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Thanks for the kind words.
Please just follow this link with the same account you posted your game with https://itch.io/jam/386576/add-game/2642247/4288252?token=asPaYCxJgvvnCASjJsH9DA...

Cheers! Alain

Sure, here you go


For the last time, I like the voting system, in all its chaotic randomness.
I have fun with it, most people have fun with it, and it has been present since we started again here on Itch.
Is it wonky? Of course, but nobody ever raised concerns about it before.
This said, this doesn't make your concerns any less valid.
As the number of participants grew, we found out that an harmless bit of fun does can affect a minory especially hard.
Duly noted, I already detailed how I plan to tweak things moving further.
Searching for that balance that makes the event fun for everyone: from me, to you, to everybody else.
Have a lovely day 😄

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There is no right or wrong here, just what people found interesting.

Maybe people found the idea of bad machine translation intriguing enough to vote. Maybe those submissions you mention had some charm that made them popular despite their limititations. Your guess is as good as mine.

I understand your worked hard on your entry and you want what feels "right".

But picking a translation over another is fundamentally dictacted by taste, which is subjective, and thus rarely "right" in the first place.

And framing the contest as a competition would create a toxic tension between the different teams, damaging collaboration which is one of the three goals of the jam.

And finally because the other two goals of the jam are creativity and discovery. Giving visibility to odd, unexpected, original entries is at the core of the whole event.

So to loop bacl to what I said before, voting went exactly as I expected, surfacing entries that aren't necessarily The Best of the Best but more humbly something intriguing,  worth discussing or simply funny..

This said, I see that the "voting" framework created tensions and false expectations in some. Most participants do not seem to mind, but I'll make sure to study something better for the future.

After all, we're all here for having fun.

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Hi there

As you rightly say, the results are simply dictated by the votes given by the other participants.

I had a protracted discussion about it here but -long story short: results, ranking and score are a bit of a misnomer.

The whole "voting" phase is just a bit of extra fun where participants get to hang out and recommend entries they like. In turn, such entries will appear higher in the list, as a way to suggest them to casual visitors. (Which in turn tweaks the main page ranking, which is sorted by popularity/views).

So to answer your question, there was really no method or evaluation or parameters, it's just a casual recommendation system not much more intellectual  than a Facebook thumbs-up.

As discussed in the other thread, most people seem to enjoy it for the little bit of fun it is (we have 20+ entries in first place as ex-equo with two/three votes each after all).

But both you and one Russian team seem very concerned about it, so we're re-evaluating for the future.

I believe the contest needs a way to reward originality and creativity. This seemed a fun way to achieve it, but I realize the whole idea of a ranking (no matter how loose) is uncomfortable for some.

Probably I will replace it by recommendations made directly by myself as a jury of one, picking the 10-odd entries that look more striking or collected more votes (regardless of their language).

I don't like the lack of transparency that entails, but it seems worth exploring instead of giving no recommendations at all.

Thanks again for joining the contest and have a lovely day 😄

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So, I asked around and thought about the matter and -for future jams- I decided to replace the current voting/recommendation system with a list of recommended entries picked by myself.

As a contest, we want to reward creativity and originality and the current system allows that in a rather transparent way,
While most participants understand it for the little bit of fun it truly is, it is true that having any ranking at all sends out an unclear message.
Therefore, for the future I will create a jury of one (myself), check out the most interesting entries (either through creativity or positive comments collected) and pick ten, which will be posted as recommended.
It will be clearly less transparent and arguably less fun, but should be a good compromise between keeping everyone positive while giving occasional visitors a curated list of entries.

I'm not sure I'm following 😄 What updater? Your game works fine here.

Hi Bubez, thanks for the lovely entry.
It's great to see minority languages in the contest.
One kindness, though: would you please remove the tipping button?
We request all entries to be entirely free and non-commercial.


That's amazing! One kindness: could you please add a copy of your modified font as a downloadable asset? That would prove useful for future jams (Lanapixel is creative commons after all)

That's amazing! One kindness: could you please add a copy of your modified font as a downloadable asset? That would prove useful for future jams (Lanapixel is creative commons after all)

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Anyone else has the same issue? It may be worth checking and telling itch if it is a bug.

Heads up for others reading this: that same message ("You can't vote because you didn't submit an entry") will display if you try to vote your own entry, but that's misleading. You can actually vote the other entries, just not yours. (I guess itch didn't bother writing a separate message)

Again, I actually like how things are set up now. Nothing blunt about that 😄

My concern with the karma system and other itch solutions is that most visitors just can't read most entries.

No much point in showing me a random selection of Chinese translations if I can't judge them.

But I promise to look into the matter, since it seems to matter much to you.

As for voting, did you add the team members as admins?

