of the jam.

But why not taking the chance of working with someone new? You will discover some new perspectives and have much more fun!
It's obviously easier if you have some interested friend already but if not -no worries- just check our forums and you will quickly find someone to pair up with.

Then, it's time to create your group profile on Just open, click on Register and input your data.

The use the Edit profile and Edit theme tools to describe your team with custom icons, headers, colors and a description with your members, hobbies, online contacts and more.

Some underestimate this passage, leaving just minimal information or none at all. But it seems a shame to me.
First of all, an appealing profile might help your career. Maybe not directly, but a polished jam entry with a neat profile can give your CV a little push while getting started, or show your creative side when you're more affirmed in the profession.

And then, having a common "house" will definitely bring your team closer together.
Look at these great profiles, don't you want to meet them all?

Last step: let's register for the jam! Just reach and click on the red "Join Jam" button

Done, now we're ready to translate a videogame!
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Step 2: translating the game

As announced on the jam page, the game to translate is Avventura nel Castello

Feel free to play it at the top of the page in order to familiarize with it

Then scroll to the bottom of the page in order to reach the Download button

Download the file and extract it inside a folder of your computer. You will see the following files

Open it with a text editor to access the game strings. The text to be translated is the part within ``, do not touch the rest unless you know what you're doing.

Have fun and, for any question, head over to the official forum. Have fun!

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Step 3: Uploading and testing your game

Once your translation is complete, it's time to post it as an game.

First of all, make a zipfile of the whole project folder, including the original game files and your edited js file.

Then click on the menu on the top right of the screen and select "Upload new project"

Use the following settings for the game to display correctly

Classification: Games
Kind of project: HTML
Release status: Released
Pricing: No payments
Uploads: Zip your game folder as-is, complete with the edited l18n.js file and set it as "This file will be played in the browser"
Embed options: Embed in page, Manually set size, 960 x 600 pixel, Automatically start on page load, Fullcreen button
Visibility and access: Public

Remember to:

-Add the following text at the end of the page

-Use and [xx] iso language code in the tilte if you are translating into one of the unlisted language(i.e. ca, fr-ca, nl, pl…)

And we're done. In order to stand out, don't forget to make a good project icon and to add description and screenshots.
Finally, use Edit theme in order to tweak the visual appearance of your page with colors and backgrounds (just like you did for your group page!)

Submitting your entry

Now that you have everything ready, joining is dead easy. Go back to the LocJAM page and click on Submit your project. At that point, just select the relevant details...

And that's all, best of luck!

(If you miss the deadline for the contest, leave a message on the forum and we will try to help you. Within reason 馃槈)

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