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The game to translate is Intergalactic Wizard Force

by Powerhoof (LocJAM edition). Have fun!

An online game translation marathon focused on creativity, discovery and collaboration.

Running for 72 hours, from Friday to Sunday CET

  New York, Toronto  From: Thursday, 5th of May 18:01 EDT  To: Sunday, 8th of May 17:59 EDT  Madrid, Rome  From: Friday, 6th of May 00:01 CEST  To: Sunday, 8th of May 23:59 CEST  Tokyo, Seoul  From: Friday, 6th of May 07:01 JST/KST  To: Monday, 9th of May 06:59 JST/KST


Here's what you need to know:

Who can enter? Anyone with online access, of any age, from anywhere. We recommend working in teams.

Where can I find help and team mates? Ask on  our forum!

What do we translate? A web-based point-and-click adventure. 4800 words, CSV format.

What language can I translate into? From English into anything you want. Just be aware that our current font only supports the following: French, Italian, German, Spanish, (and any other language based on the Latin alphabet), Greek, Cyrillic, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Who will judge entries? The other entrants will be able to vote their favorite entries for three days after the end of the jam.

Can I do more? Yes! If you have Unity programming knowledge, you can use the source code to take your entry to next level.

  • New dubs: Redub the game in your own language
  • New languages:  Change the system fonts to support different characters (Arabic, etc)
  • New graphics: Update the game title or even entire scenes


Further rules:

Any more doubts? Check our FAQs here