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This was part of a jam we did last year.
There were multiple Russian translations already, but give me a shout here and I'll add yours if you want. Ciao!

"Please visit this URL from your account to complete the submission."

You either broke or misplaced the string file

Amazing effort 😁

Dave says:

Ah, they only sent me the build, not their source code. But they're trying to make a windows build in unity, rather than a web build. Tell them to- "To create a build for WebGL, go to File > Build Settings from Unity’s main menu. In the Platform list, select WebGL and then click Switch Platform." More info here-

Visit this URL from your account to complete the submission.

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After over 100 successful entries, we can be confident there are no major bugs in the code.

Should you still  struggle to make your entry work, we recommend the following:

-Take the step by step guide and follow it strictly
-Use only newly downloaded files and use a Windows computer with Excel
-Ensure that your CSV and ZIP files are in the correct format
-Post your game page here to be added to the contest after the deadline

nOOO, the link is broken. Tell me it's not a prank, Bubez, I NEED this now 😆

I would recommend using Excel (since all you need with that is a double-click on the file)
Otherwise tweak the saving options in LibreOffice and then compare the format with the original using notepad

Just submit directly, I gave you three more hours 😁

Please read the instructions carefully

More specifically:

1) Ensure you didn't break the CSV. For a quick confirmation, open it with notepad, it should be separated by tab, not commas

(If you broke the file, carefully paste your translation over the F column in the step below, using Excel)

2) Download the original zipfile, extract it, overwrite the original CSV with yours, ZIP THE WHOLE FOLDER AGAIN, and upload it as detailed on the guide

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Please read the instructions carefully

More specifically:

1) Ensure you didn't break the CSV. For a quick confirmation, open it with notepad, it should be separated by tab, not commas

(If you broke the file, carefully paste your translation over the F column in the step below, using Excel)

2) Download the original zipfile, extract it, overwrite the original CSV with yours, ZIP THE WHOLE FOLDER AGAIN, and upload it as detailed on the guide

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I double-checked and I confirm it works fine, provided it's all in the right format
Re-download the file and follow the instructions in the FAQ step by step
If you still can't display your text, send me your zipfile

As the error says, you either misplaced or broke your CSV file.
My recommendation would be to download the translation kit again, then carefully opening/editing the CSV (double-click, paste translation cells, save and ignore warnings) and re-uploading to

Hi there, thanks you for the heads-up! Please re-download the source code file to find a fixed version!

Hi there! If you want, you could contribute the whole contest!
One major challenge we have now is that the font of the game doesn't support Arabic.
You can see the project specs here: if you feel comfortable enough to do implement an Arabic font, I will be happy to share your version on the contest page 😄

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Step 3: Uploading and testing your game

Once your translation is complete, it's time to post it as an game.

First of all, make a zipfile of the whole project folder, including the original game files and your edited CSV file.

Then click on the menu on the top right of the screen and select "Upload new project"

Use the following settings for the game to display correctly

Classification: Games
Kind of project: HTML
Release status: Released
Pricing: No payments
Uploads: Zip your game folder as-is, complete with the edited translation.csv file and set it as "This file will be played in the browser"
Embed options: Embed in page, Manually set size, 960 x 600 pixel, Automatically start on page load, Fullcreen button
Visibility and access: Public

Remember to:

-Add the following text at the end of the page

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
The LanaPixel font (c) 2020, eishiya ( is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

-Use and [xx] iso language code in the tilte if you are translating into one of the unlisted language(i.e. ca, fr-ca, nl, pl…)

And we're done. In order to stand out, don't forget to make a good project icon and to add description and screenshots.
Finally, use Edit theme in order to tweak the visual appearance of your page with colors and backgrounds (just like you did for your group page!)

Submitting your entry

Now that you have everything ready, joining is dead easy. Go back to the LocJAM page and click on Submit your project. At that point, just select the relevant details...

And that's all, best of luck!

(If you miss the deadline for the contest, leave a message on this forum and we will try to help you. Within reason 😉)

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Step 2: translating the game

As announced on the jam page, the game to translate is Intergalactic Wizard Force by Powerhoof

Feel free to play it at the top of the page in order to familiarize with it

Then scroll to the bottom of the page in order to reach the Translation kit button

Download the file and extract it inside a folder of your computer. You will see the following files

If you have Microsoft Excel installed in your system, simply double click on the translation.csv file in order to access the game text.