My understanding is that you just need to do that to allow everyone to vote.

I never mention winners because there are none.

When you see the entries now, they are ordered randomly. In two weeks time, the list will be ordered by score.

The voting phase is just a way to surface the most interesting entries and have people discuss about them.

I could easily skip voting altogether (the option is there) and leave the jam unranked, but I feel it would be a net loss.

Sorting really helps! Most visitors don't want to trudge through random broken entries. And I think it's fun for participants to check around and compare them.

So just enjoy it if you want, and vote how you see fit. Keep in mind that most entries get no score at all, so even a low score will still increase visibility.

I will think how I can convey the message that voting is about curation but it seems a shame to remove it.

After all, I guess you wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for this extra bit of fun?

Here you go https://itch.io/jam/386576/add-game/2650318/4288252?token=7DQUPuDzXGa0u99tsQeRuD...

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I'm confused: this game is already part of the jam, you don't need me to add it. If you want change anything, you can just do that directly...

Thanks for the kind words. Click on this link with the same account used to create your entry


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Feel free to change anything you want.

I must admit I'm not aware of the details of shared voting. Maybe give it a try and share your experience on the forum?

That was really another era.

As the description says, the new LocJAM is all about creativity, discovery and collaboration.

Voting isn't here to declare a winner, it just helps surfacing interesting entries slightly higher in the listing.

There's no system to game, because there's no prize to win.

I think your point has merit, and there are positives and negatives for each approach, but I've always wanted to run a jam, not a contest.

It was on the very name after all. 😄

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> Is there a way for team members to vote
Yes, voting is open to submitters & contributors.

> I would even be in favour of a "VotingJam"
People getting competive was the main reason there were no events for three years.
Please leave a kind word on the entries you like but competition is a side of the jam I'm not interested in expanding.

Your entry does not appear to be working. Please check on the forum to find guidance.

Your entry does not appear to be working. Please look on our forum to find guidance to fix it.

Rar is not a format supported by Itch. Please re-upload as a zip file to make your game playable.

Here you go. Click here with the account used to publish the game https://itch.io/jam/386576/add-game/2646898/4288252?token=los31S8l2KTM5e6pjU1FSo...

Sure, it's unlocked.

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The voting period actually lasts 15 days, since some people in the past complained about not being see as many entries as they wanted.

Anyway, I'll update the page accordingly, thanks for the heads up

Please add the language code in the title when you have a minute. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639_language_codes


If you still fail to meet the event after that, please write a message below with the URL of your game (i.e.  https://locjam.itch.io/intergalactic-wizard-force-locjam-edition)) and I will write you back with a special link (https://itch.io/jam/318172/add-game/1505782?token=0ML3TY5) for adding your late entry

Please set the entry as playable in browser (check the step by step guide for details)

I'm confused, checked by whom?

Also, you cannot upload a password-protected zip file to itch. You must unzip the kit, edit it an then zip it back again.

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Maybe try going step by step?

First download the localization kit and extract it. Then upload it as it is and see if it runs.

If it does, open  text_translated.lua and paste over a fourth of your translated lines. Then upload it and see if it runs.

If it does, add the rest bit by bit, and then your graphics. Upload, check repeat.

If at any point the game stops working, it's down to a problem in the last addition.

Check it again line by line until you spot the issue. The upload and check again.

Hope it helps and thanks for joining!

I confirm that everything is fine with the zipfile itself.
Try downloading it again and using a different computer/zipping application.

There is a section in the instructions.html file about advanced modifications like these. Just be aware that programming knowledge is required and you will receive no support for it.

From what I understand, its just an artifact of your text editor interpreting \n as a line break. This is how it looks for the rest of us.

(3 edits)

Now that we have over 30 builds of the game working online, it's safe to say that game-breaking issues must be local.

If your game fails to run, try using a different machine, possibly a Windows installation with the default apps, since that's inevitably the most tested solution.

Then check your own edits

Furst of all, copy the content of your text_translated.lua, file and paste it on the https://sellaroli.com/apps/nem-translation-tool/ website. It will show you where the first lua synthax error is. Fix them one by one, then copy the text back to your file.

Then download a fresh new copy of the localization kit, extract it and overwrite text_translated.lua with your own version (to make sure no other file was changed)

Similarly, if you changed the graphics, overwrite poster_translated.png and title_translated.png inside the game.zip file. Make sure they are located exactly in the assets/single_sprites/ folder

In general, the more you can carefully transfer your edits into a freshly downloaded, stock localization kit, the more you can trust it to run like the others

Finally, zip and upload the project folder to Itch.io as explained in the step by step guide. This time, it does not need to be password-protected.

If I remeber correctly, others have been implementing alternative fonts. Maybe they can share their experience too?