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Insane is insane!

I would be happy to see a complete version of this! also those are soldiers, not solders :P

This is first place. You can't change my mind now.

Although put somewhere a "note" (pun intended) that you can use 'e' key to put down notes... took a while of key mashing to figure

The sudden helicopters are very annoying and feel unavoidable, otherwise I cannot find any flaws here (:

I liked the music... And I guess it kinda fits the theme, being forced to hopelessly watch your only hope getting burned down with no way to stop it

You enjoyed it? Even I screamed in horror when playtesting it XD

The idea is cool, shame you didn't have time. 

Brutal. (in a good way)

Those skeleton are OP.

Fixed it and even added web, since I figured it out

I made a silly error when exporting, should work now.

Thank you for helping me notice it before the countdown ended

it crashed? strange. the end should be after a boss fight, so no it wasn't the end. at least I know that someone figured the shrine thing

You could keep the current version in a separate download, allows you to have multiple downloads to the same game, and give each download a name

A lot of fun, but kinda hard to figure out what you're supposed to do. Maybe add some hints in game through npcs or add in between goals to let players they are on the right track? If you plan continue with it of course

Second hint:

The theme is fire for a reason. Try to use it beyond combat.

I am going to drop hints here once in a while.

The first hint: if you can recreate the bugs mentioned here:

you are on the right track.

managed to fix it, apparently my chrome continued to block cookies even when I told it to allow them all, I had to manually enable all of them.

also I love it. I really like the music

Hello, I hope this is not against the competition rules but jhowl referenced my to a working example for converting python3 + tdl into an exe,

So I'm adding to my game page bunch of exe files. I did not add any code or changed any asset, so I hope this is fine, I just don't want people to avoid the game because they need to install python3 and some packages to run it.

You're my hero

I can't seem to run the game on chrome. No adblocker and scripts allowed

I'm speechless. If I had a mobile port of this I would probably play the hell out of it. It's simple and addictive

Sensei, please teach me how to create exe file for python3 + tdl. I have been tearing me hair out because of it

oh and the game page:

I know I usually only post once a day, but something really unusual just happened:

After returning to my computer I couldn't find my code! The code files got heavily corrupted, and a strange exe file was left behind.

Upon running it I found that it was my game, except it wasn't. something is off, the game has changed. But I'm a bad roguelike player, so I can't investigate on my own (at least not without my cheats).

So I'm asking you, please help me. You can download the exe here. If you find any bugs, tell me. I might be able to trace the changes if you do.

Also if you win, I would like to know what happened to the end of the game, just message me on twitter:

okay that was supposed to be the original message.  guess what though? I completely failed to convert my code to an exe....

moral of the story: use modules that are not hard as nut to use with pyinstaller

if some one could help me with that I would be glad. for now I just gonna upload pyc files, you'll have to use python 3.6 and install the requirement until I figure it out.

sorry for breaking the roleplay but I really pushed myself into a corner with this one. I will release the actual code once someone beats it (although if you really want to it's quite easy to convert pyc to py, just don't use it to cheat and claim unfair victory :P)

tomorrow is the final day for me. I have to admit I am excited: this is my first game jam after all.

I made up for lost progress yesterday, and added bunch  of content and redid some of the map gen and room gen.

Still, those bugs haunt me, literally. And I still have to cut some content from the final game, although not as much as I feared for at first.

Gonna spend the rest of today adding a bit more content and fixing some bugs. Also working on the graphical effects might be nice.

oh and before I forget, happy International Women's Day!

I don't have much progress to report today, honestly I'm praying that I'll manage to finish everything on time. 

I feel sad by leaving you nothing, so I'll drop this very nice audio file I burrowed from wikipedia:

Three days until the deadline. I've been spending a lot of time fixing bugs, especially the one in my previous reply. 

so far no progress. after playing around with it for a bit the most I managed to do was to completely destroy the FOV. 

strangely it seems to be connected somehow with the religion system placeholder:

time is running short, so I have to go back and fix those bugs

Potatomancer out

time sure flies, only four days left before submission for me. time to talk a bit more on what I done.

first of all, Observers.

a lot of em. I used Observers for pretty much everything: items, monsters, effects, equipment. I might have an obsession.  (I probably do)

most of my work has been generic so far, I plan on adding a religion system to the game, and I even have a placeholder ready:

wait a moment... this is not supposed to happen...

oh well, I'll fix it  later. I hope.

I want to make fire the main theme for my game, so far I mostly fixed problems in the skeleton code and prepared to work on the more interesting stuff

started on 2/3/2018 around 16:00 IST

using the example code from tdl github as a skeleton :