If you don't have MS Excel on your system, download and install the free alternative LibreOffice.

Column E contains the original English text. Use it for reference while translating and revising but you shouldn't really change it

Column F is where you will typeyou translation. Feel free to replace the "Translated" header with the name of your language for it to display in the main menu.

When saving, Excel will ask you if you want to replace the current file format. Always maintain the original format or the text might become corrupt and unreadable

Do not rename the translation.csv file or move it into another folder or the game will no longer be able to load it.


If you inadvertently saved in the wrong format, due to Excel’s numerous warning messages, download the translation kit again and follow the steps below when saving

Excel 2007:
-When closing the file or Excel, a warning message will display “Do you want to save changes to translation.csv?” Click Yes
-When saving, Excel will display a warning message saying “translation.csv may contain features that are not compatible with Unicode Text. Do you want to keep workbook in this format? To keep this format, which leaves out any incompatible features, click Yes” Click Yes
The same happens if you use “Save” while translating, just click yes. Never use “Save as” and never change file format

Excel 2013:
-Always save manually (Ctrl+S). Never use “Save as” and never change file format
-When saving, Excel will display a warning message saying “Some features in your workbook might be lost if you save it as Unicode Text. Do you want to keep using that format?” Click Yes
-When closing the file or Excel, a warning message will display “Do you want to save your changes to translation.csv?” Always click Don’t save


For advanced users:

If you want to go beyond simple translation and change the very structure of the game, download the Unity source code. These are the instructions (also included in the zipfile)


- Use unity version 2020.3
- Download it from here
- Unzip the source folder, and open as a project in unity 2020.3

- The game was created with PowerQuest, so when testing and editing the game, you should open the PowerQuest window.
- Open the interface by clicking "Window -> PowerQuest"
- More information on powerquest is here:

- From the PowerQuest window, in the list of "Rooms", find the "Space" entry, and click the "Scene" button
- Press unity's "play" in unity and it should play from the start of the game. You can also start testing from other 'rooms' by opening their scenes.  


- Click File->Build Settings...
- There you can change which platform you wish to build for, and make a build.
- Refer to Unity's documentation for more information


- Replace files in the "Assets\Audio\Resources\Voice" directory with your own
- Each filename has the character name, and line ID, that match the ones in the CSV
- The script is 663 lines split among two protagonists (220 lines each) and 6 NPC (50 lines at most)


- A version of the theme song with no vocals is included in the zip

- To replace the song in-game, copy the iwf_title.mp3 file over the one in Assets\Audio\Music\ and build the project.

- Lyrics:

    Wizard Force
    Wizard Force
    Intergalactic Wizard Force 

    Keeping order throughout the galaxy
    Beyond where crystal balls can see
    On missions of stellar gravity
    Facilitating magic bureaucracy

    Intergalactic Wizard Force
    Intergalactic Wizard Force

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Hi Emoo! One note: please be advised that the font currently used in the game does not support Arabic. ☹️
In order to participate in the contest, you will need to take the source files and recompile the game with a different font
It shouldn't be too hard if you know what you are doing, but you will need some programming knowledge within the team
Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Let's see step by step what you should do to join the LocJAM. It's not that hard, but I'd like to share a few tips along the way :)

Step 1: Create a team

This year's game is 4800 words long. Since an average translator can cover about 2500 words per day, it is fully possible for you to join the alone, translate it in full and test it within the three days of the jam.

But why not taking the chance of working with someone new? You will discover some new perspectives and have much more fun!
It's obviously easier if you have some interested friend already but if not -no worries- just check our forums and you will quickly find someone to pair up with.

Then, it's time to create your group profile on Just open, click on Register and input your data.

The use the Edit profile and Edit theme tools to describe your team with custom icons, headers, colors and a description with your members, hobbies, online contacts and more.

Some underestimate this passage, leaving just minimal information or none at all. But it seems a shame to me.
First of all, an appealing profile might help your career. Maybe not directly, but a polished jam entry with a neat profile can give your CV a little push while getting started, or show your creative side when you're more affirmed in the profession.

And then, having a common "house" will definitely bring your team closer together.
Look at these great profiles, don't you want to meet them all?

Last step: let's register for the jam! Just reach and click on the red "Join Jam" button

Done, now we're ready to translate a videogame!

LocJAM 5 will be our eight event in eight years, and we built a little bit of history along the way. For example, did you know that it all started with indie game legend Lucas Pope? 

