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Remove the steam sign-in requirement!! Locked

A topic by dibdob1 created Apr 12, 2016 Views: 811 Replies: 7
This topic was locked by natasha dawn thomas Jun 01, 2016
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I shouldn't have to sign-in with my steam account to claim any steam keys due to me.

Who's idea was that ?

I paid for the game and the steam key should be made available to me just like other sites do.

In case it's relevent the game was on digital homicide's page ,so i'm not sure if this bad idea is site wide on Itch.

who's idea was it to make steam keys related stuff to only steam?

CEO of Valve

i dont understand the last sentence is it a user or something related to steam?

i recevied a notifcation from Digital Homocide that steam keys have been posted for a couple of games i have here.

So i go to the game page to get my steam key and it says i can't have them unless i link my steam account first.

It should not be a requirement to access what i've already paid for.

The key should be there without having to link my steam account.

Any other site like groupees or DIG post greenlit keys in your account or email them to you .

They don't say "here's your steam key but before you get it you have to link your steam account" .



We've had to put some additional identity verification steps in place for Steam key claiming to help prevent fraud. The problem with selling Steam keys is that they are small pieces of text that have monetary value. People try to use stolen credit cards to buy keys and resell them on key marketplaces.

I'm sorry for the trouble, but it's unlikely we'll be changing this unless Steam provides a better API for marketplaces to ensure that legitimate buyers can get keys.

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Sounds like nonsense to me .

Every other site that i buy steam keys from provide the keys in my account without any problems.

or email them to me .

I want my keys and i don't want to link my steam account ,i paid for them and i want them.

My Steam account is my business and is not a requirement from any other site i get my steam keys from.

You don't have a right to suddenly push this requirement with no notice to your users.

So i say again ,i want what i paid for.

Admin (2 edits) (+3)

We're not withholding anything you paid for, you can access the key. We just require an additional verification step. If you want to talk more about it send us an email to with the purchase you're curious about and we can work something out.


how do you play this game

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u need a phd in befuddlement.

Itch .io needs to be made much simpler to navigate around then it would be much better.