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Policy for submitting updates after deadline?

A topic by Lone Spelunker created Mar 13, 2018 Views: 216 Replies: 6
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So I imagine many of us have bug fixes or other things they want to change after the deadline has passed.

What's the policy for this in relation to the judging?  Ideally, there would be a way to "freeze" the submitted version for judges to look at while still letting us add bug fixes for people who are just here to try out our games.  But I don't see a way to do that using's system.

Would it be sufficient to go ahead and update our games, and just note in the description page what we've changed since the jam ended?

You could keep the current version in a separate download, allows you to have multiple downloads to the same game, and give each download a name

I was wary of doing that since my game is an HTML5 game, and I saw no way to select between versions for the browser.  But I see that I can put it up as a downloadable file, so I'll go that route.

Every time when I was reviewer, the official guidline stated that we should always use the most recent, even post-campo release. So, I think it's just OK to upload new, fixed version of your game.

Ah.  Good to know.  Thank you.

Bugfixes are encouraged. If you want to make extensive updates then I you may wish to have the 7DRL version preserved as a separate download (not ideal for a html5 game, but still doable).

Sounds good.  Thanks.  I've included the original 7DRL release in the page as well as updates.

The updates I've done so far have all been minor bug fixes and pretty slight balance and/or help documentation tweaks, so I don't feel like I've broken the spirit of the competition entry with updates yet; they're still almost identical, so someone playing the game in the web page is basically getting the same thing that was released with only minor fixes.