Well, unwittingly, at least at the start I (Alain Dellepiane) was creating a video tutorial and -to be free from NDAs- I used a flash game that was popular at the time: "Republia Times". It was a lot of fun to translate and many asked how to do it themselves, which gave me an idea

I had just become one of the chairs of the IGDA Localization SIG and the group was reeling from losing its main asset: a full day of talks at GDC called "Localization Summit". I felt a translation jam could revitalize things and, after getting approval from Lucas, took the plunge

It was an unexpected success, with 511 participants and workshops worldwide. Four editions followed, including one from Japanese. The highest honor was probably when the European Commission (!) invited us to discuss the project at one of their conferences!

Still, I called it quits in 2017. Having a localization jam is unusual today, but was almost incomprehensible eight years ago. So -despite the name- LocJAM was set up as a contest, with rules, jurors and prizes. In turn, this spurred on competition, which was exhausting to manage

In 2021, I rebooted the event around sharing and co-operation: -Fully independent: no IGDA o agencies -Pure jamming: no prizes or ranks -Minimal: based on Itch·io And built momentum through two smaller, adorable events

Which brings us to today, with LocJAM 5 marking our return to videogames and (hopefully!) to a larger crowd. Please make sure to register on Itch·io if you haven't already, and stay tuned for more previews and updates

Approfitto del thread per segnalare che diversi contenuti in italiano li troverete qui (che Twitter è dispersivo per queste cose)

Thank you for the kind words and for your patience, Bachichan!

Hi Bechichan!

Indeed, we are translating an English game this time. I really loved organizing LocJAM Japan, and we have some ongoing efforts in that direction.

But it's a fact that finding and preparing Japanese text is substantially harder (since I'm not fluent) and serves an audience that is 4 to 5 times smaller than English (LJJP was 118 entries, LJ4 was 421 entries. For the exact same game)

Add the fact that we're still finding our footing after splitting from IGDA and it's hard to take that path for now.

I love the JP-EN community, and I definitely plan to return to it, but you will have to be patient for now.

Sorry! Alain

(PS Maybe offer yourself as a native adviser? I'm sure the Japanese Discord would love to have you in!

LocJAM 5 community » From LocJAM · Created a new topic FAQ
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How do I participate?

A translation pack will be published on the website during the contest, which you must translate and send back as instructed in order to participate.

If you are unfamiliar with, follow this step by step guide

Who can participate?

Everyone is free to participate, without limitations with respect to age, nationality, place of residence, or professional status.

Can I translate into a minority language?

Absolutely! Only the languages below will be directly selectable, but any other can be listed under ["Others" with an [xx] iso language code in the tilte ]( (ie. in, fr-ca, nl...)

*Belarusian, Catalan, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Europe), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Turkish, Ukrainian*

Are groups allowed?

We strongly encourage the creation of groups to meet the deadline!

To participate as a group, at least one account needs to press the Join button and share your entry. To make your entry stand out, remember to personalize this account with your members list and profile.

(Still, to receive email communications from LocJAM, you can press "Join" with as many accounts you want)

Do I need to know programming to participate?

Not at all. We have reprogrammed the game to make the translation process as simple as editing a csv file. This said, we will also provide a separate package with the full Unity source code to allow further customization for those who want it.

Can I share the original game and its translation?

Both the original game and its translation will be tied to anAttribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). Provided that you credit the original authors and don't use it for commercial purposes, you are free to "copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format" and to "remix, transform, and build upon the material".

Can I complete and revise the translation later on if you want?

Absolutely! Entries will be locked for the voting week, but feel free to improve it and add it to your portfolio. It's all yours.

Is it free of charge?

Yes, it’s entirely free and non-profit. All event activities are managed and sponsored by Alain Dellepiane / Team GLOC

What kind of prizes are awarded?

LocJAM deliberately avoids having any official prizes. Instead, the focus is on providing visibility through the website and meetings. The general idea is to provide something that can help the career of translator without encouraging a cut-throat competition. This is a jam, the people you meet and the experience you acquire matter more than being in the winners list. In other words, the focus is squarely on the journey, not the destination.

What are the goals of the event?

LocJAM wants to be a focal point for the game localization community at large, gathering its different members and souls around a single game.

Creativity and collaboration are strongly encouraged and LocJAM administrators reserve the right to disqualify any contestant acting aggressively, maliciously or otherwise creating discomfort to the community in general.