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We're still in beta! Please be patient as we learn about our new home on!

A game translation marathon focused on discovery, creativity and cooperation.

Running for 72 hours, from Friday to Sunday CET


Here's what you need to know:

Who can enter? Anyone, of any age, from anywhere. We recommend working in teams.

Where can I find help and team mates? Ask on  our language forums.

What do we translate?  A table role-playing manual, about 5,000 words in HTML. It will be shared at the start of the event.

What language can I translate into? Any language you like.

Who will judge entries? The public will be able to vote their favorite entries for a week after the end of the jam.

What will the entries be judged on? Translations will be ranked by Accuracy and Creativity.

Are there modifiers? Yes! Tackle any of the optional challenges below to spice up your jam.

  • Transcreation: Adapt and reinvent the content for your local market.
  • Experimentation: Mix up things with CAT tools, online revisions, new translators and editors, writers, illustrators...
  • Chronicle: Use's features to document your adventure through videos, photos, post-mortems, etc...
  • Full analog: Design and print your own paper version of the game.


Further rules:

Any more doubts? Check our FAQ here

We're still in beta! Please be patient as we learn about our new home on!